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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user payel123.
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1,5732018-03-17Fast Typing AAAA-ZZZZ 15 Second Sprint
9602018-05-01Dactylographie rapide A-Z
6952019-09-22Divided Capital Name Puzzle
5502019-09-04Puzzle - Pays d'Afrique
4752019-09-25Puzzle - États des États-Unis
4282018-03-07Minecraft rarest items
4152018-06-04Roblox Trivia
4022020-07-29Rappers By Picture A-Z
4022020-07-12Rappers - Dead or Alive?
3622019-09-28Puzzle - Pays d'Asie
3352018-05-01Mots anglais par français
3262019-09-03100 Most Famous Cities
3222019-09-03Word Scramble - Countries of Africa
3152018-03-09Speed Multiplication And Times tables
3062018-03-13Correct The Spelling
2892019-09-13Name That Country - Hangman
2802018-10-24Name The Player (Manchester City)
2802019-09-21United Kingdom True or False
2592018-05-01Aliments français par image
2562018-04-30Vingt plus grandes villes en France
2502018-05-01Corriger l'orthographe (Facile)
2502018-04-30Quiz pays France
2462019-09-07Merged Countries
2382019-09-22Germany True or False
2342018-04-14Countries Of Europe Quiz - 2 Minute Sprint
2232018-04-17All 1 Syllable Words That Rhyme With "it" - 3 Minute Sprint
2212019-10-01Which City in Turkey?
2172018-10-24Name The Player (Chelsea) 2018
2162018-03-13Genaral Knollewdge Quiz
2112018-04-30Les cinq plus grandes villes de France - Sprint de trente secondes
2042019-09-05Foods That Start With "P".
2032019-09-27Would You Rather
2002018-05-22Fortnite Quiz - Fill In The Blank
1892018-04-27Imagine Dragons - Thunder - (Missing)
1752018-04-26Correct The Spelling - Food
1692018-04-19Top Songs By Post Malone
1682019-09-05Foods That Start With "T"
1582019-02-02Dix plus grands pays du monde
1582018-04-23Correct The Spelling (Easy)
1582019-09-30Most Common Names in the UK
1572018-04-18Drake - God's Plan Lyrics (Missing)
1552019-08-23Premier league 19/20 Quiz
1552018-04-25Correct The Spelling - Countries
1522019-09-02Ancient Egypt A-Z
1512018-05-03En face de quoi?
1502018-09-22Best Footballer From Each Team Premier League 2018/2019
1472019-09-15Name That Country - Hangman #2
1422018-04-0850 Biggest Cities In India
1402018-04-19Foods That Start With "L"
1352019-09-06Puzzle - Villes De France
1342019-09-17Spot The Hidden Country
1282018-03-24Foods That Start With "O"
1282019-12-24United Kingdom Country Tile Select Quiz
1232019-09-15150 Biggest Cities In The World
1222019-09-15All 5m Cities By The First 2 Letters (Without a Map)
1182018-03-21Roman Numerals 2 Minute Sprint
1172019-09-08Top 20 Songs (This Week 2018)
1172018-11-06Quinze plus grandes villes de France
1172018-03-17Name The Famous Person
1172018-04-04Homophones Quiz - P123
1152018-03-27Pixel Gun Trivia
1142018-04-18Types Of Natural Disasters
1132018-12-09Correct The spelling #11
1112019-09-06Soixante-quinze des plus grandes villes du monde
1072019-09-27Maths Knowledge Quiz #1
1052018-04-19Top Roblox Games
1052018-04-15100 Biggest Cities In United States
1042018-05-03Quiz des chiffres français
982018-04-19Top Songs By Beyoncé
982019-09-165 Biggest Cities In United Kingdom
982019-09-26Cropped Pictures Quiz #1
982019-09-1250 Italian Names For Cities
942019-09-13Furniture By Picture
932019-10-02Countries in the French Empire
932018-05-17Alan Walker Top Songs
902018-05-01Jours et mois-quarante-cinq secondes Sprint
882018-03-26Correct The Spelling (Hard)
872019-08-27Correct the Spelling #18
872019-11-22Odd One Out - Words #1
842018-04-28Correct The Spelling - US States
842018-03-20General Knollewdge #3
822019-09-165 Biggest City By Each Letter
822018-03-25Fast Typing (Words)
822019-02-24Random German Words
802018-04-03Top Songs By Bruno Mars
802019-08-315 Biggest Cities in each Continent
792018-03-11World food Quiz
782018-04-04Top 65 Songs Of 2018
782018-04-05Fast Typing
772018-04-06Name That Fruit A-Z
762019-09-07Top 20 Coal Consumers
762019-09-21Spot The Hidden Flags
742018-03-1050 minecraft YT
742018-03-24Fast Typing 1 - 15
742018-05-05Word Scramble - 3 Lettered Words
732018-03-22English Words By French
722019-08-31Biggest Cities In The United Kingdom
722019-09-01Best European Places Holidays A-Z
712019-09-07Countries With the Busiest Rail Networks
692020-08-05Most Played Rap Songs on Spotify
682018-04-08Correct The Spelling #5
682018-03-08Biggest Coastal cities in UK
682018-04-06Minecraft Trivia
672018-04-14Top Songs By Dua Lipa
672018-04-07Words That Start With Ph
662019-09-10Lesser Antilles Map Quiz
642019-08-315 Biggest Cities by Country
642019-10-05American Spellings Quiz
642018-03-30Body Parts Quiz
632018-04-29Cinq plus grands pays par région
632018-03-31Correct The Spelling #3
622018-04-17Musical Instruments That Start with - T
622018-04-04Psycho Lyrics
612018-08-20Top Nations That Didnt Qualify In 2018 World Cup
612019-09-30Musical Instrument by Genre #1
612018-04-095 Biggest Cities In Canada
612019-09-26Materials by Picture
612018-04-03Biggest Cities In Europe
602019-09-0375 Biggest Countries on a World Map
592019-09-01Biggest Cities In The U.S A-Z
592018-05-17Fast Typing - Years
592019-09-02Ancient World A-Z
582019-09-27Biggest European Country by Population A-Z
582019-09-30Biggest World Capitals A-Z
572019-08-29Biggest Cities In Italy
572019-08-25Correct The Spelling #17 (Triple Times Hard)
572018-04-30Pays d'Afrique - P123
572019-09-04A-Z Multipe Choice Quiz
562019-09-21Biggest European Cities for each Country
562019-08-24Liverpool Players
552019-09-15Countries Of Europe By Clue
542019-09-1315 French City Names
542018-06-10Solve The Riddle
542019-08-24Avengers: Bad Guys
532018-04-07Fast Typing 1 - 20
532018-04-08Correct The Spelling #6
532018-03-23Most Famous Songs
532019-09-18Biggest Cities In North America
522019-09-04Tecleo rápido de uno a treinta
522019-09-03Top 2 Biggest Cities Quiz A-Z
522018-04-20Correct The Spelling #9
522018-04-07Biggest Cities In Australia
512019-09-03Cities That Start With B By Picture
512018-06-08McDonalds Food By Clue
512018-03-15Geography Country Quiz
512019-09-15Random English Words To Greek Words
512018-04-17Correct The Spelling #8
502019-09-14Tallest Mountain Ranges
502019-10-05The World A-Z
502019-08-30Biggest Cities In France
502018-06-09Correct The Spelling - Numbers
502019-09-05Countries That Border 3 or Less Countries
502019-09-10Biggest Countries In Middle East By Area (In Order)
502018-04-26Camila Cabello - OMG Lyrics (Missing) Ft. Quavo
492019-09-032019 UEFA Champions League Quiz
492019-08-22Top Songs Of Marshmello
482019-09-01120 Biggest Countries By Area
482018-04-01Us States That Contain E
482019-10-02Cities that End in E by Clue
482018-04-07Correct The Spelling #4
482019-09-01Top 10 Oldest Cities in the world
482018-04-18Fast Typing AA-ZZ - 30 Second Sprint
472019-09-15Spot The Four Letter Hidden Word
472018-04-105 Biggest Cities In United States
472018-04-23Top Songs Of 2018
462018-04-075 Biggest Cities In India
462018-04-02Biggest Cities In India
462018-03-1165 Biggest Cities in United States Of America
462019-05-11Best Footballers from some countries
462018-04-22Musical Instrument By Picture
452019-08-315 Most Important Cities In The Roman Empire
452019-08-29Country Flags A-Z
452018-03-27Roblox YT
452018-05-09Avengers Members Quiz
452018-03-24Words That Start Start With Ou and Ow
452018-04-07Biggest Cities In Indonesia
452018-03-30Opposite Of What?
452018-03-177 Biggest Cities In China
442018-06-05Roblox Quiz (Most Popular Games)
442020-09-26Rappers By Rap Song #1
442018-04-28Régions De France - P123
432018-04-03Name The Animal
422019-09-08Biggest City In Each European Country
422018-04-21US States That Border Mississippi River
422019-08-27Correct The Spelling - Cities #19
422018-04-105 Biggest Cities In Malta
422018-04-28Côte est de L'Afrique - P123
422018-04-26Old Names Quiz
422018-04-28États de la rivière Mississippi
422018-03-12Biggest Cities In Mexico
422018-09-04Best Player From Each World Cup Team 2018
412019-02-05Canada Map Quiz
412019-09-29Movie Titles A-Z
412019-08-29Europe Cities Map Quiz
412018-04-02Fast Typing A-Z
412019-09-14Biggest Cities In Brazil - Extreme
412019-09-22Countries Closest to Sri Lanka
402018-03-14English Words By Spanish
392018-04-07Biggest Cities In China
392019-08-23La Liga 19/20 Quiz
392019-09-02World War II A-Z
392018-03-26Famous Singers
382019-08-29Correct The Spelling #20
382018-04-19Most Famous Singers
382018-09-22WORD SCRAMBLE #2= CARS
382018-07-08Best World Cup Players and Goalkeepers
382018-03-30Flags Of The World
382019-09-10City By Country #3 (with a map)
372018-04-27Opposite Of What? #2
372019-09-21Europe Continent Quiz
372018-05-19Newest Songs 2018
372019-02-029 Random Questions
372019-04-16Footballers who shall be Icons [Remake]
372018-04-22Correct The Spelling #10
372019-04-16Guess the age
372019-09-07Random Countries on a World Map
362019-08-31Biggest Cities In Spain
362019-09-03NFL Teams By City
362018-04-095 Biggest Cities In Brazil
352018-11-01Premier League 2018/2019 Table (So far)
352019-09-28The Weasley Family
352019-08-30Biggest Empires In The World Quiz
352018-03-29Solar System Trivia
352018-04-065 Biggest Cities In Mexico
352018-04-27Types Of Triangles
352018-10-1420 RANDOM QUESTIONS
342018-03-29Biomes By Picture
342019-09-17Saturns Moon Quiz
332018-04-1725 Worst Disasters Ever Recorded
332019-10-04Biggest Cities in Ukraine
332019-08-31Biggest Modern Cities In Roman Empire
332018-04-09Correct The Spelling #7
322018-03-22General Knolwedge _ P123 #4
322018-04-0810 Biggest Cities In Bangladesh By Metro Population
322018-04-02Words That Start With D
322018-04-04Largest Cities In Asia By Metro Population
322018-04-07U.S States In Alphabetical Order
322018-04-02Countries By Language
312019-09-19Biggest Countries A-Z (Including Disputed Countries)
312018-06-14World Cup Victories
312018-05-12Countries In French Indochina - P123
312018-03-21India Country Quiz
302019-08-26Les personnes les plus célèbres français
302019-09-01Cities That Start With A By Picture
302019-09-07City By Country (with a map)
302019-05-13Best Strikers In 2019
302019-09-15Fast Typing - Greek Alphabets
292020-04-09Types Of Cricket Matches
292019-09-04Best Sportsman Quiz
292020-07-28Hip-Hop Artists by Their Songs - Each Year
292018-03-07Punctuation and signs
292019-09-11City By Country #5 (with a map)
282018-04-29Hands On A Clock
282018-03-28Songs By Ed Sheeran
282019-09-15All International Teams To Play Cricket
282019-02-05Africa Map Quiz
282019-08-30Famous Birthdays Quiz
282018-05-125 Biggest Cities In East Asia
272019-06-22Football Quiz #1
272019-02-05Chinese Zodiac in random order
272018-04-01General Knowledge - P123 #8
272018-04-08Word Scramble - Cities - P123 #2
272018-03-18General Knollewdge #2
272018-09-06Top Footballers Of All Time
272019-12-24Fortnite Trivia
262018-03-25General Knowledge #5
262019-01-08Historical Quiz
262018-05-12Annoying Orange Characters By Clue
262018-04-29Harry Potter Characters
262018-04-06Name That Building
262018-09-23TOP 10 BEST STRIKERS
252018-04-19Songs By Singer #2
252018-03-31Words That Start With Q
252019-09-26World Scramble - Birds
252018-04-07100 Biggest Cities In Japan
252018-04-02Name The Subject
252018-04-28Name That Abbreviation
242019-09-15Oceania A-Z
242018-12-11Countries That i have Visited
242019-09-10Biggest Country Subdivisions
242019-09-25Shapes that End in 'AGON' - Shape Quiz
242019-09-03Cities That Start With C By Picture
242019-09-10City By Country #2 (With a Map)
242018-03-29Words That Start With In
232018-04-19Top 10 Most Diamond-Producing Countries
232018-06-06Most Popular Roblox Games (Tuesday 6th June)
232018-06-15World Cup Countries
232018-03-28Volcanoes & Rock Trivia
232019-01-08My first Quiz after 1 month (Easiest Quiz ever)
232018-04-12Biggest Cities In Malaysia
222019-09-03Biggest City In Each Country
222018-03-30General Knowledge - P123 #7
222019-09-03Reverse Typing 1-30
222018-04-05Songs By Singer
212019-09-01Biggest Cities in the World by Area & Population
212018-07-09World Cup Stages [Fast Typing]
212019-08-30Currency by Country
212019-08-25Football Guess The Player
212018-04-06Word Scramble - Cities - P123
212018-07-08Worlds Best Footballers
212019-09-26Name that Colour
202018-04-185 Biggest Cities In Asia - 15 Second Sprint
202018-03-25City By US State - P123
202019-09-02Top 20 Best NBA Players
202019-10-04Solar System Quiz
192019-02-24Europe Capitals Quiz
192019-07-02Football Quiz #2
192018-03-18Name That Volcano
192019-06-11Guess The club
182018-05-19Famous Robloxians
182018-03-15Punctuation and sign #2
182018-09-29Best Player From Each League 2018/19
182019-08-25Football Guess The Player #2
182018-03-24Minecraft Mobs - P123
182019-09-11City By Country #4 (with a map)
182019-09-1520 Best Cricket Bowlers
182019-08-30Countries In Between the Tropics
172019-09-07Smallest Countries and Territories
172018-03-21Words That Start With Mis
172018-09-09FRANCE SQUAD
172018-10-04Champions League 2018/19 Quiz #1
162020-06-28Singers by Songs #1
162018-11-03Name the Premier League Team
162018-06-06ROBLOX Game Creators
162018-05-17Countries In Indochina - P123
162019-09-15ICC World Cup 2019 Quiz
162018-06-09Fortnite Best Weapons
162019-08-29Countries of Oceania
162019-04-18All Teams That Have Qualified In the Premier League
152018-09-10Red Cards The world Will never Forget
152018-07-25Countries Best Results In World Cup
152019-08-30Most Popular Landmarks
142018-04-22Real Names Quiz
142018-05-03World War Trivia
142018-04-20Songs By Singer #3
142018-04-095 Biggest Cities In Belize
142018-04-08Top Songs Of 2007
142020-08-03Tri-Segment Flags #1
132019-08-29South America Capitals Quiz
132018-04-16Famous Bands Quiz
132018-03-10Capitals by country
132018-03-24Quiz Of The Week
132018-09-28Top players Who missed The World Cup 2018
132018-03-29Singer By Popular Song
132018-10-25Quiz of The Month (October)
132019-09-30Current & Previous Capitals Quiz
132018-03-31Countries Of The World - P123
122018-04-08Pokemon That Start With A
122018-06-05Roblox Quiz [ Creators]
122018-03-12Best Footballers Ever
112018-04-24Words That End In "Punk"
112018-04-08Pokemon That Start With B
112019-09-26Stationery by Picture
112019-08-24Ligue 1 19/20 Quiz
112019-08-30All Flag Quiz
112018-05-12Countries In Greater Indochina - P123
112018-04-14The Seven Continents Quiz
112018-09-23Best Player from each Club 2018/2019
102019-07-05Things to do with football (Football Quiz #4)
102019-04-18Name the Premier league champions
102018-03-07Players by countries
102020-02-19Cloze Sentences #1
102019-02-031934 World Cup Quiz
102018-09-12Players and ther new Club
92018-10-26Fortnite Locations Quiz
92018-03-27Rank By Jetpunk Users (Pro Version)
92018-09-06Germany Squad
92019-07-03Football Quiz =3
92018-04-05Punctuation And Sign #3
92019-09-18Scrabble - Words
92019-08-31Countries of East Asia - 45 Second Sprint
82019-10-05Serie A Teams Quiz
82018-04-08Top Jetpunk Users
82018-09-22Word Scramble #1 = Footballers
72018-03-26Pokken Tournament Trivia
72018-04-10Top 5 Quizzes of Quizmaster
72018-06-06Fortnite Quiz
72018-05-22Roblox Quiz - Stickmasterluke's Friends (Up To Page 5)
72018-10-04Champions League 2018/19 Quiz #2
62018-03-08Name the Gadget/Electronic
62018-03-27General Knolwedge - P123 #6
62018-09-23TOP 10 BEST PLAYERS
52018-03-10Tallest Buildings
52018-09-22NAME THE ICON
52018-09-23BEST BORN IN EACH YEAR 1970-2000
52020-09-05Bad Vibes Forever - XXXTentacion Album
42019-08-25Who Finished Bottom?
32018-05-01Mains sur une horloge
22018-05-03ভারতের পাঁচটি বড় শহর
12019-09-06Fastest Train Journeys
02018-04-10Top 5 Quizzes Of Cyn