Controversial Countries

Name these countries responsible for frequent controversy on JetPunk
Quiz by Jiaozira
Last updated: August 25, 2015
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First submittedAugust 23, 2015
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Source of Controversy
Continental Placement
Continental Placement
Continental Placement
Continental Placement
Continental Placement
Continental Placement
Name change
Myanmar (Burma)
United Kingdom
3rd or 4th largest country
United States
3rd or 4th largest country
Its independence
Its independence
Chinese Island or Country?
One of its islands part of Oceania?
Inclusion on ”South America Map Quiz"
Falkland Islands
Level 35
Aug 24, 2015
What about Fyrom and Kosovo?
Level 53
Aug 24, 2015
Please accept "falklands"
Level 76
Aug 24, 2015
"Isn't a country, widely recognised however"? Huh? If its widely recognised, its a country! More countries recognise Palestine (70% of the world's countries, in fact) than Kosovo or Taiwan, which no-one disputes are countries; and while being largely occupied by Israel, especially in the West Bank, that does not stop Georgia and Cyprus, also partly occupied, being accepted as countries.
Level 47
Oct 12, 2016
Jerry928... There's a difference between " PARTIALLY " and fully occupied. Palestine has practically no independence.
Level 51
May 2, 2017
Georgia and Cyprus have a historical claim to their land, having been their for centuries. Kosovo and Taiwan are opposed only by a few countries who have natural vendetta against them (notably China for Taiwan and Serbia for Kosovo, who owned the land previously). Palestine, however, has neither of these things, and is just a pseudo-country declared during the turmoil of various nearby countries attacking Israel. If Palestine had taken advantage of these circumstances to actually take control of the land, then they would be a country, but Israel has been in the Palestinian area dating back over 3000 years, whereas Palestine's claim isn't even thirty years old.
Level 76
Jan 29, 2018
The Taiwanese and the Chinese do not have a 'natural vendetta' against each other. In fact, they both agree that there's only one China. It's just that they both think they are it. Power-hungrily speaking. Most civilians, in fact, do not care. They would be perfectly happy to have these separate nations and go on with their individual lives. Only the politicians and the nationalists are bickering over the issue. This educated opinion is based on Asian studies, knowing a lot of people on 'both sides' and living over there. It's true, though that be there a political cockfight, the politicians (on all sides) use the tool that psychologists call "hostile imagination" and insert it in their citizens for political points and the suffering of your regular Mr and Mrs Cheng. The case of Israel (Palestine/Jordan) is also interesting and sad. War over a book and its interpreters' hunger for power, simplifying. Otherwise, just people, same people. Used to live and prosper in .. Peace
Level 51
Aug 29, 2017
And to further the point, more countries recognise Taiwan. Oh, and lots of people dispute whether Kosovo is a country. I mean, they're wrong, but still.
Level 78
Nov 23, 2016
The naming of Macedonia and the inclusion of Southern Sahara in Morocco is discussed quite a lot too. Good test anyway.
Level 61
Feb 7, 2017
Maybe accept France for French Guiana? I got the answer nonetheless, but when people debate about whether to include French Guiana they debate about whether to include France.
Level 84
Aug 4, 2018
You can add eSwatini for "name change", and Western Sahara for "its independence".
Level 71
May 9, 2021
I think, at least once, I've seen people argue over the continental placement of Egypt (specifically the Sinai peninsula).
Level 70
May 10, 2021
That is true actually. I'm surprised by how little controversy the Sinai Peninsula generates on this site (although the days of people arguing about such trivial things in the Jetpunk comments are sadly over, for the most part).
Level 56
Apr 8, 2022
Please accept PRC for China