Bridge Quiz: Taylor Swift or Olivia Rodrigo?

Answer whether each bridge is Taylor or Olivia
Quiz by LightwoodRune
Last updated: February 18, 2023
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First submittedFebruary 18, 2023
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And don't you think I loved you too much to be used and discarded?/Don't you think I loved you too much to think I deserve nothing?/But don't tell me you're sorry, boy, feel sorry for yourself/'Cause someday, I'll be everything to be somebody else
Olivia Rodrigo (Enough For You)
I'm just another thing for you to roll your eyes at, honey/You might have him, but haven't you heard?/I'm just another thing for you to roll your eyes at, honey/You might have him, but I always get the last word
Taylor Swift (Better Than Revenge)
And tonight, we'll stand, get off our knees/Fight for what we've worked for all these years/And the battle was long, it's the fight of our lives/But we'll stand up champions tonight
Taylor Swift (Change)
Red lights, stop signs, I still see your face/In the white cars, front yards, can't drive past the places/We used to go to/'Cause you know I still love you, babe/Sidewalks we crossed, I still hear your voice/In the traffic, we're laughing, over all the noise/God, I'm so blue, know we're through/But you know I still love you, babe
Olivia Rodrigo (Drivers License)
I know someday I'm gonna meet her, it's a fever dream/The kind of radiance you only have at 17/She'll know the way, and then she'll say she got the map from me/I'll say I'm happy for her, then I'll cry myself to sleep
Taylor Swift (Nothing New)
Address the letters, to the holes in my butterfly wings/Nothing's forever, nothing's as good as it seems/And when the clouds won't iron out, and the monsters creep into your house/And every door is hard to close…
Olivia Rodrigo (Hope Ur OK)
All your friends are so cool, you go out every night/In your daddy's nice car, yeah, you're living the life/Got a pretty face, a pretty boyfriend too/I wanna be you so bad, and I don't even know you/All I see, is what I should be/Happier, prettier, jealousy, jealousy/All I see, is what I should be/I'm losing it, all I get's, jealousy, jealousy
Olivia Rodrigo (Jealousy, Jealousy)
God, I wish that you had thought this through before I went and fell in love with you/When she's sleeping in the bed we made, don't you dare forget about the way…
Olivia Rodrigo (Traitor)
Did you ever hear about the girl who got frozen?/Time went on for everybody else, she won't know it/She's still 23, inside her fantasy/How it was supposed to be/Did you hear about the girl who lives in delusion?/Breakups happen every day, you don't have to lose it/She's still 23, inside her fantasy/And you're sitting in front of me
Taylor Swift (Right Where You Left Me)
I can't speak, afraid to jinx it/I don't even dare to wish it/But your eyes are flying saucers from another planet/Now I'm all for you like Janet/Can this be a real thing, can it?
Taylor Swift (Snow On The Beach)
How is it London?/Where are you while I'm wondering/If I'll ever see you again?
Taylor Swift (Message In A Bottle)
It's bittersweet to think about the damage that we'd do/'Cause I was going down, but I was doing it with you/After everything we broke, and all the trouble that we made/But I say that I hate you with a smile on my face/Oh, look what we became
Olivia Rodrigo (Favorite Crime)
It's back and forth, did I say something wrong?/It's back and forth, going over everything I said/It's back and forth, did I do something wrong?/No, it's back and forth, maybe this is all your fault instead
Olivia Rodrigo (1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back)
And if you're missing me/You'd better keep it to yourself/'Cause coming back around here/Would be bad for your health
Taylor Swift (Picture To Burn)
Boys only want love if it's torture/Don't say I didn't, say I didn't warn ya/Boys only want love if it's torture/Don't say I didn't, say I didn't warn ya
Taylor Swift (Blank Space)
This is me praying that/This was the very first page/Not where the storyline ends/My thoughts will echo your name/Until I see you again/These are the words I held back/As I was leaving too soon/I was enchanted to meet you
Taylor Swift (Enchanted)
Level 20
Oct 17, 2023
love taylor, but this quiz was too easy. you knew immediately if you got it wrong because it didn't accept the answer. You should do a multiple choice quiz.
Level 24
Oct 23, 2023
Yeah, that's fair enough. Maybe I will do that, if I remember. We'll see.