Country Flags of the World

For each selected flag, name the country!
Inspired by this quiz:
All of the hints in this quiz correspond to the 27ᵗʰ of June 2022.
Quiz by WilliamMRock
Last updated: May 18, 2023
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since 1978, this country and Denmark were fighting over the Hans island. this was settled between the 11ᵗʰ and 14ᵗʰ of June 2022.
second highest HDI in the world
Previously called Gold Coast/Côte D'or
only developed nation of the three circle-flag countries
115 times smaller than Russia but has 114.375% its population
is in Oceania
borders Russia
highest HDI in the world
owns the biggest island
Democracy came from here, and maths are ***heavily*** influenced by this country
-9832 Social Credits
117 UN members recognise this
The country to its North claims the Northern part of it, and hates Greece
Smallest country in the world that most people recognise, but not the smallest country on this quiz
also second highest HDI in the world, the only union it is in is the UN, has peace with every other country, has chocolate, watches, and cheese
also has chocolate
lowest HDI in the world
most linguistically diverse country in the world with over 840 languages
inside of Italy
the place that people think is its capital was the centre of the Ottoman Empire
Easternmost doubly landlocked country
hardest flag for a human to draw
Islam started from a place that people think is its capital
Unrecognised but independent region of Pirateland
the ______ empire had the flag of Yemen but rotated 180°
the red actually stands for bulls' blood, and not humans'.
Lesotho inside
born in 2011
People think he was German, but he was _____ian
most of it is in Africa
was united with Egypt at some point
borders Egypt, the dead sea, and other countries
borders Saudi Arabia, the dead sea, and other countries
Mostly occupied by Morocco, not recognised by the UN but recognised by the African Union
lost its Southern part in 2011
smallest country in the world, but not recognised. Exists to the east of England
to the North of Greece
most country with Tagalog speakers
pronunciation ends in -s but name ends in -ti
largest landlocked country
Nusseir Hussein had to buy this country's nationality so that he could enter Malaysia
if it weren't for the small gap left by Croatia, this country would have been landlocked
is Socialist
Westernmost landlocked country
Claims the region to its south, which 117 UN members recognise
Used to rule most of the world, probably ruled your country before
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