Every Criminal Case Level

Every single Criminal Case level. The name of the victim and killer is given.
Quiz by RYD4LIFE2
Last updated: June 7, 2024
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Rosa Wolf
Matt Barry
The Death of Rosa Wolf
Ned Dillard
Dennis Brown
Corpse in a Garden
Jennifer Carter
Trish Colletti
The Grim Butcher
Dan Broke
The Dockyard Killer
Anton Levin
Mikhail Levin
A Russian Case
Ed Dunkin
Harry Landry
Good Cop, Dead Cop
Gordon Michelli
Lawrence Bishop
Death by Cruxifiction
Trixie Velvet
Alice August
Beautiful No More
Chad Whickman
Joe Stern
Burned to the Bone
Alan Cardwell
Paul Oaster
Under the Knife
Salvador Cordero
Tony Marconi
Into the Viper's Nest
Samuel Rye
Harry Krane
Blood on the Trading Floor
Henry Crosby
Donald Byrd
Bomb Alert on Grimsborough
Lucy Campbell
Odell Toole
Fashion Victim
Aileen Greene
Scott Greene
Family Blood
Emma Ternon
Roger Dence
The Kiss of Death
Daisy Thompson
Valentine Montgomery
The Last Supper
Freddy Stewart
Julian Ramis
In the Dead of Night
Gail Harding
Irina Phelps
Innocence Lost
Steve Wood
Tyler McAlister
A Deadly Game
Rachel Priest
Alden Greene
The Secret Experiments
Jacob Dawks
Phineas Fine
To Die or Not to Die
Daniel Taylor
Lily Robinson
The Final Journey
Wilfred Turnscrew
Cornelia Trent
Anatomy of a Murder
Wilhelm Moss
Patrick Rufio
The Ghost of Grimsborough
Simon Armstrong
Ophelia Lincoln
The Summoning
Mary Gray
Alexander Vladinsky
The Lake's Bride
Hector Fernandez
Gloria Fernandez
The Haunting of Elm Manor
Connor Sullivan
Isaac Weston
No Smoke Without Fire
Claire Godwin
Percy Wollcraft
The Wollcraft's Creature
Molly Robinson
Margaret Littlewood
Dog Eat Dog
Rani Goshwalla
Misha Goshwalla
Murder on Campus
Olly Oliver
Mary Lou Hong
Killing Me Softly
Troy Takiguchi
Franklin Caldwell
Dead Man Running
Lisa Edwards
Penelope Rivera
At The End of the Rope
Tom Blackwater
Ezekiel Hersberger
The Devil's Playground
Joe Turner
Peri Foreman
The Reaper and the Geek
Aaliyah Banks
Taylor Kirby
Spring Break Massacre
Tyler Wright
Bryan Vigman
Marked For Death
Irina Nemovska
Jenny Honeycomb
An Elementary Murder
Madison Springer
Tess Goodwin
The Rorschach Reaper
Jerry Bigwall
Mitchell Westville
Blood and Glory
Andrew Ashworth
Isabella Fairchild
Troubled Waters
Hank Buxton
Peggy Buxton
The Scent of Death
Kerry Ann Buxton
Tom Norris
A Shot of Beauty
Tony Webb
Harold Knight
Drive, Swing, Die
Walter Fairbanks
Esteban Vallez
One Wedding and a Funeral
Abigail Price
Sabrina Kingston
Good Girls Don't Die
Khalid Souleyman
Hilda Tipton
All the King's Horses
Roland Vane
Annabel Stewart
Snakes on the Stage
Adam Bentley
Samuel King
It All Ends Here
Stuart Huckabee
Susan Huckabee
A Brave New World
Sandy Grimmes
Shanaya Peota
Burying the Hatchet
Rosie Gatewood
Ashton Cooper
The Poisoned Truth
Tess Goodwin
Luna Hecate
Ashes to Ashes
Delsin Peota
Milton Grimmes
There Will Be Blood
Christie Becker
Tyler Griffin
Welcome to Pacific Bay
Jimmy "Ice P" Lewis
Trevor Finn
Shark Attack
Carlos Antonio
Shawn Bailey
Death on Wheels
Valerie Green
Mighty Pete
What Dies Beneath
Susie Pickley
Barbara Pickley
Dead Girl Rolling
Becky Walden
Derek Stone
The Ice Queen
Lee Dupree
Shawna Knox
Bayou Blood
Coleen Truman
Steve Bundy
Easy Prey
Nora Lewis
Ray Westman
The Root of All Evil
Sammy Duncan
Joe Littlehat
Death by Moonshine
Vanessa Kimmel
Erikah Mabayo
Smoke and Mirrors
Ling Zhang
Ivana Golovanov
David Breitman
Yuan Wong
Radovan Radich
Tom Zhang
Eastern Promises
Angus O'Brian
Shelly Dulard
Odette Kamarov
Tammy Baker
Murder Go Round
Vito Pioni
Fredo Mancini
Killing Time
Nikolai Kamarov
Rupert Snow
Under the Skin
Elmer Buttons
Linda Buttons
After the Storm
Clifford Grady
Marie Bordeaux
Cloudy with a Chance Of Murder
Joe Stanford
Harriet Davis
Open Wounds
Theo Mercier
Claude Lamothe
Under the Thunderdome
Scott Lee Allen
Andre Roche
Of Rats and Men
Peggy Pascal
Veronica Blade
The Eye of the Storm
Dinah Cooper
Freddie Alonzo
Hanging by a Thread
Anjulie Cruz
Sven Blattner
Leap of Death
Juan Rodrigo Vasquez
Tiffany Neng
Hearts of Ice
Paula Mahler
Ruthie Samson
Into the Woods
Harry Hago
Bobby Prince
The Hunger Planes
Virginia Watchbird
Lola Dickinson
The White Peaks Project
Roberto Vasquez
Duncan Young
The End of the Night
Felicia Steppingstone
Tucker Smalls
The Young and the Lifeless
Jenny Galguera
Miranda Galguera
Once Upon a Crime
Horace Foster
Luz Lucha
Wild Wild Death
Lindsay Bannister
Walter Fellows
Rex Logan
Daniel Lambert
Star Crime
Margaret Hatchman
Tobias Frankenberger
Deadly Legacy
Fabrizio Gallardo
Lizzie Dion
The Ship of Dreams
Tyler Snakes
Velma Bannister
Dead Carpet
Cal Stark
Jordan Stark
Road to Nowhere
Burt Montana
Louis Scripps
Temple of Doom
Bruce Green
Jake Drill
The Seeds of Death
Manny Sanchez
Timothy Chubbles
Crystal Death
Tom Nelson
Brad Raybury
Dead Space
Colonel Spangler
Pearl Montana
The Ties That Bind
Jarvis Donne
No Place Like Home
Ernest Turing
Smart Money
Annette Arbor
Larry Newark
Uncivil Rights
Ruth Campbell
Nigel Campbell
Blood In the Blender
Teresa Turing
Greta Meduse
Immortal Sin
Bob Levine
Programmed to Kill
Alfie McNaulty
Grace O'Brien
Killer Takes All
Annie Capri
Mikey Bolero
Death at the Circus
Stacy Lovely
Jeremy Bowman
Death by Martini
Merv Waylon
Sheikh Faisal
Blood Diamond
Louis De Rico
Danny Moto
No Honor Among Thieves
Danny Moto
Frank Knight
A Killer Among Us
David Rosenberg
Jess Prakti
Into the Wastes
Karen Knight
Alden Green
The Sting of Death
Frank Knight
Bobby Prince
The Final Countdown
Amada Love
Douglas Patterson
The Murder of Amanda Love
Prince Albert
Enid Grimshaw
God Save the Prince
Annette Sommeur
Constantin Perrier
Off with Her Head
Hans Vogel
Johan Schnee
Demetrios Metaxas
Nikolaos Costas
Murder's Cheap
Pietro Angelli
Brother Klaus
When Shadows Fall
Jacqueline Proust
Archibald Gilchrist
The Impossible Dream
Adam Hassan
Christy Mathis
Murder by Proxy
Donald Barnes
Mama Yasmine
Death In the Desert
Hamza Boussefi
Thomas Cox
Killing Spring
Afif Wahab
Zarah Salah
I Spy A Mummy
Seamus Cummings
Fiona Cummings
The Parting Shot
Anir Aznag
Omar Bahir
Die by the Sword
Darya Chernova
Liam Hall
Moscow Mole
Mikhail Karamazov
Dmitri Lermontov
Only Truth Remains
Nick Kringle
Asal Hawaa
O Deadly Night
Ilya Tretyakov
Nikitra Rukhin
Fast Track to Murder
Andrei Beloglazov
Horseback Mountain
Vitaly Borodin
Yelena Tereshkova
Countdown to Murder
Donna Sandover
Sumati Misra
Bad Medicine
Deepak Kumar
Amrita Kumar
Treacherous Waters
Sunil Dhudwar
Ayush Patil
Plagued by Death
Priya Joshi
Vikram Joshi
Lam Ugyen
Peace and Dead Quiet
Sandeep Sadhra
Warren Goodfellow
Insides Out
Guo Han
Zhao Mei
The Killer In the Rice
Li Jun
Ellen Morowitz
Dead In the Water
Fang Cheng
Fang Di Yun
A Twist of Fate
Gwak Sung-ho
Kang Dong-Yun
Oh! Crazy Kill!
Auto Watanabe
Emily Wallace
A Death Wish
Tsukada Hiroshi
The Murder Games
Thanid Tongproh
Chon Sansurin
Death Match
Constance Tan
Anbu Devanesan
A Stab In the Dark
Riaja Somalinggi
Maya Salim
The Sweet Escape
Jackson Peters
Jermiane Waaka
Speak, Friend, and Die
Rufus Murlock
Veronica Salter
Six Feet Down Under
Marshall Metcalf
Brice LeBeau
Out of the Blue
Jakobo Nkosi
Aristide Akintola
Crash and Burn
Kariuki Maina
Nyota Adhiambo
The Circle of Death
Kayla Pieterse
Kwanele Mthembu
Kicking the Bucket
Jude Connelly
Olivier Feraud
Diamond In the Rough
Nomena Leroy
Lavinia De Brills
Going the Distance
Lavinia De Brills
Angela Douglas
In Plain Sight
Julia Lloyd
Blair Carpenter
Ice Rage
Ernesto Carpena
Lorena Pratx
Murder, He Wrote
Adolfo Herrera
Valentina Silva
Shadow Nation
Zoila Huanca
Claudio Aguirre
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Oscar Rojas
Edson Caetano
Cheaters Never Win
Michelle Zuria
Arsenio Castillo
The King's Shadow
Cindy Hamilton
Madena Cuervo
Day of the Dead
Sandy Turner
Terrance Williams
Up In Smoke
Kelly Purnell
Virginia Purnell
Lifeless In Seattle
Niilo Virtanen
Joel Heller
Double Trouble
Jonathan Stafford
Sidney Hirsch
Politically Incorrect
Jean Connerie
Anya Ivanova
Operation Spyfall
Jason Stone
Hector Montoya
Down to the Wire
Natasha Romanova
Sarah Bennett
The Darkest Hour
Victoria Stanbury
Percy Stanbury
The Murder of Mrs. Stanbury
Frank Vogel
Nellie Mortimer
Welcome to Concordia!
Harriet Patrick
Colin James
Slash and Burn
Otis Kidd
Billy Thompson
In The Line of Fire
Rowdy Rick
Trickster Tim
A Murder Carol
Maximillian Poe
Sheila Black
Shear Murder
Father Donovan
Edward Whimple
In The Name of the Father
Lucrezia Capecchi
Jordan Wilson
Let Me Down Gently
Philomena Highmore
Ignatius Cottingley
The Talking Dead
Jack Goodwin
Violetta Blue
Sweet Revenge
Georgina Upperton
Ernest Swanswaddle
Let Her Eat Cake
Theo Vergeer
Renee Daucourt
That Sinking Feeling
George Buchanan
Behind the Mask
Norah Barnlow
Henrietta Vanderbilt
Breaking the Glass Ceiling
Casper Rove
Bron Sklar
Orville West
Abe Mullins
Out of Steam
Ernest Picklebrain
Somerset Osborne
Monkey Business
Arnold Nottingham
Susie Nottingham
Electrical Hazard
Celine Georges
Eleanor Halsted
The Higher You Rise
Barnaby Wilson
Kev O'Connell
Sinners and Saints
Kristopher Bauer
Elias Willingham
Eyes Wide Shut
Davy Byrne
Mauro Maspetti
Blue Blazes
Joseph Dante
Madam Xiang
Gladys Perrin
Fiona Flanagan
Death is a Cabaret
Fiona Flanagan
Finley Flanagan
Slayer's End
Kev O'Connell
Jeremiah Shankshaw
Death without Parole
Will Wyoming
Lucy Liang
Giving Up the Ghost
Benjamin Galls
Vinnie Costa
Little Murder on the Prarie
Danny Dedalus
Dorothy McBain
3:10 to Death
Vinnie Costa
Clay Westwood
Blood Bath
Vittorio Capecchi
Seamus O'Niell
How The East Was Won
Thomas Boyd
Margherita Morello
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Mario Fortuna
Kieran Quinlan
Civil Blood
Commissioner Baldwin
Reggie Bates
Hold Your Tongue
Edna Owens
Wilbur Owens
Stick to Your Guns
Bridget Baker
Timmy Tanner
Burning Bridges
Seamus O'Neill
Adrienna Brassiere
In Love and War
Clarissa Rochester
Death Comes to Lunch
Abner Milton
Easton Belmont
Jade Carnegie
Gail Harper
Apprehend Me If You're Able
Anna Jewell
Eliza Rhienberg
Get Off Your High Horse
Joseph Pryor
Hector Harvey
Talk of the Town
Sandra Hwang
Larry Rochester
The Heart of the Matter
Aubrey Miller
Cordelia Putnam
The Witching Hour
Edgar Woe
Annabel Leigh
Graveyard Shift
Irving Blackmoor
Dwayne Reed
Doctor, Interrupted
Lynn Hart
Turn For the Worse
Admiral Oak
Johnny Torrents
Doom Service
Patricia Rochester
Sylvia May
Unsafe Haven
Lissa Avery
Gertrude Avery
The Machiavellian Candidate
Marta Ulanova
Henri Monplaisir
The Swan Song
Archie Rochester
Samson Drake
Tipping the Scales
Barbara Coldwell
Verushka Coldwell
A Study In Pink
Leopold Rochester
Horatio Rochester
A Family Affair
Mayor Castletown
Eleanor Halsted
Arrow of Injustice
Judge Takakura
Florence Samuels
The New Truth!
Dylan Mitvok
Bill Beatty
Resistance Is Fatal
Albertina Thenard
Adelia Baldwin
One Dead More
Jane Pembroke
Minnie Starr
Inglorious Justice
Inspector Jaubert
Giulietta Capecchi
Best Laid Plans
Charles Dupont
Diego Del Lobo
Last Stand For Justice
Jennifer Tanaka
Brandon Cummings
The Dead and the Beautiful
Nathan Green
Kit Partridge
Snake In the Grass
Elaine Seabrook
Cynthia Lane
Hell Is Other People
Ian Devine
Kevin St Kevin
The Saddest of All Keys
Brad Price
Megan Lucas
Cross My Heart
Vicky Lopez
Coach Kirk
Too Cruel For School
Edward Ramis
Rosamund Wilcox
Hear My Cry
Greg Gibbs
Richard Harding
Stella Ziarati
Guadalupe del Prado
Ronald Rooney
Yoshinobu Akagi
Shooting Star
Valerie Valz
Sean Rubio
The Bloom of Doom
Voodoo Vince
Nicolette Butler
Hot Mess
Meera Kat
Christian Bateman
The Art of Murder
Paul Gigs
Waldo Gigs
Gone Pear-Shaped
Ash Bison
Joy Schneider
Byte the Dust
Kalua Kaboom
Robyn Ash
Murder on the Dance Floor
Beckett Blanton
Prisha Chandra
Buzz Kill
Scott Morris
Max Gaynes
Downward Facing Dead
Tim Cooper
Game Over
Karen Boulder
Theresa Cole
The Lost City
Sam Chey
Basil Cavendish
No Mercy For Old Men
Reggie Liotta
Jebediah Cobb
Writer's Blocked
Marcus Butler
Haruki Kato
Color Me Murdered
Kayla Markham
Bruno Camper
I Lost My Heart In Xerda
Steven Crowe
Skylar Sage
The Truth Hurts
Jordan Coprolite
Anuj Ghosh
Muddying the Waters
Peggy Farrell
Kitty Young
Bone of Contention
Mason Bloom
Violet Bloom
Behind These Walls
Joshua Gibson
Carl Rossa
Dead Man Tell No Tales
Celine Dernier
Cliff Montgomery
Light My Fire
Martha Price
Ernest Emerson
Blood In the Water
Fred Drucker
Dan Scruffinsky
Rupert Winchester
Catherine Kelly
Things Fall Apart
Barb Bellamy
Cyril Shelwater
A Rock and a Hard Place
Ernest Vega
Zoe Kasuma
Death In My Hand
Wendy Stokes
Rosie Summers
In Cold Blood
Tony Marconi
Emilio Fuller
Up In Flames
Cindy McMinn
Toby Hansen
Final Cut
Rene Narcisse
Isabella Narcisse
Pain In the Neck
Sam De Witt
Monica Pozie
Stephanie Griff
Gunnar Burns
Game, Set, Murder
Gregory Lynn
Adrian Lynn
Trick or Treat
Kevin Charles
Polly O'Brian
Lashing Out
Gus McGuff
Cody Mays
Fields of Murder
Debby Gideon
Tallulah Shropshire
A Crime Like No Udder
Christy Cole
Abel Dreschner
A Pointy End
Roy Loukas
Lorenzo Sims
Like a Pig to the Slaughter
Cora Bateman
Jacinta Linares
In Vino Veritas
Mia Loukas
Brock Perry
To Kingdom Come
Dolores Zamora
Shane Redfern
Dearly Departured
Ryan Min
Felix Murray
Lights Out
Doris Black
Clyde Black
Out of Breath
Zoe Kasuma
Louis Leroux
Head Case
Savannah Blake
Clarisse Gold
Playing Dead
Louis Leroux
Shweta Noorani
Breaking News
Jake Hayes
Mandy Pregodich
Running Scared
Trishna Joshi
John C. Birk
To Eternity and Beyond
Christian Bateman
Joe Warren
Reap What You Sow
Henry Liu
April Lu
Jon Benson
Martin Davenport
Eve Of Disaster
Denise Daniels
Otto Kessel
Blaze Of Glory
Bloody Sword
The Murder of Napoleon
Julius Caesar
Death as Old as Time
Stranded In Gaul
Flavia Pulchra
Claudia Pulchra
When In Rome
A Greek Tragedy
Mark Anthony
Egypt Is Burning
Noah Lowe
Major Perkins
Summer of Death
Billy Snapshot
Ellie Argent
Gone In 30 Seconds
Thomas Segan
Mark Hamilton
Houston, We Have a Problem
Lorna Westerberg
Frankie Paisley
What Happens In Vegas...
Lev Romanov
Graham Winslow
Crime and Punishment
Catherine of Aragon
Agnes Manners
A Tudor Murder
Mateo Arias
Isabel Vasquez
Hell to Pay
Charles Ferrial
Murder Is No Joke
Vizier Ibrahim
Pride Comes Before the Fall
Lady Fiore
Cardinal Cisneros
Till Death Do Us Part
Chief Scott
Abrax Tiakken
Back to the Future
Storm Huxley
Sadie Kek
Rebel without a Pulse
Gerard Arnault
Eugene Donkin
Bash of the Year
Tabu Kebu
Akhen Khaba
Fake News
Ramses XLIII
Fool's Gold
Barnabas Dycker
Felix Humphrey
Anchors Awiegh!
Lincoln Matuszak
A Pirate's Death For Me
Evangeline Rousseau
Curly Stubbs
Jorge de la Cruz
Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered
Henri Pelletier
Simone Severine
Going Once, Going Twice, Dead!
Argat Noyan
A Mongolian Tale
Tangzi Khatun
Fountain of Death
Jin Bingxu
Shi Miyuan
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Shogun Yoshinobu Gojo
Jyunpei Oyama
A Slice of Death
Santiago Sanchez
Ammon Bast
The Wrath of Khan
Takhat Wabet
Time's Up
Edward Blake
Aurora Dawson
The Murder of Edward Blake
Lucy Winters
DJ Blood
Blood Lust
Elwood Grimes
One Bigfoot In The Grave
Jeremy Cross
Rick Lewis
The Curse of Black Ridge
Danny Kwame
Serena Kwame
The Hour of the Wolf
Dr. Aculus
Eric Zwart
Immortal Combat
Rainee Day
Jesse Adams
Bad Vibes
Paul Etter
Susan Etter
Gut Out
Marigold Carson
Hashtag Murder
Lucrezia Stein
Adam Enstrom
Mad World
R.J. Fielding
Axel Bross
The Ghost of Murders Past
Ruth Wu
Sam Ellis
A One-Wolf Open Slay
Jerry McKenzie
Ralph McKenzie
Dead Heat
Rex Lane
Ruby Rees
Weirder Stuff
Wyatt Ewing
Poppy Winters
Winter Murderland
Annette Strong
Zeke Davis
The Tree of Death
Dan Kelly
Alice Kelly
This American Death
Todd Anderson
Lyla Heller
Don't Die Over Spilled Milk
Sharon Decker
Andrew Lodge
Over the Edge
Norm White
Frankie Sparkles
A Murder of Crows
Heather Night
Scry For Help
Eric Prynce
Muriel Cove
No Leg To Stand On
Ronnie Hawk
Wendall Goh
Niagara Fallen
Agnes Leek
Joseph Hardcastle
Hocus Pocus
Dan Quang
Theresa Rosanthal
Scarab to Death
Theresa Rosanthal
Theresa Rosanthal(Caused by Reggie Pratt)
The Third Degree
Bernie Silverman
Vicki Silverman
Death at a Funeral
Bucky Johnson
Edwina Pickles
To the Lighthouse
Dolores Harper
Morgana Blackhawk
The Hunted Hunter
Roxanne Vega
Fabien de la Mort
Divided We Fall
Arthur Darkwood
Zeke Davis
To Hell and Back
Emily Boutonz
Raymond Aymé
The Murder of Emily Bouton
Elise Marx
Alexis Cardinot
Corpse Chic
Sébastien Lefebvre
Juliette Segal
Murder a la Mode
Béatrice Sanchez
Candy Wu
Making the Cut
Marguerite d'Anjou
Louis d'Anjou
Party Like It's 1699
Charles Pisnerfeld
Simone Lemaitre
Death by Design
Sabine Diament
Jacques Lelarge
The Show Must Go On
Jackson Peacock
Kiki Kloss
Beastly Behavior
Justine Collier
Didier Soucy
Dressed to be Killed
Chidi Udoka
Kasonga Badu
Die in the Sky
Rémi Roy
Howard Stacy
Juggling with Death
Jean-Yves Lemarchand
Mark Hammerstien
A Priceless Murder
Edouard Batard
Marcel Clapet
Inglorious Batard
Lola de Maurier
Mélodie Laurence
Queen of Hearts
Céleste Alouest
Noémie Leprince
Out with a Bang
Willem Nieuwoudt
Nicole Abitbol
Say It with Flowers
Antione Macaron
Roland Nanty
Early Checkout
Samy Malouf
Eleanora Macaron
It All Comes to a Head
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