CornMan's hard history quiz!

Hey! I love history and some of these questions are really hard so if you get above a 50 I'm proud of you! Basically this is a list of different historical events, places, and things spanning long stretches of time and land, designed to be super challenging!
Quiz by CornMan
Last updated: June 16, 2022
First submittedMarch 6, 2022
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The first manmade object to enter the Stratosphere
A shell fired from the Paris Gun
Who won the War of the Roses? And subsequent family is legendary in lineage?
This representative of Tennessee in the U.S. house of representatives was present during the attempted assassination of Andrew Jackson, and after Jackson gave the would be assassin a caning, This representative carted him away and later became an american legend, though not for this event.
Davy Crockett
Who was the first member of the Second Triumvirate?
Who was the second member of the Second Triumvirate?
Marc Antony
Who was the third and final member of the Second Triumvirate?
Octavian, Augustus
What was the only major naval battle of the First World War?
Battle of Jutland
What city state was conquered by Rome after a series of Punic Wars and eventually led to the Roman domination of the Mediterranean?
Founder of the Zulu empire in South Africa who created a fighting force that devastated the entire region?
The port city of Pompeii that was also destroyed from the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 CE?
Precursor to the U.N.?
The League of Nations
Who was the face that launched a thousand ships which in turn led to a long and grueling war that is debated if it even happened in the first place?
One of the most famous rulers of Ancient Egypt who was a woman? And no, it is not Cleopatra.
This United States president changed their pants several times a day and had 80 pairs of them in his wardrobe?
Chester A. Arthur
The shortest lasting empire in history that lasted less than a year? This is surprising as the many other reigns in this country lasted for long stretches of time.
The Empire of China
Who was the last of the Seven Roman Kings who was exiled because of the actions of his son?
Tarquinius Superbus
Otto von Bismarck was the Prime Minister of Prussia and later the First Chancellor of the German Empire whose style of rule gained him this nickname.
Iron Chancellor
The worlds longest river that bolstered an entire nations economy and also flows north instead of to the equator.
The Nile River
Ernest Hemingway's biggest flop. This book is often regarded as one of his worst works and had negative receptions in over 150 publications.
Across the River and Into the Trees
Who discovered America? More specifically, who was the first person to set foot in North America that wasn't an indigenous person?
Leif Erikson
The First European man to start a settlement on Greenland after being banished from Iceland and the one who named the island.
Erik the Red
Who is often cited as "The Last Roman" a general sent to retake Rome by Justinian who conquered the Vandalic Kingdom as well as the Ostrogothic Kingdom and very nearly restored the entire Western Roman Empire?
Flavius Belisarius
This Venezuelan soldier and statesman who played a pivotal role in the South American Independence Movement is also credited as being the liberator of Peru, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia
Simon Bolivar
This man is called the "Liberator of America" and is known for helping liberate the countries of Peru, Argentina, and Chile from the Spanish Empire
Jose de San Martin
On what day did the Titanic start to sink?
April 14, 1912
What was the rescue ship that rescued a majority of surviving passengers from the Titanic?
RMS Carpathia
This Japanese man who works for Nintendo is credited for saving the video game industry through dozens of instantly recognizable IP's that fundamentally changed video games.
Shigeru Miyamoto
The only general to win a battle against Caesar in his conquest of Gaul and ultimately became France's first resistance fighter.
Who was Hannibal Barca's little brother who crossed the Alps with less deaths than his older brother?
Hasdrubal Barca
Who was the Roman general who eventually defeated Hannibal Barca in the Battle of Zama?
Scipio Africanus
While Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, Who invented movable type?
Bi Sheng
What is the northernmost of the four islands of Japan?
This glorified pirate is best known for circumnavigating Earth and being the main reason for England's defense against the Spanish Armada.
Sir Francis Drake
The Last of the Russian Tsars whose entire family was executed alongside him in 1918.
Tsar Nicholas II
The greatest warrior of Troy who was a prince that led the armies of Troy and was one of many heroes that fought in this epic 10 year war.
This war involving America and Spain which is sometimes called the Cuban War of Independence led to the United States becoming a world power and gaining lots of new territory.
The Spanish-American War
What was the first city to exceed a population of a million after the Fall of Rome?
Who was the most famous leader of the Aztec Empire who eventually fell to the conquistadors of Spain and used him to control and rule the empire?
Montezuma II
One of two "great" Russian leaders he is often the less famous of the two but still helped establish Russia into what it is today through modernization of the empire.
Peter the Great
This popular soft drink company found that through the United States trade embargo on Nazi Germany that shipping the required ingredients overseas was impossible and led to the company making an entirely new drink which exploded in popularity and quickly became the drink of choice for those living in Germany. What was the name of this drink?
The Norwegian creator of arguably one of the most famous works of art ever that was stolen on 2 separate occasions.
Edvard Munch
One of the most famous medieval monarchs who ruled a Muslim empire that stretched from Egypt to Arabia. He was known for his patience and wisdom and led the Muslim military campaign against the invading forces of the Crusaders. He was respected by everyone even his adversary King Richard I.
One of the most important documents in history that helped spread democracy in Medieval Britain and stated that nobody was above the law, not even the king. The document also included the rights of individuals, the right to justice, and the right to a fair trial.
Magna Carta
Considered the worst monarch in British history. He was the youngest son of King Henry II whose notable achievements include losing the Crown Jewels in a swamp and weakening the power of the monarchy.
King John I
The worst famine in European history killing nearly 2 million by the time it passed. What was the name of said famine?
The Great Potato Famine
Who is the most famous person to not win the Nobel Peace Prize who died in 1948 and which has since been called "the greatest omission of the award"?
Mahatma Gandhi
Who was arguably the most famous British admiral of all time and one of the greatest admirals in world history losing his right arm and eyesight in his right eye?
Horatio Nelson
Who is called the "Marshall of Victory" and is one of the major contributing factors that Soviet Russia didn't fall to the Germans and led some of the Red Army's greatest offensives?
Georgy Zhukov
Who was the President of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War?
Jefferson Davis
Who was the second best confederate general in the American Civil War who was ultimately shot and killed by his own men on accident?
General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
What Mongolian ruler tried to invade the island of Japan in 1274 CE and again in 1281 CE and came incredibly close to wiping out Samurai culture but trying to reach the last Japanese stronghold his army was destroyed by a sudden typhoon.
Kublai Khan
Widely considered the "First Death of the American Revolution" he was shot and killed in the Boston Massacre but subsequent artwork depicts him as having a different skin tone.
Crispus Attucks
Who commissioned famous painter Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
Pope Julius II
What is Africa's oldest independent country and second largest in terms of population that despite a 5 year invasion from Mussolini has never been colonized?
At the time of this quiz what is the most recently founded country?
South Sudan
The popular comic book character Batman is actually based off of this Scottish Monarch and this revolutionary war general that later masterminded the treaty of Greenville.
King Bruce I , "Mad" Anthony Wayne
The oldest country in the world which was founded in 301 CE and is one of the smallest countries in the world landlocked in Italy.
San Marino
Often regarded as "The First Hollywood Blockbuster Hit" is three hours of racist propaganda that completely secured the future of feature length films as well as the reception of film as a serious medium. Unfortunately this film led to a sort of reignition of the Civil War and led to years of civil rights work tossed away.
The Birth of a Nation
Who invented the automobile in 1886?
Carl Benz
This Finnish sniper is regarded as the greatest sniper in military history with more confirmed kills than any other soldier in combat. He is often referred to as the "White Death" and single handedly stalled the Soviet Union's advance into Finland.
Simo Hayha
Was an officer of the early Roman Republic whose most notable achievement was when he single handedly defended the Sublician bridge against Lars Porsena and the entire Etruscan army, thereby giving the Romans time to cut down the bridge and saved Rome from an early demise.
Horatius Cocles
The ANZAC was formed in relation to what event in 1915?
The Gallipoli Offensive
What year did Howard Carter finally uncover the tomb of King Tutankhamun?
Who was the warlike king of the Akkadians, the first empire that conquered the city-states of Sumeria and united all of Mesopotamia?
Sargon the Great
What was the fourth empire to rule over ancient Mesopotamia?
Neo-Babylonian Empire
Uncle Tom's Cabin is one of the most influential works in American History, a book that fundamentally changed the way many Americans viewed slavery and the evils that came with it. Who was the father of the woman who wrote this book?
Lyman Beecher
The great Herodotus of Ancient Greece is widely considered the father of what?
The father of the three main gods of the greek/roman religion
Cronus, Saturn
This modification of the Julian Calendar is the one we use to this day, what is the name of it?
Gregorian Calendar
What American company that dealt in energy had one of the biggest scandals and subsequent bankruptcies up to that point in time?
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