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1482022-12-28JetPunk GeoGuessr #1
792022-11-05States Most Likely To Have A White Christmas
672022-01-22Most Rural States By Percentage
562022-11-06States With The Most Desert
552022-01-26Rainiest States
452022-01-22Most Urban States By Percentage
442022-01-22Hottest States
382022-01-22Coldest States
372022-01-22States With The Tallest Buildings
352022-01-26Driest States
352022-01-27States With The Most Train Tracks
332022-01-26Snowiest States
332022-11-05Countries Bigger Than Any Other Country They Border(Main Land)
302022-12-28Guess the Country by very small satellite image
292022-01-22Flattest States
282022-01-22States With the Tallest Mountains
282022-11-05States Bigger Than Every State They Border
272022-01-22Most Forested States
272022-11-05Coldest US Capitals By All Time Low Temperature
262022-01-30Top 10 Biggest Cities In New York
242022-01-22States With Largest Lakes
222022-01-29Top 10 Biggest Cities In New Jersey
212022-01-22Least Forested States
212022-11-05States Smaller Than Every State They Border
192022-11-05Hottest US State Capitals Summer 2022
172022-01-30Top 10 Biggest Cities In Pennsylvania
172022-01-22States With The Lowest Population
162022-01-21Tallest Mountain In Each State
152022-11-05Coldest US State Capitals Winter 2021-2022
142022-01-22States With The Highest Population
142022-01-21Top 10 Most Subscribers Gained in 2021 By YouTube Channel
132022-01-29Top 10 Biggest Cities In Massachusetts
122022-01-30Top 10 Biggest Cities In Maryland
102022-01-28Top 10 Biggest Cities In Maine
102022-03-06Top 10 Biggest Cities In Delaware
92022-11-05Coldest US State Capitals Winter 2019-2020
82022-01-29Top 10 Biggest Cities In Rhode Island
72022-11-05Coldest US State Capitals Winter 2020-2021
72022-01-29Top 10 Biggest Cities In Connecticut
52022-01-29Top 10 Biggest Cities In Vermont
52022-01-29Top 10 Biggest Cities In New Hampshire