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9142022-03-2070's & 80's Bands by Members First Names
5832022-12-21King Charles III
1322023-05-26Coded Countries - Crack The Code, Name The Countries
1172022-12-11UK Football Teams By Initial
1142022-09-10Who Starred In These UK TV Shows?
1122022-03-12Prisoner (Cell Block H) GK
1032023-09-27Famous Gay People
1012022-09-0770's and 80's Bands By Members last Names
1012022-03-04Traditional British Food
982022-09-09Queen Elizabeth II
952022-11-2180's TV - Finish The Title
812023-03-14UK Towns And Cities With First Three Letters
712023-06-20Gay Language (Polari)
702023-06-18Eastenders Characters Last Names
702023-08-28Four Letter Chain
682022-04-04UK Number 1 Singles - 1979
642024-02-16Call Yourself Gay?
632022-04-0260's Girl Singers
622023-08-28Three Letter Chain
622022-05-20UK Footballers By Initials
622023-02-19Top 20 largest US States
622022-09-02TV Shows .. Finish The Title
592022-08-19Film Musicals
592022-03-07UK 'Soap' Coronation Street GK
582022-04-07US Number One Singles - 1970
572024-03-23Horse Racing Jockeys
572023-08-29Five Letter Chain
572022-04-03UK Number 1 Singles - 1978
572022-04-09US Number 1 Singles - 1975
562022-03-27'Name' Songs
542023-06-20Cockney Rhyming Slang
532023-11-12Shires of England
522022-04-07US Number One Singles - 1972
522022-06-11The Answer Is A Letter
512022-04-07US Number One Singles - 1973
512022-05-05North American Female Singers By Initials
502022-08-29TV Soap Characters .. How did They Die?
502022-09-061960's Hits
502022-03-21Capital Cities
502023-08-01American English Vs English English
492022-04-08US Number One Singles - 1974
482022-09-071970's Hits - Name The Act
482023-11-09Famous Parent
482023-02-23Top 20 Smallest US states
482022-04-18US Number 1 Singles - 1979
462022-04-10US Number One Singles - 1971
462023-09-23Countries That Share A Border With One Other
462022-05-05TV Soaps Dallas/Dynasty/Falcon Crest/The Colbys Or Knots Landing
462023-08-29Six Letter Chain
452022-09-081980's Hits
442022-04-18US Number 1 Singles - 1977
442023-04-14UK Number 1 Singles - 1970
432022-11-2360's TV .. Finish The Title
422022-04-06UK Number 1 Singles - 1977
422022-03-20Music A - M - Alphabetical
422023-07-22Deceased Singers
422022-04-02Carry On Films
412023-01-30UK Sitcoms (Finish The Title)
402022-04-10US Number 1 Singles - 1976
402022-03-20Music N - Z - Alphabetical
402022-04-18US Number 1 Singles 1978
392022-12-24UK Towns & Cities A-Z (No Q or X)
392023-02-09Geography .. North, East, South Or West ..
392022-07-25Hidden Boys Names
382023-04-031980's Hit Singles
382022-05-05North American Male Singers By Initials
382024-01-23The Hits Of The Rolling Stones
372022-11-10One Word Number 1 Hits
372024-01-15The Hits Of Michael Jackson
362024-02-06Bodies of Water
362023-10-23Film Titles - Fill In The Missing Words
362023-02-18Abba, Bananarama, Bee Gees or Diana Ross
362023-06-18Coronation Street - Last Names
362022-11-2170's TV - Finish The Title
352023-04-04General Knowledge
352023-01-27Number Quiz
352023-09-21Hello & Goodbye Songs
342022-08-20Bohemian Rhapsody .. Next Lyrics
342023-11-21Which Country ?
342022-04-02UK Number 1 Singles - 1976
332024-03-16Most Populated States of The USA
332023-11-03Geography - Countries That Border Only Two Others
332024-01-23Christmas Carols
322022-03-10UK & US Sitcoms
322024-01-09ABBA Songs
322022-12-19A-Z Pop Groups
322022-04-01UK Number 1 Singles - 1974
322022-03-31Grange Hill GK
322022-03-15Animals 1
322024-01-02In Which Year?
322022-08-18Grease Is The Word
322024-01-16A Quiz About Brighton, UK
312022-12-02Christmas Hits
312022-03-31UK Number 1 Singles - 1973
312023-06-13'Ham' Places In The UK
312023-11-14UK TV Sitcom 'Dinnerladies'
302023-06-01Songs With Days In The Title
302024-01-23The Hits Of David Bowie
302023-12-31New Year in Different Languages
302024-03-22Novels .. Finish The Title
302023-12-04Countries To The North
302023-11-25UK Gameshow Hosts - Intials
302022-04-01UK Number 1 Singles - 1975
302023-10-09England - A & B
292022-04-09UK Number 1 Singles - 1971
292022-05-05UK Number 1 Singles - 1972
292023-11-23Capital Cities - Hard
292023-12-08The Golden Years Of Hollywood
292023-11-161980's Hits 1
292022-11-24Movie Stars - By Initials
292022-07-23Hidden Girls Names
292023-09-21UK Number 1's
292023-01-22UK & US Number 1's
282022-04-20Queens of England by Right Of Succession
282023-08-13English Counties
282023-02-13Hit Cover Versions
282023-04-031980's Hit Singles II
272022-08-04Hidden Fruit & Veg
272023-11-04Girl Singers
272022-08-31Song Titles - Fill In The Missing Word
272022-12-27Vowel less Pop Groups
272023-09-27Hit Albums .. But What Year
272023-09-13All Over The UK
262023-04-041970's Hits
262024-01-15The Hits Of Elton John
262023-04-25Famous People - Real First Names
262022-05-17Disco Hits
262023-11-09Top 10 Surnames In Scotland
252022-03-01UK Eurovision Song Contest Winning Songs
252024-01-15The Hits Of Elvis Presley
252023-10-19England V, W, X, Y & Z
252024-02-12UK Soap 'Crossroads'
242023-10-14England - M & N
242023-11-161980's Hits 2
242024-01-15The Hits Of Madonna
242023-10-14England - O, P, Q & R
242022-10-15TV & Film Doctors
242023-12-191970's UK Soap Characters
242022-09-12Songs From The Film Cabaret
242022-03-07'Country' Hits
242022-11-10Three Word Number 1 Singles
232023-10-14England- I & J
232022-03-08UK TV Series Upstairs Downstairs GK
232023-10-14England - K & L
232023-11-09Top Ten Sunflower Seed Producing Countries
232022-03-01UK Donna Summer Top 10 Hits
232022-09-18Judy Garland Films
222022-12-11UK Rivers - Alternate Letters
222024-01-17The Hits Of The Electric Light Orchestra
222022-05-05European Female Singers By Initials
222022-04-23Countries - Alternate Letters - 1
222023-10-10England - G & H
222024-02-22UK Number One Singles
222022-03-08UK Soap Crossroads GK
212022-08-31Song Titles - Fill In The Missing Word 2
212022-11-23Fictitious Sleuths
212022-05-09TV Theme Tunes
212022-11-13Hidden Animals
212022-11-10Two Word Number 1 Hits
212023-10-09England - C & D
202022-09-18Bette Davis Films
202023-11-09Top 10 Banana Producing Countries
202023-06-07Love Songs
202023-05-20Songs ... 1 Word titles
202024-02-24GB News presenters
202023-04-12Name The Musical
202022-05-05European Male Singers By Initials
192023-06-28Musical Cover Versions
182023-05-26Tina Turner
182023-10-19England - S, T & U
182024-01-15Hits Of Rod Stewart
182022-09-12Songs from The Film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
182023-02-08'Do' Quiz
182022-07-10Name The Act
182023-12-19Who Sang What? - 1
182023-11-19UK Versions of US Sitcoms
172023-06-07Disco songs
172023-04-22Album Artists
172023-07-21Geography GK - 1
172023-02-23Soaps? .. When Did They Start?
172023-07-01Black and or White Music Quiz
172022-07-28Hidden Pop Groups
172023-11-18Animal Anagrams
162024-03-20US Number 1 Singles by UK Acts
162024-02-15The Hits of Kylie Minogue
162023-03-31Songs From The Rocky Horror Show
162022-06-24Music From Gay Club To The World
162023-07-12Man Or Woman Music
162023-10-09England E & F
162023-12-11My Favourite Music Acts
162022-11-11Five Word Number 1 Singles
162022-04-30Numbers In Songs
162023-12-10My Favourite Movies
152022-04-23Countries - Alternate Letters - 3
152024-01-13Carry On Films - Who Was In That One?
152024-03-30Film & TV Characters - Name The Actor
152023-11-01Carry On Film Stars
152023-06-10Summertime Quiz
152023-09-18Four Season Songs (Not The Group)
152023-02-01Vowel Less Groups II
152024-04-02The Hits Of Donna Summer
152024-01-03Musical Doctors
142023-06-28Same title - Different Songs
142023-07-12My Favourite Romantic Songs
142023-10-05Donna Summer or Gloria Gaynor
142022-04-23Countries - Alternate Letters - 2
142022-05-04The Ten Most Obese Nations
142022-03-12ABBA singles that didn't reach the UK top 20 -1974 - 1983
142023-06-07Diana Ross Songs
142023-11-09Top 10 Turkey Countries
132023-06-07Cher Songs
132023-06-08Bucks Fizz Songs
132024-01-15The Hits of Diana Ross
132024-01-15The Hits Of The Human League
132022-07-10Name The Act 2
132023-02-18Status Quo, The Beatles, Donna Summer or Darts
132023-03-31Music Hall/Vaudeville Songs
132023-06-24Songs About Metal !!!
132024-03-14UK Number 2's
132022-11-15Hidden Sea Life
132024-03-19Solo Singers Anagrams
132023-11-18Animal Anagrams 2
132023-08-03Record Labels
122022-04-09Donna Summer - UK Singles (positions 11 - 20)
122022-03-08Showbiz Quiz 1
122024-01-16The Hits Of Tom Jones
122024-03-30UK Drama Series
122022-03-15Music GK 1
122023-10-23Brotherhood Of Man, Abba, Bucks Fizz or The Dooleys
122022-11-10Four Word Number 1 Singles
122024-02-23Seven Words And Above Titles Of Number One Singles
122023-01-07Big Stars .... Small Hits
122023-01-26Hot Stuff Lyrics
122023-12-26Chitty Chitty Bang Bang GK
122022-03-21Donna Summer GK
122023-06-15Glenda Jackson Films
122023-06-24ITV Racing Team
112022-11-12Six Word Number One Singles
112023-09-03The answers are backwards !!!!!
92024-04-18Sun & Moon
92024-04-2060's & 70's Kids TV
72024-04-02Boy And Girl Songs