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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user SeanSmithereens.
# of Quizzes 45
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Times taken 10,131
Quizmaker Rank # 1,901
4,3892023-06-05NBA 75th Anniversary Team
1,2942018-11-19Seinfeld Episodes
1,2402023-08-09Ohio True or False?
9302022-12-09Teams that Beat the Netherlands in Football
6832021-12-16Flag Chains Tile Select
2212018-12-30Community Episodes
2042020-09-05Best Actor/Best Actress Combos
2012021-10-29All U.S. States by Borders
1502022-12-09Teams die Nederland bij Voetbal Hebben Verslagen
1122021-06-02Mexican States with the Fewest Borders
1002022-02-09NBA Top 15 Coaches
792019-04-02Brazil 1970 FIFA World Cup Squad
552018-12-31Psych Episodes
482022-02-06All European Countries by Borders
352020-04-02Quentin Tarantino's Repertory Company
302021-02-06Twin Peaks Episodes
292023-03-12Best Picture/Best Actress Combos
262019-04-01Hungary 1954 FIFA World Cup Squad
252023-03-23Debut Oscars
242018-12-02Prefectures of Japan by Estimated Area
232023-03-27Most Consecutive Oscar Nominations
222022-01-31Best Picture/Best Actor Combos
202021-01-12Films with Five Acting Nominations
202018-11-19Seinfeld Writers
192022-01-23Movie Collaborations Multiple Choice
182023-03-23Akira Kurosawa–Toshirō Mifune Collaborations
182023-03-31Best Actor Wins Without Best Picture Nomination
172021-10-05Countries That Produce the Most Jute
162023-03-31Best Actress Wins Without Best Picture Nomination
132019-01-07Chuck Episodes
122018-12-30Community Writers
102018-12-30Community Directors
92021-12-11Leonardo DiCaprio Collaborations
92018-11-18Seinfeld Directors
92019-01-06Dexter Episodes
52020-09-05David Mitchell Novels
42019-01-06Dexter Directors
42019-01-06Dexter Writers
42020-05-29Stages of Death
22018-12-31Psych Writers
12018-12-31Psych Directors
12019-03-02Poison Was the Cure Lyrics
02019-03-02Burnt Ice Lyrics
02019-01-07Chuck Directors
02019-01-07Chuck Writers