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3,6022020-01-28Birds in british football team badges
9252016-04-19Places mentioned in the song "La Gozadera"
6952018-04-04European capitals by coat of arms
6032015-07-24Best-selling beers in Europe
5852015-06-24All german players in Real Madrid
5572017-01-04Busiest Air Routes from Madrid Airport
4782017-01-26Spanish footballers who have played in the three big leagues (LaLiga, Premier, Serie A)
4332018-04-06Birds in country flags by picture
3692015-07-30Paises con estrellas en su bandera
3262016-09-07Biggest cities in the EU. A-Z
2852018-04-0525 first players in Ballon d´Or 2017 by picture
2772015-08-05Biggest cities in the southern hemisphere
2702015-10-13Real Madrid players by city of birth
2522018-05-21Spain 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
2342016-03-10International wine regions
2162018-04-18FIFA World Cup 2018 facts by country
1832016-01-26Most repeated words in the titles of the national anthems in the world.
1812018-04-06Cities by subway map picture
1762015-06-25Monarquias del mundo
1532016-01-25Largest national non-contiguous territories in the world
1522021-11-16Famous People born in Spain - Picture Quiz
1512016-09-15Spain Baby Girls Names by Letter A-Z
1492016-09-06African Capitals A-Z in 90 seconds
1482015-12-29Countries where the migrant population is higher than native
1482016-07-07Simbolos religiosos en las banderas
1322017-02-01Foreign tourists in Spain by countries of origin (2016)
1312017-02-20Biggest brands by country
1282017-02-2810 countries with most weapons exports and their buyers
1262018-04-23Separatism in Europe by flags
1182017-02-24Most populated european cities with no teams in UEFA Champions League 2016/2017
1152018-03-05Eurovision: Who receives more points from whom.
1122015-07-30Most famous british and irish players in La Liga
1102018-03-13Nicknames of teams participating in the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018
1082016-04-22UEFA Ranking A-Z
1052016-09-15Spain Baby Boys Names by Letter A-Z
1042016-05-17FIBA Ranking A-Z
1022015-06-24Equipos Liga ACB 14-15
1012016-11-08Map of the world, if countries were moving according to their population
1002018-04-19FIFA WC 2018 participants by coat of arms picture
972017-02-21All Whatsapp emoji flags not belonging to sovereign states
952022-12-20Soccer federations shields of countries in FIFA WC 2022
892016-04-22FIFA Ranking A-Z
822016-05-24UEFA EURO Host Cities Quiz
802016-06-08UEFA EURO 2016 by first names
772016-09-23All-Time Highest Grossing Movies A-Z
772016-05-03European city/Football team
742016-07-21Sponsors of football teams shirts
732019-03-05Top La Liga scorers by country
732021-11-12UEFA football teams A-Z
712018-04-06Animals in USA States flags by picture
702016-01-22Curiosities about flags
702016-01-26Islands with the highest population density in the world
692018-01-11CONIFA World Cup 2018 (regions not accepted by FIFA)
682019-09-11Flags with only one Star (by picture)
682016-01-28Cities bigger than the capitals
672016-01-28Territories of countries included in its constitution, but not controlled by them
612015-11-19Best football player by european capital
592016-05-17Most common surnames by european country
582016-09-01International football teams with the highest number of leagues
552016-01-25National capitals located on international borders
542016-09-14Second largest cities A-Z
532017-03-24Top goalscorers in their national teams
522016-04-14Unknown demilitarized zones in the world
522018-03-20The longest distance you can travel between two points on earth in a straight line
512021-02-18Soccer Tile Select Quiz
492015-12-29Olympic glory in proportion to population
472018-03-20Google´s favorite european recipes
472016-09-13Winners of European Cup/Champions League as players and as coaches
462016-03-18Countries with the same name in English and Spanish
462019-03-08Multiple choice Flags
462016-11-17Managers with more matches in Champions League
462016-03-11Countries with the word "God" in its national motto
462017-07-05Sportsmen by country who will earn most money in 2017
452016-03-18The newest world flags
452017-02-21Flag nicknames
432016-03-18National capitals declared in the XX and XXI century
412016-06-08Landmarks of Spain Quiz
392015-10-23Countries with unique and long names
392017-03-02Top 10 european cities for students
372018-01-17Football teams with the most expensive shirts of each league.
372019-03-05Top Premier League scorers by country
362016-09-14Another kind of capitals
362016-09-07Asian Countries A-Z in 90 seconds
352016-03-15Flags with the Union Jack
352019-03-07Multiple Choice Curiosities
352017-06-13Football teams that play in UEFA Champions League for the first time
322016-04-21International City/Football team
282018-04-05The 25 most spectacular national parks in the world
272016-04-26Capitals with low latitude A-Z
272018-10-31Spanish Places A-Z
272018-01-08Who brings gifts to Europe??
252016-07-22Current city-states
222016-12-29Sports newspapers of the World
222019-07-15Persons in Madrid Underground Stations names
212016-01-26Type of birds in country flags
202016-01-28Can you say the first...??
122019-09-11Coat of arms where a ship appears (by picture)
122017-02-27Capitals with the same name in English and Spanish
122021-07-02Images of food by Spain autonomous communities
122016-03-16Translated movie titles with spoilers
92017-09-26Largest stadium sponsorship agreements
42017-07-12Virgins patrons of latin countries