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City - 2.40 mDubai
Capital city - 1.20 mAbu Dhabi
EmirateAbu Dhabi
A standardised version of Arabic, used in formal scenariosModern Standard Arabic
Referred to by Arab governments as the "Arabian Gulf", the many impressive city-skylines that overlook the seafront allude to the sheer quantity of oil that is exported from this sea. The UAE stops just short of the Strait of Hormuz, a vital choke-point at the end of the gulf which oversees the passage of 25% of the world's oil consumption.Persian Gulf
The tallest structure ever realised by man, the Burj Khalifa tops out at an impressive 828 metres (2717 ft) tall. Though the skyscraper was completed in 2010, it is still 150 metres taller than Merdeka 118, the world's second tallest structure in Kuala Lumpur. Designed by architect Adrian D. Smith, the design was inspired by Islamic architecture, and contains 35,000 tonnes of steel from the former East German parliament building.Burj Khalifa
Privileged by the UAE's status as a former British domain, as well as its role in bridging the gap between different migrant groups (who make up 88% of the population), English is widely used throughout the Emirates.English
Spoken by 3-5% of people. Achomi is a Persian language originating in southwest Iran, and the language has a long history in the region, as Persians were some of the first non-Arabs to migrate to the area.Achomi
Hindustani, often split into its two standardised forms, Hindi and Urdu, functions as a lingua franca across the Indo-Aryan languages of South Asia. 78% of the UAE is made up of South Asians, and so the language is common in the country. Many Indians in the UAE are South Indians, however, and so they are unlikely to speak Hindi (due to their languages being much different than Hindi). In the courts of Abu Dhabi, Hindi has been an official language since 2019 alongside Arabic and English.Hindustani
Consisting of 289 islands in the shape of the world map (which have been agglomerated somewhat for the purposes of this quiz), this artificial island project has seen much less traction than its palm cousin. Today, most of the islands remain undeveloped, however on the islands representing Europe, there is work underway to create a luxury European-themed resort which accepts the Euro as currency and contains a street which artificial rain when the temperature is too hot. If you want and try to name all 289 islands, there is a perfect quiz for you by overtired!The World
With construction beginning in 2001, this palm-shaped archipelago now houses 10,000 people and even contains a monorail. This is but one of three palm-shaped artificial land reclaimation projects in Dubai.Palm Jumeirah
City - 1.27 mSharjah
Shaped in the image of a boat's sail, this hotel has gained a reputation at the world's "only seven-star hotel". Said reputation is not endorsed by the hotel, but rather comes from a single British journalist who critiqued the place before its opening. Perhaps the nickname has stuck due to the visual splendour of the 321 metre-tall establishment.Burj Al Arab
City - 263 kRas Al Khaimah
EmirateRas Al Khaimah
City - 92.2 kFujairah
City - 450 kAjman
City - 496 kAl-Ain
EmirateUmm Al Quwain
Translated into English as "The Empty Quarter", this foreboding desert is inhospitable and home to 250-metre-tall sand dunes. Desertification has only increased over time, and 2000 years ago caravans could cross the desert. In the modern era, much of the UAE's southern border with Saudi Arabia remains undemarcated.Rub' al-Khali
Spoken by 11-35% of people, this Arabic language (also known as Khaliji) forms a dialect continuum stretching across the coast of the Persian Gulf all the way to Kuwait. Khaliji is the local language spoken amongst Emirati people.Gulf Arabic
1892 metres tall, accounting for the highest point in Emirati territory, seeing as the summit lies in Oman. Unlike the tallest peak in the UAE, Jabal Yibir, there are no military bases at the top and the mountain can be hiked. The world's longest unbroken zipline can be found here, at 2.8 kilometres long.Jebel Jais
Translated as "the rocky mountains", these arid peaks shield the coastline of the Gulf of Oman from the harshness of the vast Arabian Desert.Al-Hajar Mountains
City - 39.1 kKhor Fakkan
City - 37.5 kKalba

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