Dying Light 2 Characters

Can You Guess 21 Of The Main Characters In Dying Light 2? Watch Out For The Zombies!
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Last updated: March 24, 2022
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The main protagonist of the game, an infected survivor looking for a cure. He is a member of a traveling group of people known as the Pilgrims and is on a personal quest to find his sister, who is the key to the past he cannot remember and who he truly is.
Aiden's missing sister who he is searching for in the City.
Was a scientist working with the Global Relief Effort (GRE). He later married an unknown woman and had a child named Mia.
A woman who looks up to Frank as a father figure, and allies with Aiden on her quest for revenge.
A former member of the Nightrunners, a legendary group who used to help people and even brave the dangers of the night in order to do so.
The leader of the Nightrunners and a mentor to Lawan, He is now constantly drunk in the Fish Eye Canteen.
She is one of the characters who appears in Dying Light 2 Stay Human and she is the leader of the Bazaar after Carl. She has a brother name Barney and has a bodyguard name Hermann.
He is the brother of Sophie and is one of the survivors and the Bazaar residents.
He is one of the characters who appears at the The Bazaar in Dying Light 2 Stay Human and passed away after the Peace Keepers ambushed him when blowing up the PK's windmill.
He is one of the characters who appears at The Bazaar in Dying Light 2 Stay Human and he is the son of Alberto
He is a major character in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. A Peacekeeper officer commanding the forces in Old Villedor, He is trying to defuse an explosive situation involving the murder of the previous commander, Lucas.
She is part of IGN’s Dying Light 2: Stay Human Walkthrough. In this Main Quest, Aiden will access the GRE database with the help of her, a former GRE doctor.
Appears first in the introduction as fellow Pilgrim and friend of the main character, Aiden Caldwell. By 2036, it had been approximately two years since the two had last seen each other, with him expressing that it was incredible how long Aiden had survived as a Pilgrim.
The leader of the Peacekeepers who believes only he can bring order to the City.
Jack Matt
He is a Peace Keeper Lieutenant and was killed by a bomber at the VNC tower.
A Peacekeeper supplier, and a possible friend of Aiden depending on the choices made.
The domineering leader of a group of ex-prisoners known as the Renegades.
Colonel/ Chris Williams
He was chased, captured, and tortured by the Renegades upon the orders of Waltz. He subsequently died sacrificing himself to protect Aiden and provide time for Aiden to escape. He was a deceased defector who tried to escape from Waltz. Aiden first contacted him over the radio to arrange a meeting at the metro systems to gain news on Mia.
He is a bartender at the Fish Eye Canteen.
They are an influential and powerful faction in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, they stand locked in a tense "Cold War" with their main rival, the Survivors and constantly battle the Renegades.
Peace Keepers/ PK's
They are a powerful faction or group featured in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. A loosely organized bandit collective, they steal all they can and destroy anything or anyone else that gets in their way.
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