Travel Around the World

Read the instructions carefully and enter the place, attraction or geographical feature that we arrive at in each step.
The route is made-up and may not actually be feasible
Distances between cities are rough estimates
Quiz by Raffles
Last updated: December 14, 2022
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We start at this city in eastern China, home to the largest container port in the world
We drive 300 kilometers northwest to this “Southern Capital” of China
We continue northwest until we reach Zhengzhou on the southern bank of this river
Yellow River
We turn west 500 kilometers to Xi’an to see this collection of sculptures
Terracotta Army
Now we take a train northwest to Urumqi, passing the entirety of this province
From Urumqi, we head west until we cross the border into this country
We continue west until we reach this river, then turn south to enter Uzbekistan at Tashkent
Syr Darya
From Tashkent, we head southwest, visiting these two famous cities on the Silk Road
We continue southwest for about 400 kilometers to this city of white marble buildings
We head west until we reach this major inland sea
Caspian Sea
From here, we sail southwest and reach this country
We then visit this monumental tower in a city square in the capital city of this country
Azadi Tower
We continue west for 400 kilometers to reach this disputed region
We sail down this river to the capital city of the country we are visiting
Tigris River
We continue in our direction to this oil-rich city on the coast
Kuwait City
We sail southeast 500 kilometers to this country to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup
We turn east and sail for 300 kilometers to visit this tall skyscraper
Burj Khalifa
Now we ride on a caravan west 1500 kilometers to reach the city to complete this Muslim pilgrimage
We turn northwest and ride 1000 kilometers to visit this famous saltwater lake
Dead Sea
We turn west here and drive 25 kilometers to this ancient city
We continue west to the sea and take a ship to this nearby island country
We continue our course west and sail for 500 kilometers to this Greek island
We now sail north to a city on the mainland, named after this goddess
We change our course northeastwards to visit this ancient mosque in a trans-continental city
Hagia Sophia
We continue sailing north along the coast until we reach the delta of this European river
Danube River
We sail up this river, to this city where we can listen to a concert in the Golden Hall
We abandon ship and drive 300 kilometers west to the city where this famous beer festival is taking place
We head south 100 kilometers to reach this city that had hosted the Winter Olympics in this year
We turn southeast until we reach the coast, then watch the carnival in this city built on water
We head south 500 kilometers to Rome, passing this country on the way
San Marino
In Rome, we will visit this cathedral that belongs to another country
St. Peter’s Basilica
From here, we sail northwest for another 500 kilometers to a micro-state to visit this famous building
Casino de Monte-Carlo
We turn north and drive 300 kilometers and reach the city on this major lake
Lake Geneva
We now head northwest for 500 kilometers to visit this tower in the city of lights
Eiffel Tower
From here, we get on a train and travel across a channel to this country
United Kingdom
We visit one of the two prestigious universities within 100 kilometers of the capital city
Oxford / Cambridge
We go back across the channel to visit this museum in the city of lights, the largest in the world
The Louvre
We head south for 500 kilometers and arrive at this mountain range
We cross the mountains and arrive at this coastal city, the world capital of architecture
We go south and west along the coast, until we reach this British territory
We take a ferry across the strait, then go southwest along the coast to reach this city of the “White House”
We turn south and drive 200 kilometers to visit this ancient marketplace in Marrakesh
Jemaa el-Fnaa
We then drive east into this mountain range, then turn northeast to reach Fes
Atlas Mountains
We now go northeast until we reach the coast, then follow the coast east to Tunis, passing this country
From Tunis, we go 100 kilometers south to this city, the fourth-holiest in Islam
We head east until we reach the coast, then sail east to this small island country
We sail south to the capital city of this country, then go east along the coast to Egypt
We continue east to a major port city, then turn southeast to visit these gigantic structures
Pyramids of Giza
From here, we get in a canoe and sail up the river to this great dam
Aswan Dam
We continue sailing up the river for 5000 kilometers until we reach this lake, origin of the river
Lake Victoria
We sail south to reach the other side of the lake, then go east to visit this national park to see wildlife migration
We head 700 kilometers southeast to this historically-famous archipelago
Now we get on a ship and sail northwest for 4000 kilometers to this major city on India’s western coast
We visit this film studio in the city, famous for producing many Indian movies
We go north 500 kilometers, then turn northeast 600 kilometers to this "pink city"
We continue northeast to New Delhi, then sail down the Yamuna to this white marble mausoleum
Taj Mahal
We continue sailing down the Yamuna until we merge with this sacred river
Ganges River
We sail down this river until we pass into this country
We now abandon ship and travel east 500 kilometers to this former royal capital of Myanmar
From this city, we sail down this river until we reach the Andaman Sea
Irrawaddy River
We continue sailing south until we reach this Indonesian Island
We then turn our course southeast and sail through this strait to Singapore
Strait of Malacca
From Singapore, we travel 350 kilometers northwest to this city to visit the Petronas Towers
Kuala Lumpur
We head north 1000 kilometers to Bangkok to visit this sacred Buddhist temple
Wat Phra Kaew
We turn west 300 kilometers to visit Angkor Wat in this city
Siem Reap
We sail down the Tonlé Sap, merging into this river in Phnom Penh
Mekong River
We then go by land 200 kilometers southeast to this city on the coast
Ho Chi Minh City
We sail northeast along the coast, then turn north to this resort city on Hainan Island
From here, we turn northeast and sail northeast 600 kilometers to this special administrative region
Hong Kong
We travel northwest to Guangzhou, then take a train north 600 kilometers to this city in Hunan Province
We take a train northeast 300 kilometers to Wuhan to visit this ancient building
Yellow Crane Tower
We now sail down the Yangtze River 200 kilometers to this major freshwater lake
Poyang Lake
We drive east 200 kilometers to visit this mountain, symbolized by the Guest-Greeting Pine
Mount Huang
We continue west 200 kilometers to visit this beautiful urban lake in Hangzhou
West Lake
We turn northeast 200 kilometers to return home, which is this city
We have now finished our trip. Did you enjoy it? (Yes or No)
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