2024 in Various Calendar Systems 📅

It's 2024. Or is it? It depends on what calendar you use.
A few are not usually referred to as "calendars".
Quiz by interopia
Last updated: February 16, 2024
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Current Year
Calendar System
Reiwa 6
The Reiwa era of this calendar began May 1, 2019.
Japanese calendar
Year 1 was the birth of the first leader in 1912.
Juche (North Korean) calendar
ROC 113
Year 1 marks the establishment of the nation in 1912. Hundreds of millions fewer used it after 1949.
Minguo (Republic of China) calendar
Year 1 marks when the Báb proclaimed his religion in 1844.
Bahá'í calendar
Year 1 marks the birth of Guru Nanak Dev in 1469.
Nanakshahi (Sikh) calendar
Calendar used by an ethnic group in Nigeria
Igbo calendar
National calendar used since 640, first by the Sri Ksetra Kingdom
Burmese calendar
This national calendar is the most accurate solar calendar in use today.
Iranian calendar
1431 BS
Used by one country and populous subregions of another
Bengali calendar
1445–1446 AH
Year 1 marks a famous pilgrimage in 622.
Islamic calendar
Used for religion and farming in Egypt.
Coptic calendar
1957–1958 AJ
This populous island's calendar begins in 78 AD.
Javanese calendar
Christians in two countries follow this calendar with a different year for Annunciation.
Ethiopian calendar
2024 (-13 days)
Replaced by the calendar below
Julian calendar
The most commonly used calendar today
Gregorian calendar
Used to determine religious festivals in many countries
Buddhist calendar
2777 AUC
Year 1 marks an important founding in 753 BC.
Ab urbe condita (from founding Rome)
National calendar that determines when festivals like Seollal are
Korean calendar
National calendar invented by the emperor in 2637 BCE
Chinese calendar
Year 1, and the current 4th stage of the world, began in 3102 BCE.
Kali Yuga (Hindu)
Year 1 of this religious calendar is about one year before the creation of the world.
Hebrew calendar
An empire's calendar from 988 to 1453 that claims an earlier year for creation
Byzantine calendar
12024 HE
Represents the number of years since agriculture developed.
Holocene (Human Era) calendar–
12 years ago, the calendar reset to
Mesoamerican (Maya) Long Count calendar
1704067200 – 1735689599
The number of seconds since 00:00:00 UTC 1 January 1970 (used in computers)
Unix time
Level 76
Jan 1, 2020
If Year 1 in the Minguo calendar was in 1949, wouldn't now be the year 71?
Level 85
Jan 1, 2020
This is fixed. Year 1 is 1912.
Level 85
Jan 1, 2022
Good quiz. It's also 76 AH (After Hiroshima) in the Raelian calendar.
Level 85
Jan 1, 2022
Cool, thanks!
Level 70
Feb 12, 2024
This is a really cool quiz! I gave it a spotlight :)