Attack on titan (SNK) Quiz

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Quiz by QuidVictoriam
Last updated: March 14, 2022
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1. Which of these characters dies during season 3 of the anime?
Daris Zackley
Keith Shaldiz
Dot Pixis
Erwin Smith
Episode 55: Midnight Sun
2. To which brigade belonged Eren, Mikasa, Jean, Sacha etc?
104th Training Brigade
111th Training Brigade
145th Training Brigade
167th Training Brigade
3. According to the official wiki, how many soldiers did the Mahr invasion force of Shinganshina consist of before the Rumbling?
503 soldiers
1200 soldiers
5602 soldiers
17300 soldiers
4. Which of these primordial titans does not participate in the battle (in its titan form)?
The Jaw Titan
The Cart Titan
The Warhammer Titan
The Colossal titan
Armin participates in it, but at no time does he transform, as for the Warhammer, his abilities are used several times by Eren Jager.
5. Who is Major of the Survey Battalion in this battle?
Hange Zoé
Erwin Smith
Armin Arlert
Jean Kirschtein
Hange, since the death of Erwin during the reconquest of Wall Maria
6. Which of these characters was born first?
Ymir (from the Brigade)
Livai Ackerman
Sieg Jager
Frieda Reiss
Ymir wandered about 60 years without any visible goal. It was in the year 845 that she was able to become human again by devouring Marcel Galliard, a warrior from Mahr, thus stealing her Titan power. She was therefore born about 70 years before the first events of the anime.
7. What does "Shinzo wo Sasageyo!" mean? ?
With our own hands, it's time to seize our victory!
Let's dedicate our hearts!
From our own body let us form a path worthy of our pride!
All the sacrifices we made were for this moment!
All these sentences come from the translation of the lyrics of Linked Horizon. In French here :!.html
8. Which of these institutions does not form the historic trio of Paradis?
The central brigades
The garrison
Anti-Mahr Mercenaries
Scout Regiment
9. Which of these characters appeared first in the manga? PS: in any form.
Theo Magath (Marshal)
Falco Gleis
Peak Finger
Yelena: Chapter 104, Magath: 94, Falco: 91, and Peak Chapter 74 during the Battle of Shiganshina.
10. Who brings Eren back to Mikasa and Armin after he devours his father Grisha?
Future Eren through the Path
Keith Shaldis
Armin's grandfather
Explained in season 3 "a mere spectator"
11. Who devours Ymir when she returns to Mahr?
Porco Galliard
Sieg Jager
Marcel Galliard
Falco Gleiss
Marcel was devoured by Ymir and Porco regains his power several years later.
12. In what year is the wall destroyed by the Colossal and the Armored Titan?
In 145
In 845
In 1670
In 2000
In 845 and the manga ends in 854.
13. Which of these characters has never been part of the Livai squad?
14. How old is Eren when he obtains the power of the Attack Titan?
10 years
12 years
14 years
16 years
10 years in 845.
15. Who composed the music from attack on titan until season 4?
Hiroyuki Sawano
Yūki Kaji
Shinsei Kamattechan
Yūki Kaji = voice actor of Eren, Shinsei Kamattechan = Opening My War and SIM = Opening The Rumbling
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