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This is Version 1.š of the SCP Quiz. It only goes to SCP 175 for now, but it will get updated. It will take a long time to make a quiz with all the SCPs, because there are more than 6000. If you spot something wrong pls point it out and I'll fix it.
Quiz by SloveneCaserstvo
Last updated: October 7, 2022
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First submittedFebruary 13, 2022
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SCP Number
SCP 002
The Living Room
SCP 003
Biological Motherboard
SCP 004
12 Rusty Keys and the Door
SCP 005
Skeleton Key
SCP 006
Fountain of Youth
SCP 007
Abdominal Planet
SCP 008
Zombie Plague
SCP 009
Red Ice
SCP 010
Collars of Control
SCP 011
Sentient Civil War Memorial
SCP 012
Bad Composition
SCP 013
Blue Lady Cigarettes
SCP 014
The Concrete Man
SCP 015
Pipe Nightmare
SCP 016
Sentient Micro-Organism
SCP 017
Shadow Person
SCP 018
Super Ball
SCP 019
Monster Pot
SCP 020
Unseen Mold
SCP 021
Skin Wyrm
SCP 022
The Morgue
SCP 023
Black Shuck
SCP 024
Game Show of Death
SCP 025
A Well Worn Wardrobe
SCP 026
After School Retention
SCP 027
The Vermin God
SCP 028
SCP 029
Daughter of Shadows
SCP 030
The Homunculus
SCP 031
What is Love
SCP 032
Brothers' Bride
SCP 033
The Missing Number
SCP 034
Obsidian Ritual Knife
SCP 035
Possessive Mask
SCP 036
Reincarnation Pilgrimage of Yazidi
SCP 037
Dwarf Star
SCP 038
The Everything Tree
SCP 039
Proboscis Engineers
SCP 040
Evolution's Child
SCP 041
Thought Broadcasting Patient
SCP 042
A Formerly Winged Horse
SCP 043
The Beatle
SCP 044
World War II Era Molecular-Fission Cannon
SCP 045
Atmospheric Converter
SCP 046
"Predator" Holly Bush
SCP 047
Microbial Mutagen
SCP 048
The Cursed SCP Number
SCP 049
Plague Doctor
SCP 050
To the Cleverest
SCP 051
Japanese Obstetrical Model
SCP 052
Time-Traveling Train
SCP Number
SCP 053
Young Girl
SCP 054
Water Nymph
SCP 055
SCP 056
A Beautiful Person
SCP 057
The Daily Grind
SCP 057-IT
Under the Sea
SCP 058
The Heart of Darkness
SCP 059
Radioactive Mineral
SCP 060
Infernal Occult Skeleton
SCP 061
Auditory Mind Control
SCP 062
Quantum Computer
SCP 063
The World's Best TothBrush
SCP 064
Flawed von Neumann Structure
SCP 065
Destroyed Organic Catalyst
SCP 066
Eric's Toy
SCP 067
The Artist's Pen
SCP 068
The Wire Figure
SCP 069
Second Chance
SCP 070
Iron Wings
SCP 071
Degenerative Metamorphic Entity
SCP 072
The Foot of the Bed
SCP 073
SCP 074
Quantum Woodlouse
SCP 075
Corrosive Snail
SCP 076
SCP 077
Rot Skull
SCP 078
SCP 079
Old AI
SCP 080
Dark Form
SCP 081
Spontaneous Combustion Virus
SCP 082
Fernand the Cannibal
SCP 083
Abandoned Row Home
SCP 084
Static Tower
SCP 085
Hand Drawn Cassy
SCP 086
The Office of Dr. [REDACTED]
SCP 087
The Stairwell
SCP 088
The Lizard King
SCP 089
SCP 090
Apocorubik's Cube
SCP 091
SCP 092
The Best of the 5th Dimension
SCP 093
Red Sea Object
SCP 094
Miniature Event Horizon
SCP 095
The Atomic Adventures of Ronnie Ray-Gun
SCP 096
Shy Guy
SCP 097
Old Fairgrounds
SCP 098
Surgeon Crabs
SCP 099
The Portrait
SCP 100
Jamaican Joe's Junkyard Jubilee
SCP 101
The Hungry Bag
SCP Number
SCP 102
Property of Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd.
SCP 103
The Never-Hungry Man
SCP 104
The Lonely Ball
SCP 105
SCP 106
The Old Man
SCP 107
The Turtle Shell
SCP 108
Extradimensional Nasal Cavty
SCP 109
Infinite Canteen
SCP 110
Subterranean City
SCP 111
Dragon Snails
SCP 112
The Variable Coaster
SCP 113
The Gender Switcher
SCP 114
Bringer of Conflict
SCP 115
Miniature Dump Truck
SCP 116
The Brittle Boy
SCP 117
Complete Multitool
SCP 118
Nuclear Protists
SCP 119
SCP 120
Teleporting Paddling Pool
SCP 121
Concrete Cradle
SCP 122
No More Monsters
SCP 123
Miniature Black Hole
SCP 124
Fertile Soil
SCP 125
Contagious Reflection
SCP 126
Invisible Friend
SCP 127
The Living Gun
SCP 128
Kinetic Energy Entity
SCP 129
Progressive Fungal Infection
SCP 130
Post Office
SCP 131
The Eye Pods
SCP 132
Broken Desert
SCP 133
Instant Hole
SCP 134
Star-eyed Child
SCP 135
Universal Carcinogen
SCP 136
Naked Doll
SCP 137
A Real Toy
SCP 138
The Ever-Living Man
SCP 139
Possible Skull of the White Div
SCP 140
An Incomplete Chronicle
SCP 141
Codex Damnatio
SCP 142
One-Armed Bandit
SCP 143
The Bladewood Grove
SCP 144
Tibetan Rope to Heaven
SCP 145
Man-Absorbing Phone
SCP 146
Bronze Head of Shame
SCP 147
SCP 148
The Telekill Alloy
SCP 149
The Blood Flies
SCP 150
Body Stealing Parasite
SCP 151
The Painting
SCP Number
SCP 152
Book of Endings
SCP 153
Drain Worms
SCP 154
Offensive Bracelets
SCP 155
Infinite Speed Computer
SCP 156
Reanimating Pomegranate
SCP 157
Mimetic Predator
SCP 158
Soul Extractor
SCP 159
The Perfect Look
SCP 160
Predator Drone
SCP 161
Pinwheel of Doom
SCP 162
Ball of Sharp
SCP 163
An Old Castaway
SCP 164
Squid Tumors
SCP 165
The Creeping, Hungry Sands of Tule
SCP 166
Just a Teenage Gaea
SCP 167
Infinitive Labyrinth
SCP 168
Sentient Calculator
SCP 169
The Leviathan
SCP 170
A Tube of Superglue
SCP 171
Collective Brain Foam
SCP 172
The Gearman
SCP 173
The Sculpture
SCP 174
Ventriloquist's Dummy
SCP 175
Treasure Map
SCP 176
Observable Time Loop
SCP 177
SCP 178
3-D Specs
SCP 179
SCP 180
Identity Thieving Hat
SCP 181
SCP 182
SCP 183
SCP 184
The Architect
SCP 185
The Radio
SCP 186
To End All Wars
SCP 187
Double Vision
SCP 188
The Craftsman
SCP 189
Hair-Imitating Parasite
SCP 190
A Prize Toybox
SCP 190-DE
Thor, God of Kebab
SCP 191
Cyborg Child
SCP 192
Flawless X-Ray Machine
SCP 193
The Tissue Snail
SCP 194
Electric Sheep
SCP 195
A Medicinal Whiskey
SCP 196
Time Paradox
SCP 197
The Greenhouse
SCP 198
Cup of Joe
SCP 199
Spy Ferns
SCP 200
Level 27
Oct 30, 2022
Good Quiz, a few corrections:

SCP-108: Extradimensional Nasal Cavity, you put it "Cavty".

SCP-147: Anachronistic Television.

SCP-159: The Perfect Lock, you put "Perfect Look".

SCP-167: Infinite Labyrinth, you put "Infinitive".

SCP-194: It's not the Electric Sheep, that's SCP-594. SCP-194: The Carrion Host.

Overall a Good quiz with a few mistakes.

Level 20
Nov 23, 2022
Thanks! I've tried to fix them all, but I'm a bit unsure if "Infinitive Labyrinth" and "The Perfect Look" are correct now, because they appeared to be correct before your comment, and I don't know if there is an error stopping it from correctly showing up.