Ethnic/Indigenous Group by Region

For each region, name the ethnic group or indigenous people who live there.
Quiz by Jiaozira
Last updated: April 25, 2021
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First submittedFebruary 2, 2016
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Ethnic or Indigenous Group
Modern Population
Eastern/Central Europe, North Asia
350 mil
Parts of Turkey, Iraq, Iran
40 mil
Andes Mountains
11 mil
China, Vietnam and Laos
(with a notable community in the U.S.)
11 mil
Northwestern France
8.0 mil
Mexico and Central America
7.0 mil
Syria, Iraq and Turkey
Assyrian People
5.0 mil
South Pacific, from Hawaii to
Chile to New Zealand
2.0 mil
Central Mexican plateau region
> 1.4 mil
Across Canada, south of the
Arctic Circle
First Nations People
851 k
New Zealand
750 k
Central American Caribbean
600 k
Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico
and Utah
300 k
Japan, Russia (Hokkaido and
200 k
Greenland, Canada and Alaska
148 k
Botswana, Namibia, South Africa
San People
105 k
Northern Norway, Sweden, Finland
100 k
Across the British Isles
(modern population)
Level 60
Mar 18, 2021
Khoi San should be acceptable
Level 70
Mar 18, 2021
I do have some problems with this quiz (namely just how vague some of the hints are). However Khoisan is a broader term denoting all non-Bantu ethnic groups in Southern Africa, while the San (Bushmen) are more specific hunter-gatherer groups. San can be called Khoisan, but Khoisan includes more people groups than just San.
Level 62
Apr 24, 2021
Good one, although I'd accept Khoisan too. Few people will have heard of it, let alone San.
Level 85
Apr 24, 2021
Good quiz. First Nations is a broad term, created y the federal government, meaning every indigenous group other than Inuit or Metis. I typed Cree which was accepted -- its the largest and most spread out; perhaps Cree or maybe Ojibway should be the nation/group with First Nations as a type in.
Level 35
Apr 24, 2021
Mate did you seriously not include the Aboriginals (Indigenous Australians) of Australlia
Level 70
Apr 24, 2021
It was never meant to include all Indigenous peoples.
Level 71
Apr 24, 2021
Good quiz, but I'm kinda curious how you define "indigenous peoples"? The term is rather vague and doesn't have a good definition, but from what I can tell it's essentially groups of people who initially lived in an area and maintain older, more traditional ways of life, even after newer groups moved in. Of course, in North America, it's usually used to describe what we call "Native Americans" specifically, but it differs elsewhere.

So anyways, jumping off of that, I'm not sure I'd consider all these groups indigenous peoples. For example, from what I know the Slavs have always been the dominant group in Eastern Europe--it's not as though Eastern Europe was ever colonized by another group of people who brought their own customs with them. I think it's the same deal with the San, Hmong, Bretons, and the Kurds--I could be wrong (I'm not an expert on any of these groups), but from what I know they didn't really face settler colonialism.

Level 71
Apr 24, 2021
And, since it's about these cultures carrying old traditions into modern times, does it even make sense to call peoples like the Aztecs and Incas indigenous? Yes, they have descendants and yes, they continue to influence cultures today, but no one identifies as Aztec or Inca--it's a term associated more with pre-Columbian peoples than modern peoples.

Also, painting groups like Slavs, Polynesians, and First Nations into such broad categories might be problematic. Yes those are all ethnicities that have common characteristics, but they also have diverged and formed distinct cultures over centuries, even millenia. Just as people don't identify as Aztec, I don't think a ton of people identify as just a Slav.

Anyways, not saying you're wrong, I'm just curious how you 're navigating this, since the definition of both "indigenous" and "ethnicity" are so fluid.

Level 71
Apr 24, 2021
On a different note, some of the region clues are kinda vague. Like for Assyrians, could you maybe narrow it down to "Syria and Iraq" instead of saying something like "Northern Middle East"? And for Celts, could you say like "British Isles"? I know that these groups are necessarily bound to a single country, but Celts are mostly associated with the British Isles and Assyrians with Syria/Iraq, so I think changing the clues to reflect this would make it easier to get them.

(Lol sorry I know this has been a long comment, there's just a lot to dissect here. And it's still a good quiz about a really interesting topic, it's just that a lot of it is very vague and many of these groups are not things I'd associate with the term "indigenous" at first glance. Stupid 1000 character limit :P)

Level 70
Apr 24, 2021
That is fair, this was one of my earlier quizzes and I'm not exaclty happy with it, but on the other hand I don't have a good way to fix it necessarily. It was a flawed idea in retrospect.

The term 'Indigenous' makes a lot more sense when talking about recent colonial societies, I'm not sure how I'd describe the term otherwise considering how much people have moved around in Afro-Eurasia in the past thousands of years. And then you have countries and regions that have only been settled in the past 500 years, does that make the Portuguese the Indigenous people of Mauritius?

Level 70
Apr 24, 2021
I agree narrowing the regions down a lot more would help, I could change Aztecs and Incas to Nahua and Quechua too since those are accurate names. I bet I could replace some of the generic terms like Celtic, Slavic, First Nations to more specific terms that are relevant. I'd also change the name to 'Ethnic Groups by Region'

I'm in a weird place with this and some of my other older quizzes. I find that the ideas in a lot of my older quizzes sound good at first, but wouldn't have been created had the me of the present been in charge. So, when editing a quiz like this, I am put into a position where I find it hard to turn it into a product worth people seeing on the New and Recent Quizzes page (although sometimes I am able to make something work like with my Canadian Languages quiz). I will think about what I want to do with them, although since people are still playing them I am learning towards some form of editing :P

Level 70
Apr 24, 2021
And yeah don't worry about the long comment, I find myself reaching the character limit on Jetpunk quite often, haha.
Level 71
Apr 25, 2021
Thanks for clarifying! Personally, I'd like it if you updated since it's been spotlighted (although I guess past the first day, spotlights often don't get as many takes) and just for the sake of making it more accurate. If you could accept more type-ins for some of these answers, that would be really great! The Nahua and Quechua are good ideas, but also a few more suggestions: I tried "Yupik" before getting "Inuit," "Zapotec" before Aztec, and Zulu/Xhosa for the "Southern Africa" one (which I ended up getting wrong, so I'd either narrow those clues down or accept more type-ins.

Your call though. I doubt this quiz will get many more takes and with the vagueness of the concept it probably won't ever be featured, so I can't blame you if you want to spend time on other quizzes.

Level 70
Apr 25, 2021
I appreciate all the feedback you have given me! I have some ideas for the quiz, although they may come later on since I haven't been so active on Jetpunk recently. It is hard to tell people what to guess with such vague clues, so the quiz might need images or a map in future.

For now I will accept the type-ins you've suggested. I won't make the quiz get reset at this time so the changes will be small for now. Cheers!

Level 71
May 15, 2021
Definitely looks better than before!

And speaking of doing a map quiz on ethnicities, do you mind if I do that? I've brainstormed quite a few ethnicities that I could probably spread out over several quizzes, and since I'm getting into SVGs, I feel like it might be a fun project to map them out based on distribution. I just want to make sure I'm not stealing your thunder by making a series you were (maybe?) thinking about doing.

Level 70
May 18, 2021
It's certainly okay! Maps of different ethnic groups is not something I've seen explored on Jetpunk and so I'd be interested to see that! I don't have any quizzes specifically planned at the moment so no need to worry about that.