The 36 Provinces of Canada Map Quiz

Throughout Canada's history, There have been many proposed provinces and territories. While some have gone through, others have not. If all proposals had succeeded, Canada would have at least 36 provinces and territories. Fill in the map by matching the name of each province or territory.
Based on this map
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Quiz by Jiaozira
Last updated: August 2, 2017
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New Brunswick
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Level 70
Aug 2, 2017
General notes: most of these proposals are non-existent today, however Northern Ontario, Labrador, Vancouver Island, Bermuda, Turks and Caicos, Nunavik and Nunatsiavut are all serious contenders for new Canadian provinces today. Buffalo was a planned province that was replaced with Alberta and Saskatchewan. Kanienkehaka would have either become a province or an independent country if Quebec succeeded from Canada and would have been for the Mohawk people. Belize would have been a part of a West Indies province, but I could not show it on the map due to limited space. Also, Nunavik and Nunatsiavut are Inuit majority areas that would be territories much like Nunavut. This was a fun quiz to make, I hope you enjoyed it!
Level 75
Aug 2, 2017
This is amazing and so interesting (though Jamaica is just plain weird). A couple of more minutes would help, but I still nominate this one for a star.
Level 70
Aug 2, 2017
Thanks! There was talk of Jamaica joining Canada, but that was long before it's independence, when various North American colonies were joining newly independent Canada. Also, I added two minutes.
Level 55
Oct 5, 2020
Great work! (Also, sorry if you found it annoying that I'm commenting on many of your quizzes :)
Level 70
Oct 5, 2020
Not at all, I quite appreciate your comments! I always make time to reply to comments on my quizzes. Thanks for the kind words, this quiz was a joy to create :D
Level 63
Sep 28, 2021
I know it’s sort of hard to include since all of it’s territory is now part of some other province/territory, but why was the Keewatin District not included?
Level 70
Sep 28, 2021
Keewatin was a territory from 1876-1905, before it was returned to the Northwest Territory. Since it is a former territory and not a proposed territory it isn't eligible to join the quiz. Thanks for asking!
Level 75
Mar 13, 2023
This is super interesting. I wish I could see an explanation for every one that you have added. Also, you could include Red River as a proposed province. I believe that was put forward by the Metis Provisional Government. Yes, it did become Manitoba, but I believe the original proposition was for it to be called Red River. I might be wrong...
Level 70
Mar 13, 2023
If you want a detailed explanation for (most of these), there is a very comprehensive Wikipedia article which explains the history behind some of these. When I first made the quiz, the article was more or less the same as my source map, but the Wikipedia article changed over time.

None of these movements are exactly active today, with the exception of increased Indigenous self-governance. As for Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean I believe it was separated due to cultural differences from the southern regions of Quebec.

I believe the Red River represented a colony of Britain, and Manitoba was the propsosed province as a solution to the rebellion (although I slept through some of my Canadian history classes, I could be mistaken).

Level 59
Mar 13, 2023
spotlighted it! :D

Its there in the main page today

Level 70
Mar 13, 2023
Thanks for the support! It's a pleasant surprise to have my quiz on the front page :)
Level 87
Mar 22, 2023
Fascinating map, thanks!