the ultimate arcade game quizzes part 1

after making my ultimate challenge, I found that no one would go near it. so I'm splitting it up into multiple quizzes instead. each one will have a hundred different games which I think is better then four hundred. same thing as usually guess the name of the game with the hint. good luck.
Quiz by kingofthekirbys
Last updated: June 12, 2022
First submittedJune 12, 2022
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jump over barrels to save your girl
Donkey Kong
collect dots in a maze
finish him, Fatality
Mortal Kombat
the more bloody and popular sequel
Mortal Kombat 2
the third one
Mortal Kombat 3
the third one but ultimate
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Namco's 3D fighting masterpiece
shoot'em-up where you control heavily armed helicopters
Twin Cobra
bonce your tiny car along a series of lively levels, shooting enemies and collecting treasure
Jump Bug
serve ice cold beers to your thirsty patrons
take a spin in the worlds first realistic driving simulator
Hard Drivin'
fill as much of the board as possibly well avoiding the evil mess of squiggly lines
platform game where you take control of the ninja Hiryu on a mission to save the earth
drive your buggy to the goal well shooting rocks, jumping gaps, and shooting threats from above
Moon Patrol
jump over giant Coke cans and run to the goal
Sega's first famous 3D racing game
Virtua Racing
on-rails light-gun battle against an army of zombies
The House Of The Dead
a 3D game where you play as a robot avoiding the gaze of a giant eye
I, Robot
shoot giant spiders, fleas and scorpions in a mushroom field
the bugs are back and now there are even more of them
vector graphics game in which the aim is to destroy the cannon in the center of the playing field
Star Castle
the first in the light-gun series where, as a lone enforcer, you could shield yourself behind objects
Time Crisis
the frighting sequel with more amour and weapons for our hero Arthur
Ghouls 'n Ghosts
Frantic run-and-gun game that featured excellent hand-drawn graphics and grandiose boss battles
Metal Slug
collect the key and escape through the locked door in this frantic puzzler set over many levels
Solomon's Key
become a killing machine to save your girlfriend for the evil house
suitably violent on-foot shooter based on the robot police officer himself, ya you know I'm talking about Robert Cop
Atari's simply top down racing series is back but now its super
Super Sprint
vertical shoot 'em-up that features explosive power-ups and huge end-of-level bosses
roll your marble to the goal over 6 levels
Marble Madness
multi-stage shooter based on the classic space horror film
a missive hit in japan, a average game in America, classic Namco shooter
push ice around as a cute penguin
shoot rocks to make mines to destroy the evil space face. RUN COWARD
shoot 'em-up that was the first arcade game to view the action from an isometric perspective
shoot down the enemies' aircraft in this game that's best remembered for a large cabinet that simulated a fighter pilot's cockpit
After Burner
save kids in the first entre of Sega's famous ninja series
collect bombs as a super hero
Bomb Jack
shoot robots and avoid the evil smiling face
get on your Ostridge and take out the evil buzzards
collect gems and jump over trees as Bentley Bear
Crystal Castles
shoot enemies in the evil wizards maze as he taunts you. "you'll will never find me the wizard of war dot dot dot"
Wizard of Wor
shoot enemies and enter doors to collect more bullets as you try and save your fellow agent
Rolling Thunder
a game that not only stole Space Invaders but also Galaxian and got away with it to. multiple types of shooting game in one
shooter in which a lone soldier takes on an entire enemy army
platform adventure featuring a sword-wielding warrior
Rastan Saga
the first in a series of arcade golf sims
Golden Tee Golf
blast baddies while avoiding innocents caught in the crossfire
Virtua Cop
shooter in which players prevent enemies from ripping off fuel canisters
Rip Off
why did the frog cross the road? I not know why but it makes a great arcade game
WW2-set shooter involving 32 waves of airborne enemies
stack blocks in the classic Russian puzzle game
build walls around your castle and shoot on coming boats
collect flags well avoiding red cars and rocks
break blocks in a revamped version of Breakout now with power ups
first-person gun game controlled using using a replica Uzi
Operation Wolf
fight Satan twice in the game that would bring us the hard as hell NES game of the same name
Ghosts 'n Goblins
guide Dirk the Daring on a quest to kill a dragon and save the princess
Dragon's Lair
the first side-scrolling shooter o introduce a weapon upgrade system
fight for prizes, cash, and the ultimate prize, your life in the hit game show of 1999
Smash TV
fast 3D race game that sees the player chasing and apprehending criminals in an unmarked police car
Chase H.Q.
silky-smooth sequel to Sega's checkpoint racer that drew players back into the arcades
Outrun 2
he's back and now with his brother for the second time (Nintendo does not talk about the Game and Watch version of this game)
Mario Bros.
bounce your ball against the bricks to break them
a two-player arcade game in which players had to destroy bouncing balls with their trusty pop-guns.
Pang / Buster Bros.
climb up the veins and save your papa from the evil Mario
Donkey Kong Junior
drive in your supped-up spy car shooting down baddies and looking for weapon vans
Spy Hunter
race the qualifier and then take on the four lap race after it
Pole Position
run-and-gun platform game in which players are tasked with destroying an invading alien race. its better known as a NES game
threw papers at your clients houses but do not break their windows
multiplayer racing game that married gorgeous-looking visuals with realistic handling and physics. do do do do do do dhunnn duhhhhhh
Daytona USA
the first in a series of dance games where players have to move their feet to the beat
Dance Dance Revolution
compete in a host of sports in which you mush the buttons as fast as you can, its one of the only reasons you brought a pencil to the arcade
Track & Field
seminal one-on-one fighting game that was the first to use a full 3D fighting engine
Virtua Fighter
trio of warriors take on the ominous Death Adder in this slick beat 'em-up
Golden Axe
hit a fire ball back and forth to try and kill your friends
a fast 3D shooter that featured a custom cabinet that lurched as you controlled the game
Space Harrier
early side-scrolling shooter that paved the way for Gradius and a multitude of clones
cute sequel to Taito's classic bubble dragon game now with humans
Rainbow Islands
beat 'em-up where two players work together to rescue the mayor's daughter from a local gang
Final Fight
a space shooter in which the player single-handedly took on the mighty Bydo empire
Namco's shot at the Space invader idea but with new and better gameplay ideas
drive a tank and take down enemies, used by the army as a training tool
4 minigames based on the hit Disney movie
Midway's first unofficial Pac-Man game and the one to bring us the first playable female in a video game
Ms. Pac-Man
this 3D racer incorporated many driving elements not previously seen in racing games, including a six position gearshift, three active pedals, and a force-feedback steering wheel.
Ridge Racer
a beat 'em-up that has nothing to do with dragons
Double Dragon
operating a bubble-firing cannon, players must aim randomly at colored bubbles to connect three or more of the same color at the top of the screen
Puzzle Bobble / Bust-a-Move
hope from cube to cube avoiding the snakes and balls
dig through he earth to find Pooka's and inflate them until they pop
Dig Dug
protect your cities from incoming missiles by firing off your own
Missile Command
blow bubbles to trap enemies and turn them into fruit
Bubble Bobble
head for the Death Star and blow up the core in your X-Wing
Star Wars
rotate around the playing field and shoot all the enemies
move around and shot down all the robots to save the last human family
Robotron: 2084
hit a ball back and forth. it does not get any simpler than this
classified as a driving game, and not a racing game, this game is remembered as much for its astonishing music and its impressive, hydraulic-seated cabinet as it is for gameplay
four players can team up to take on the hard dungeons, "wizard needs healing"
the sequel to Galaxian that would add even more and make one hell of a good shooter
this game has scary to people of 1980 because of how many buttons it had and that's just to funny, classic space shooter
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