Albert Einstein Quiz

Can you guess these facts about the the life and work of Albert Einstein?
Quiz by interopia
Last updated: September 13, 2020
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First submittedMarch 4, 2018
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Country that Einstein was born in
Musical instrument he played
Job he worked in from 1902–1909
Patent examiner
City he lived in during those years
1905 is considered Einstein's "annus mirabilis", during which he published four
groundbreaking scientific papers. What does "annus mirabilis" mean?
Miracle year
What E stands for in the equation E = mc2
What c stands for in that same equation
Speed of light
Einstein's theory about the relationship between space and time
Special relativity
Einstein's theory that describes gravity as a property of space and time
General relativity
His paper on this effect earned him the Nobel Prize
Photoelectric effect
Project that was sparked by a letter from Einstein to Roosevelt in 1939
Manhattan Project
Einstein became a citizen of this country in 1940
United States
Einstein declined an offer to become the President of this country in 1952
Institute where he worked from 1933–1955
Institute for Advanced Study
Part of Einstein's body that was secretly kept in a jar by the doctor who
conducted his autopsy
His brain
War that will be fought with sticks and stones, according to Einstein
World War 4
Einstein quote expressing opposition to quantum mechanics
God does not play dice
Relation of Einstein to his second wife Elsa Löwenthal
Later in life, Einstein dated Margarita Konenkova, who was a Soviet ___
Level ∞
Sep 13, 2020
Elsa Löwenthal was both Einstein's first cousin and his second cousin, in case you are curious.
Level 88
Sep 13, 2020
What does a family tree need to look like for that to occur? Not sure if I even want to know to be honest.
Level 69
Sep 17, 2020
Nothing sinister. In large families, you sometimes have a male Smith marry a female Jones, and then a female Smith marry a male Jones. In that case, the children are related through both mother's family and father's family. In other words, your mom's brother is your uncle by blood and your uncle by marriage.
Level 70
Sep 13, 2020
Please consider accepting "year of miracles" in addition to "miracle year".
Level 81
Sep 14, 2020
'year of wonders' or 'wonderful year'
Level ∞
Sep 14, 2020
Added some more options for that. Miraculous year would have worked.
Level 57
Sep 18, 2020
I did miracle year and it didn’t work :(
Level 83
Sep 13, 2020
Fourth World War?
Level ∞
Sep 14, 2020
Level 84
Nov 2, 2022
Level 69
Nov 3, 2023
"I don't know what weapons World War 3 will be fought with but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones"
Level 75
Sep 13, 2020
The only equation I have to offer is 2020 ≠ annus mirabilis
Level 74
Sep 14, 2020
More like Annus Miserabilis, am I right? :)
Level 79
Sep 17, 2020
The correct term is annus horribilis.
Level 73
Sep 17, 2020
Annus anus
Level 84
Sep 14, 2020
Always thought actor Jack Albertson bore a strong resemblance to Einstein. (grandfather from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"; the man from "Chico and the Man")
Level 86
Jan 24, 2022
Level 62
Sep 17, 2020
Good quiz , barring the question about Institute for Advanced Study


Level 82
Sep 17, 2020
that's the one I missed. Not sure that makes it a bad question, though.
Level 85
Sep 17, 2020
Care to elaborate, KingEureka?
Level 62
Sep 20, 2020
I mean at first I thought that advanced as an answer was an like an normal adjective for the institute .There are 5 institutes in my area with the same name. But I looked it up on wiki , the one that Einstein attended was really an Iconic one. Great Quiz :P
Level 69
Sep 17, 2020
No question about Mileva Maric? She was his first wife and also his colleague (a mathematician and a physician). They were married for 16 years
Level 60
Aug 29, 2021
Musical Instrument he played: Bead Frame
Level 70
May 9, 2022
I'd like quizmakers to stop using the term "Can you guess..." for these quizzes, we're not guessing for most of the answers, if we're getting most of them right we know the answers, therefore there is no guessing involved.


Thank you

Rant over.

Level 71
Aug 15, 2023
I disagree.

It invites the quiztaker to select the best answer, to accommodate some "I know what you're asking for" logic and to do it in a way that's described by the looseness of the directions. It provides a useful freedom that isn't provided by a strict interpretation of answers as correct, or completely correct.

Of course it doesn't stop nitpicky arguments, but it does provide an accurate and flexible instruction that's more useful than if it invited more strictness, and I prefer it.

Level 77
Jun 29, 2022
For "Relation of Einstein to his second wife Elsa Löwenthal", please accept "Husband".