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1,1942022-05-07Cities With the Most Five-Star Hotels
2692022-07-31Most Important Cities in History
2202022-03-26Countries of the World by GDP Per Capita
2092023-08-12Most Powerful People in the World
1542022-03-20Name That Pastry
1522022-03-14Most Influential People in History
1302023-07-13European Football Clubs by Logo
1192023-01-06Historical Regions in Europe
1182022-10-30Countries Occupied by Nazi Germany In Order
972022-12-212022 FIFA World Cup Players by Picture
932023-03-26The Cyrillic Alphabet
932022-05-02Best Cities in the World
882022-04-21Infamous World Leaders
842023-08-08Goalkeepers by Football Clubs
832023-09-25Greatest Footballers in History
832022-03-26Emperors of the Qing Dynasty
802022-12-222022 FIFA Men's Soccer Ranking
772022-10-13Largest Container Ports in the World
762022-05-08Largest Rivers in the World
762022-05-26Cities With the Most Millionaires
732022-03-26Countries of the World by Largest Exports
722023-03-03Shanghai Metro Lines by Color
712022-05-07Cities With the Most Michelin Star Restaurants
712022-02-13Leaders of China Since 1911
702023-01-01Famous People Who Died in 2022
702022-04-21Famous World Leaders
702022-12-13Countries With the Most Income Inequality
702022-06-01Countries of the World by Most-Spoken Language
692023-08-292026 FIFA World Cup Champions
642022-12-25Longest Rivers in the World
642022-03-16Former Capitals
632022-04-13Cities That Have Changed Their Names
632022-06-05Most and Least Visited Countries
622022-05-08Most Patriotic Countries in the World
622022-04-17Unrecognized Countries
592022-06-07Capital Cities Closest to International Borders
582022-06-08Countries that Border Multiple Oceans
572022-08-02World Leaders by Picture
562022-06-07Former Countries
562023-11-22Football Clubs by Players
552022-05-09Rivers That Flow Through the Most Countries
552022-05-12Famous Tourism Cities
542022-02-15The Shanghai Metro System
522022-05-15Countries of the World by Independence
492022-03-02Leaders of the Soviet Union
482022-03-04Army Ranks
452022-04-21Nicknames of Cities
452022-03-28Countries of the World by Population
442022-05-27Coastal Capital Cities in the World
442022-05-11Most Valuable Currencies in the World
442022-06-18Name That Language
432022-08-01Countries by Picture
422022-05-09Most Visited Museums in the World
422023-01-25European Cities that Most JetPunkers Should Know
422022-07-15Chinese Cities With the Biggest Economies
412022-04-15Global Peace Index
412022-03-13United Nations Observer States
402022-05-27Countries With Nuclear Weapons
402022-05-17Capitals of China in History
402022-12-06Countries of the 2022 FIFA World Cup
392024-03-12European Cities by AI-Generated Images
372023-01-25Cities that Every JetPunker Should Know
372024-01-03History of Poland 🇵🇱
372022-04-29Largest River Basins in the World
362022-02-202022 Olympics Medal Table
352022-03-31Transcontinental Countries
352022-03-26Countries of the World by Military Firepower
352024-02-27World Leaders by AI-Generated Images
342022-02-11Most Traded Currencies
342022-09-08Longest Ruling Monarchs in History
342022-05-23Biggest Cities in Every Country
342023-11-13Countries with "The" in Their Names
312022-06-10The Wars in Iraq
312023-04-08FIFA World Cup Champions
302024-01-20History of Lebanon 🇱🇧
302023-11-04Countries With Shrinking Populations
292023-08-19Football Clubs Captains
292022-05-12Longest Rivers in Every Country
282023-03-10Russian Cities in Russian
282022-05-12Famous Explorers
282024-03-29Famous Assassinations
272022-07-18Wealthiest Chinese Cities
272022-03-26Countries of the World by Native Language
272022-04-13Countries of the World by Coastline
262022-07-04Best Cities in China
262023-01-27Middle Eastern Cities that Some JetPunkers Should Know
262024-03-31Guangzhou City Quiz
262023-07-12Shanghai City Quiz - Hard Version
262023-12-30History of Albania 🇦🇱
252023-07-132023 Chinese Super League Teams
252022-04-22Countries that Use Fahrenheit
252024-01-17History of Armenia 🇦🇲
252023-12-15History of Greece 🇬🇷
252022-05-13Alternative Names of Countries
252022-06-09Longest Ruling Non-Monarchs in History
252023-04-08FIFA World Cup Runners-Up
242022-02-11Tallest Structures in the World
242023-03-15Every City in China
232023-02-05National Anthem to Country
232024-01-17Raffles's Chat
232023-01-30Asian Cities that Most JetPunkers Should Know
222022-07-19Subdivisions of China by Economy and Wealth
222022-09-05Beijing City Quiz
222022-05-26Countries With the Most Proven Oil Reserves
222024-01-17Longest Ruling Current World Leaders
212022-10-29Chinese Cities With the Most Universities
212022-03-18Religion Tile Select
212023-01-29African Cities that Some JetPunkers Should Know
202022-05-02Chinese History Multiple Choice
192022-05-02Biggest Subdivisions in the World
192024-01-03History of Hungary 🇭🇺
192024-03-31Shanghai City Quiz
192024-03-31Shenzhen City Quiz
192024-03-29College Degrees of U.S. Presidents
192023-04-09FIFA World Cup Hosts
182024-02-21Every City in Anhui
182022-02-13Biggest Cities in China
172022-09-02Ten Marshals of China
162022-08-06Cities in China by Picture
162023-12-02History of India 🇮🇳
162023-12-27History of Serbia 🇷🇸
152023-03-17Every Airport in Shanghai
152023-12-04Countries by National Anthem
152023-02-01Chinese Cities that A Few JetPunkers Should Know
152023-12-06History of Egypt 🇪🇬
152022-04-06Human Taxonomy
152022-12-14Travel Around the World
142024-03-31Nanjing City Quiz
142023-01-02U.S. States that the Mississippi Flows Through
142023-03-13Special Administrative Regions of China
142022-02-12Most Common and Rare Elements
132024-03-31Wuhan City Quiz
132024-03-31Chengdu City Quiz
132024-02-19Every City in Fujian
122024-01-20History of Bulgaria 🇧🇬
122024-01-19History of Morocco 🇲🇦
122022-10-13Hangzhou City Quiz
122023-12-30History of Romania 🇷🇴
112023-12-22History of Indonesia 🇮🇩
112022-10-01Chongqing City Quiz
112023-03-10Indian Cities in Indian Languages
112023-12-25Founding Fathers by Country
112022-04-22Famous Enclaves
102023-07-13Chinese Football Clubs by Logo
102023-03-13Municipalities of China
102022-09-14Secretary-Generals of the United Nations
102022-05-16Countries of the World by Founder
102022-10-14Qingdao City Quiz
102024-02-26Every City in Guangdong
92023-12-31History of Sri Lanka 🇱🇰
92023-12-16History of Zimbabwe 🇿🇼
92023-11-30History of Iran 🇮🇷
92024-02-18Every City in Zhejiang
92024-03-20Every City in Hubei
92024-02-12Chinese Airports by City
92024-02-17Every City in Tibet
92023-03-04Shanghai City Parks
92023-03-12Chinese Cities in Chinese
92023-12-07History of D. R. Congo 🇨🇩
82022-05-26Subdivisions of China by Area and Population
82022-07-04Best Cities of Chinese Subdivisions
82022-07-04Biggest Cities of Chinese Subdivions
82022-11-06Suzhou City Quiz
82022-10-13Tallest TV Towers in the World
82024-02-17Every City in Inner Mongolia
72024-02-18Every City in Jiangsu
72022-11-19Dalian City Quiz
72024-02-16Every City in Guangxi
72022-12-19Provinces of China by Picture
72022-08-30Hefei City Quiz
72024-02-15Every City in Gansu
72024-02-17Every City in Taiwan
62022-12-16Districts of Shanghai by Picture
62024-02-13Every City in Sichuan
62022-12-16Attractions of Shanghai by Picture
62024-02-15Every City in Yunnan
62024-02-15Every City in Guizhou
62024-02-15Every City in Liaoning
62024-02-13Every City in Shaanxi
62023-02-02Chinese Cities by Nickname
62024-02-17Every City in Xinjiang
52022-02-11The Three Kingdoms
52024-02-17Every City in Qinghai
52022-10-21Tianjin City Quiz
52022-08-29Nanchang City Quiz
52023-12-17History of Equatorial Guinea 🇬🇶
52022-10-14Xiamen City Quiz
52024-02-26Every City in Jiangxi
52024-03-02Every City in Hunan
42024-02-15Every City in Hainan
42024-03-142024 Chinese Super League Teams
42022-10-29Harbin City Quiz
42022-11-05Changchun City Quiz
42024-03-20Every City in Shanxi
42022-08-30Changsha City Quiz
42022-07-04Capitals of Chinese Subdivisions
42023-03-04Former Districts of Shanghai
42024-02-16Every City in Heilongjiang
42024-02-15Every City in Jilin
42024-02-18Every City in Shandong
32022-11-11Ningbo City Quiz
32022-11-12Luoyang City Quiz
32022-10-21Five Great Mountains of China
32022-11-13Kaifeng City Quiz
32022-10-23Shenyang City Quiz
32022-12-04Districts of Shanghai
32024-02-28Every City in Hebei
32022-10-13Kunming City Quiz
32022-07-25Ten Famous Buildings of Ancient China
32024-02-18Every City in Henan
32022-10-01Zhengzhou City Quiz
32024-02-16Every City in Ningxia
22024-01-18History of Georgia 🇬🇪
22022-06-10The Wars in D. R. Congo
22022-03-13Presidents of the International Olympic Committee
22022-10-02Xi’an City Quiz
22022-11-09Yangzhou City Quiz