How to beat Minecraft survival?

Choose the correct answer and finish the quiz in 5 minutes. Don't cheat!!!!!!!!!
Quiz by Minecraftfan0282
Last updated: April 3, 2022
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1. What is the first thing you do?
Collect stone.
Collect dirt.
Collect wood.
Collect food.
2. What do you do with the items you collected in the previous question?
Make a crafting table.
Eat the food you collected previously.
Make a secret base.
Wait till night and kill mobs.
3. What do you do next?
Dig straight down.
Dig straight up.
Build a house with a bed, a furnace, a crafting table and a chest.
Find a village and trade with the villagers, or you can steal the chests.
4. After you do what you did in question 3, what is the next step?
Find a cave and collect resources.
Kill the villagers.
Swim in the ocean and enjoy the peace of drowning.
5. Craft what?
Beacon (which isn't possible in the overworld).
Tools, armour and bed.
Find more food and give to villager
None of the above.
6. You go to a cave. What is your aim to collect.
7. You take some water and put it on lava. You use your pickaxe to break the obsidian and build yourself a nether portal. What did you forget.
Armour and tools.
Flint and steel, armour, tools and some spare obsidian.
Flint and steel, armour and tools.
Bye. Go die
8. What is the first thing you do in the nether?
Find nether fortress
Kill everything you see
You are too scared and you went back to the overworld
Poop at the enderman.
9. Next?
Trade with the endermans and build a house
I dunno.
None of them.
Kill blazes and trade with piglins for ender pearls.
10. You went back to the overworld and you are happy to see yourself alive. What do you do next?
Craft eye of enders and locate a stronghold.
Hug the villagers.
Go kill the elder guardians.
None of the above.
11. You arrived at a place and you found a library. You quickly enchant you tools and you found a incomplete portal. What do you do?
Finish the portal and go to the end.
Say goodbye and cry.
Kill every single silverfish you see.
Your game crashed and you leave the game.
12. Congratulations! You are now in THE END. What do you do?
Destroy end crystal.
Kill the ender dragon.
Sleep on the bed. But sadly it exploded and you died.
Smack dragon and enderman.
13. You finish everything. Now you proceed to...
...killing the endermans.
... jumping into the void.
...killing the ender dragon.
...drinking potion of weakness.
14. You freed the END!!! Now you want to get the dragon egg. What do you do?
Mine it but it teleported away.
Activate a piston system and you got the egg.
Just jump into the portal and forget about the egg.
15. Now that you finished the quiz, rate it!
Rate it 5 stars and become professional Minecraft player
Don't rate it and you die.
Don't rate it 5 stars and I will dare you to join sever 666.
Level 33
Oct 3, 2023
HAHAHAHA This is a masterpiece of a Quiz i had to laugh so much
Level 33
Oct 3, 2023
I did all the steps I p00ped at the enderman and killed the elder guardian and hugged the villager. did i beated the game?