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8,0642023-05-25Taylor Swift - Anti-Hero (Lyrics)
7,3532022-11-02Taylor Swift - You're On Your Own, Kid (Lyrics)
3,6592022-12-19Taylor Swift - Would've, Could've, Should've (Lyrics)
3,3482022-10-22Taylor Swift - Karma (Lyrics)
2,9492022-10-27Taylor Swift - Bejeweled (Lyrics)
2,5312023-03-06Taylor Swift - Maroon (Lyrics)
2,2472022-10-22Taylor Swift - Midnight Rain (Lyrics)
2,1612022-10-26Arctic Monkeys - 505 (Lyrics)
2,0222022-10-23Taylor Swift - Mastermind (Lyrics)
1,9472023-05-26Taylor Swift - You're Losing Me (Lyrics)
1,8342023-01-27Taylor Swift - Lavender Haze (Lyrics)
1,8012023-01-15Taylor Swift - The Great War (Lyrics)
1,5222022-10-21Taylor Swift (feat. Lana Del Rey) - Snow On The Beach (Lyrics)
1,5072022-10-23Taylor Swift - Hits Different (Lyrics)
1,5072022-11-02Taylor Swift - Paris (Lyrics)
1,4872023-10-28Taylor Swift - Is It Over Now? (Lyrics)
1,4452022-10-27Taylor Swift - Question...? (Lyrics)
1,3762023-09-08Olivia Rodrigo - get him back! (Lyrics)
1,0292022-10-22Taylor Swift - Sweet Nothing (Lyrics)
9752022-10-22Taylor Swift - Bigger Than The Whole Sky (Lyrics)
9392022-10-23Taylor Swift - High Infidelity (Lyrics)
9082022-10-23Taylor Swift - Dear Reader (Lyrics)
8792022-10-25Taylor Swift - Vigilante Shit (Lyrics)
8362023-10-29Taylor Swift - Now That We Don't Talk (Lyrics)
8302023-09-08Olivia Rodrigo - all-american bitch (Lyrics)
8082023-09-08Olivia Rodrigo - GUTS (Tracklist)
7422023-09-09Olivia Rodrigo - lacy (Lyrics)
7302022-10-23Taylor Swift - Labyrinth (Lyrics)
6552023-09-09Olivia Rodrigo - ballad of a homeschooled girl (Lyrics)
6472023-10-28Taylor Swift - "Slut!" (Lyrics)
6112023-09-08Olivia Rodrigo - the grudge (Lyrics)
6092022-08-04Gracie Abrams - I miss you, I'm sorry (Lyrics)
6042022-10-23Taylor Swift - Glitch (Lyrics)
5542023-03-12Miley Cyrus - Flowers (Lyrics)
5502022-10-04Phoebe Bridgers - Kyoto (Lyrics)
5192022-10-04Phoebe Bridgers - Moon Song (Lyrics)
4822023-09-08Olivia Rodrigo - logical (Lyrics)
4772022-10-30Gracie Abrams - 21 (Lyrics)
4332023-09-09Olivia Rodrigo - making the bed (Lyrics)
4152022-11-02Phoebe Bridgers - Graceland Too (Lyrics)
4052023-10-29Taylor Swift - Say Don't Go (Lyrics)
3942022-10-27The 1975 - About You (Lyrics)
3892023-04-12boygenius - Not Strong Enough (Lyrics)
3602023-09-09Olivia Rodrigo - love is embarrassing (Lyrics)
3372023-09-09Olivia Rodrigo - pretty isn't pretty (Lyrics)
3342022-08-04Gracie Abrams - Feels Like (Lyrics)
3302023-06-08Taylor Swift - Speak Now (Taylor's Version) (Tracklist)
3202022-06-30Big Red Machine (feat. Taylor Swift) - Renegade (Lyrics)
3142023-09-08Olivia Rodrigo - teenage dream (Lyrics)
2922022-10-30Hozier - Like Real People Do (Lyrics)
2862022-12-26Louis Tomlinson - Chicago (Lyrics)
2862022-10-02Hozier - Cherry Wine (Lyrics)
2792023-03-31boygenius - Cool About It (Lyrics)
2682023-10-29Taylor Swift - Suburban Legends (Lyrics)
2612022-11-02Phoebe Bridgers - Savior Complex (Lyrics)
2612022-08-04The 1975 - Part of the Band (Lyrics)
2572022-11-02Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher (Tracklist)
2542022-10-28Arctic Monkeys - Body Paint (Lyrics)
2482023-03-31Lana Del Rey - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd
2462023-03-28Lana Del Rey (feat. Father John Misty) - Let The Light In (Lyrics)
2422022-08-16Taylor Swift - Carolina (Lyrics)
2372023-12-01Lana Del Rey - A&W (Part I) (Lyrics)
2352022-12-26Taylor Swift - Christmas Tree Farm (Lyrics)
2282023-02-17Arctic Monkeys - Snap Out of It (Lyrics)
2272022-10-16Louis Tomlinson - Out of My System (Lyrics)
2272022-11-09Hozier - From Eden (Lyrics)
2252022-11-02Phoebe Bridgers - Chinese Satellite (Lyrics)
2222023-02-25Gracie Abrams - I know it won't work (Lyrics)
2142022-11-10Louis Tomlinson - Silver Tongues (Lyrics)
2112023-03-05Gracie Abrams - Best (Lyrics)
2092022-11-03Phoebe Bridgers - Smoke Signals (Lyrics)
2062023-10-02Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version) (Tracklist)
2042023-03-17Hozier - Eat Your Young (Lyrics)
1972023-01-13Gracie Abrams - Where do we go now? (Lyrics)
1962023-03-31boygenius - True Blue (Lyrics)
1902022-11-08Taylor Swift (feat. Bleachers) - Anti-Hero (Lyrics)
1892023-10-13Sam Smith (feat. Kim Petras) - Unholy (Lyrics)
1802023-05-26Taylor Swift (feat. More Lana Del Rey) - Snow On The Beach (Lyrics)
1802022-11-02Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher (Lyrics)
1792022-10-07Gracie Abrams - Difficult (Lyrics)
1652023-05-01Phoebe Bridgers - Scott Street (Lyrics)
1602023-02-18Lana Del Rey - A&W (Part II) (Lyrics)
1552023-03-31boygenius - Letter to an Old Poet (Lyrics)
1542023-03-31boygenius - Emily I'm Sorry (Lyrics)
1522022-11-02Phoebe Bridgers - Halloween (Lyrics)
1472023-03-31Lana Del Rey (feat. Tommy Genesis) - Peppers (Lyrics)
1432022-10-27The 1975 - When We Are Together (Lyrics)
1382022-10-27The 1975 - I'm In Love With You (Lyrics)
1372023-03-27Lana Del Rey - Taco Truck x VB (Lyrics)
1362023-02-25Gracie Abrams - I should hate you (Lyrics)
1312022-10-30Gracie Abrams - Stay (Lyrics)
1282022-10-27The 1975 - The 1975 [BFIAFL] (Lyrics)
1272023-02-11Gracie Abrams - Amelie (Lyrics)
1272023-03-30boygenius - $20 (Lyrics)
1272023-05-26Taylor Swift (feat. Ice Spice) - Karma (Remix) (Lyrics)
1262023-12-16Lana Del Rey (feat. Bleachers) - Margaret (Lyrics)
1242022-10-27The 1975 - Looking For Somebody (To Love) (Lyrics)
1242022-10-28Arctic Monkeys - There'd Better Be a Mirrorball (Lyrics)
1222022-10-23Louis Tomlinson - Bigger Than Me (Lyrics)
1172023-03-31boygenius - Without You Without Them (Lyrics)
1142022-10-17The 1975 - Oh Caroline (Lyrics)
1122023-03-12Miley Cyrus - Jaded (Lyrics)
1092022-10-28The 1975 - Wintering (Lyrics)
1092023-03-27Lana Del Rey (feat. SYML) - Paris, Texas (Lyrics)
1082023-02-11Gracie Abrams - Good Riddance (Tracklist)
1072023-04-01boygenius - Leonard Cohen (Lyrics)
1052023-04-04boygenius - We're In Love (Lyrics)
1012023-05-01Phoebe Bridgers - Garden Song (Lyrics)
1002022-08-07The 1975 - Happiness (Lyrics)
992023-08-21Hozier - Francesca (Lyrics)
972023-05-02The National (feat. Taylor Swift) - The Alcott (Lyrics)
962022-11-06Phoebe Bridgers - Killer (Lyrics)
942023-03-05Gracie Abrams - Right now (Lyrics)
932023-03-21Taylor Swift - Eyes Open (Lyrics)
912023-04-02boygenius - Satanist (Lyrics)
912023-02-24Hozier - Swan Upon Leda (Lyrics)
902023-03-10Miley Cyrus - River (Lyrics)
882022-11-02Rihanna - Lift Me Up (Lyrics)
772022-07-01Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (Lyrics)
772023-05-01Phoebe Bridgers - Georgia (Lyrics)
752023-02-12Lewis Capaldi - Forget Me (Lyrics)
752022-09-21The 1975 - All I Need To Hear (Lyrics)
742022-10-30The 1975 - It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) (Lyrics)
742023-04-01Lana Del Rey (feat. RIOPY) - Grandfather please stand on the shoulders
732022-07-02Maya Hawke - Thérèse (Lyrics)
722023-03-02boygenius - Me & My Dog (Lyrics)
702023-04-04boygenius - Anti-Curse (Lyrics)
702023-03-10Miley Cyrus - You (Lyrics)
702023-03-05Gracie Abrams - Will you cry? (Lyrics)
652023-02-25Gracie Abrams - Full machine (Lyrics)
642023-03-31boygenius - Revolution 0 (Lyrics)
632023-03-16Lana Del Rey - The Grants (Lyrics)
632022-11-03Selena Gomez - My Mind & Me (Lyrics)
592023-03-27Lana Del Rey (feat. Jon Batiste) - Candy Necklace (Lyrics)
562023-03-31Lana Del Rey - Fishtail (Lyrics)
532023-03-17Hozier - All Things End (Lyrics)
502023-05-21Lewis Capaldi - Wish You The Best (Lyrics)
492023-02-25Gracie Abrams - The blue (Lyrics)
482022-11-095 Seconds of Summer - Flatline (Lyrics)
472023-02-25Gracie Abrams - This is what the drugs are for (Lyrics)
472023-02-17Arctic Monkeys - Knee Socks (Lyrics)
462023-02-17Arctic Monkeys - Arabella (Lyrics)
462023-06-16Lewis Capaldi - The Pretender (Lyrics)
452023-08-31Hozier - De Selby (Part 2) (Lyrics)
442023-03-26Lana Del Rey - Fingertips (Lyrics)
432022-11-095 Seconds of Summer - Emotions (Lyrics)
422022-11-095 Seconds of Summer - Bleach (Lyrics)
402022-11-095 Seconds of Summer - TEARS! (Lyrics)
382022-11-09Hozier - Blood Upon the Snow (Lyrics)
372022-10-30Arctic Monkeys - Sculptures of Anything Goes (Lyrics)
362023-08-21Gracie Abrams - 405 (Lyrics)
362022-08-04Ace of Base - All That She Wants (Lyrics)
352022-07-02Maya Hawke - To Love A Boy (Lyrics)
342023-05-21Lorde - Tennis Court (Lyrics)
332022-11-095 Seconds of Summer - HAZE (Lyrics)
332023-05-01Phoebe Bridgers - Demi Moore (Lyrics)
322023-05-05Ed Sheeran - Eyes Closed (Lyrics)
312023-03-26Lana Del Rey - Kintsugi (Lyrics)
302022-10-27The 1975 - Human Too (Lyrics)
302023-03-17Hozier - Through Me (The Flood) (Lyrics)
302023-03-24Lana Del Rey - Sweet (Lyrics)
282023-02-25Gracie Abrams - Fault line (Lyrics)
272023-05-01Phoebe Bridgers - Chelsea (Lyrics)
272023-08-21Gracie Abrams - Two people (Lyrics)
262022-07-08Gabrielle - 5 Fine Frøkner (Lyrics)
262023-06-16Gracie Abrams - Unsteady (Lyrics)
262022-08-20Maya Hawke - Sweet Tooth (Lyrics)
242023-02-17Arctic Monkeys - No. 1 Party Anthem (Lyrics)
242022-09-21Maya Hawke - Luna Moth (Lyrics)
232023-03-06Tove Lo - Grapefruit (Lyrics)
232023-04-12Fall Out Boy - Love From The Other Side (Lyrics)
222022-08-04Only The Poets - Every Song I Ever Wrote (Lyrics)
212023-03-06Tove Lo - 2 Die 4 (Lyrics)
212022-10-17The 1975 - Being Funny In A Foreign Language (Tracklist)
212023-03-27Fall Out Boy - Heartbreak Feels So Good (Lyrics)
192023-05-01Phoebe Bridgers - Would You Rather (Lyrics)
192022-09-22Alice Merton - No Roots (Lyrics)
162022-10-01Maya Hawke - Mermaid Bar (Lyrics)
162023-05-16Taylor Swift - Beautiful Ghosts (Lyrics)
162022-09-30Maya Hawke - South Elroy (Lyrics)
152022-10-30Arctic Monkeys - Big Ideas (Lyrics)
152022-10-01Maya Hawke - Over (Lyrics)
142023-01-24Taylor Swift (feat. Ed Sheeran) - Run (Lyrics)
142023-02-17ZAYN - Calamity (Lyrics)
132023-02-18ZAYN - Entertainer (Lyrics)
132023-01-22SHAED (with ZAYN) - Trampoline (Lyrics)
132022-10-16Only The Poets - Hold Me (Lyrics)
122023-04-26The National - Eucalyptus (Lyrics)
122023-05-02The National (feat. Sufjan Stevens) - Once Upon a Poolside (Lyrics)
122023-08-21Only The Poets - Over & Over (Lyrics)
122022-09-29Maya Hawke - Bloomed Into Blue (Lyrics)
112022-11-095 Seconds of Summer - Best Friends (Lyrics)
112022-09-29Maya Hawke - Hiatus (Lyrics)
112022-09-29Maya Hawke - Backup Plan (Lyrics)
112022-10-30Arctic Monkeys - I Ain't Quite Where I Think I Am (Lyrics)
112022-10-01Maya Hawke - Driver (Lyrics)
102023-08-01ZAYN - Love Like This (Lyrics)
102023-04-10Only The Poets - JUMP! (Lyrics)
102023-01-25Bleachers - Don't Take The Money (Lyrics)
92023-02-17Arctic Monkeys - One for the Road (Lyrics)
92023-02-18ZAYN - Let Me (Lyrics)
92022-10-01Maya Hawke - Sticky Little Words (Lyrics)
82022-10-30Maya Hawke - Stay Open (Lyrics)
82022-10-31Maya Hawke - Animal Enough (Lyrics)
82022-10-30Arctic Monkeys - Perfect Sense (Lyrics)
82022-10-30Arctic Monkeys - Jet Skis on the Moat (Lyrics)
82022-10-30Arctic Monkeys - The Car (Lyrics)
82023-02-10Only The Poets - Even Hell (Lyrics)
82022-10-30Maya Hawke - So Long (Lyrics)
72022-10-30Arctic Monkeys - Hello You (Lyrics)
72022-11-01Maya Hawke - Bringing Me Down (Lyrics)
72022-10-28Maya Hawke - Generous Heart (Lyrics)
72023-06-09Only The Poets - Crash (Lyrics)
72022-09-29Maya Hawke (feat. Will Graefe) - Crazy Kid (Lyrics)
72023-04-30The National (feat. Phoebe Bridgers) - This Isn't Helping (Lyrics)
72022-11-01Maya Hawke - Goodbye Rocketship (Lyrics)
62022-11-06Phoebe Bridgers & Noah Gundersen - Killer + The Sound (Lyrics)
62022-10-01Maya Hawke - Restless Moon (Lyrics)
62022-10-31Maya Hawke - Hold The Sun (Lyrics)
62023-04-25The National (feat. Phoebe Bridgers) - Your Mind Is Not Your Friend
62022-11-01Maya Hawke - River Like You (Lyrics)
52022-10-30Arctic Monkeys - Mr Schwartz (Lyrics)
52023-04-30The National - Tropic Morning News (Lyrics)
52022-10-30Maya Hawke - Blue Hippo (Lyrics)
52022-10-30Maya Hawke - By Myself (Lyrics)
42022-10-31Maya Hawke - Coverage (Lyrics)
42023-04-26The National - New Order T-Shirt (Lyrics)
42022-11-01Maya Hawke - Menace (Lyrics)
32022-11-01Maya Hawke - Cricket (Lyrics)
32023-01-24Bleachers - Wake Me (Lyrics)
12022-11-07Noah Gundersen - The Sound (Lyrics)
12022-11-01Maya Hawke - Mirth (Lyrics)