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States of India0-4.92124,533
Countries that Border China0-4.97215,959
Countries that Border Iraq0-4.9793,536
Countries Bordering Iran0-4.8481,218
Vietnam War Countries0-4.7878,931
Countries Bordering China Since 19140-4.9472,449
Asia Capitals Quiz0-4.98517,963
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Countries Bordering Turkey0-4.9998,966
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Geography General Knowledge #10-4.39210,288
Geography General Knowledge #20-4.40145,119
Geography General Knowledge #30-4.4299,923
Geography General Knowledge #40-4.40147,820
Geography General Knowledge #50-4.19119,214
Geography General Knowledge #60-4.48117,911
Geography General Knowledge #70-4.29125,772
Geography General Knowledge #80-4.42115,277
Geography General Knowledge #90-4.24102,341
Geography General Knowledge #100-4.35123,151
India Country Quiz0-4.38105,654
China Country Quiz0-4.3893,482
Japan Country Quiz0-4.91106,197
Asian Country Superlatives0-4.7156,800
Singapore Country Quiz0-4.6735,111
Provinces of China0-4.96123,990
Saudi Arabia Country Quiz0-4.1143,971
Turkey Country Quiz0-4.2356,667
Philippines Country Quiz0-4.4955,491
Egypt Country Quiz0-4.5260,789
Vietnam Country Quiz0-4.6551,345
Iran Country Quiz0-4.4343,716
Thailand Country Quiz0-4.4840,934
South Korea Country Quiz0-4.5464,186
Israel Country Quiz0-4.1164,368
Indonesia Country Quiz0-4.8257,446
Azerbaijan Country Quiz0-4.4121,121
Countries of the Japanese Empire0-4.9577,266
Countries in the Ottoman Empire0-4.9352,107
Countries Closest to Israel0-4.9190,774
Countries Closest to Japan0-4.95104,255
Countries Closest to India0-4.9375,517
Countries Closest to Turkey0-4.9596,101
Countries Closest to the Persian Gulf0-4.9164,230
Kazakhstan Country Quiz0-4.5721,265
Georgia Country Quiz0-4.5521,342
Middle East Map Quiz0-4.981,187,778
East Asia Map Quiz0-4.991,263,897
Top 10 Most Densely-Populated Countries in Asia0-4.9373,396
Geography General Knowledge #120-4.6690,824
China A-Z0-4.5653,258
Japan A-Z0-4.4134,226
India A-Z0-4.3127,917
Asia Map Quiz0-4.99676,204
Europe Geography Quiz #10-4.4562,371
Europe Geography Quiz #20-4.4762,814
Countries of Europe - One Minute Sprint0-4.811,024,533
Europe Geography Quiz #30-4.1856,832
Europe Geography Quiz #40-4.5062,082
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Largest Indonesian Islands0-4.5439,416
Largest Philippines Islands0-4.6017,337
Asia Geography Quiz #10-4.8247,366
Myanmar Country Quiz0-4.4823,868
Jordan Country Quiz0-4.8223,985
Monarchies of Asia0-4.9549,058
South China Sea Countries0-4.8949,949
Countries Closest to Cyprus0-4.5423,825
Top 15 Countries with the Most Hindus0-4.9280,349
Asian Countries Ending in "IA"0-4.9273,458
Asia Geography Quiz #20-4.4442,059
Asia Geography Quiz #30-4.4428,848
South American Geography Quiz #10-4.5228,607
South American Geography Quiz #20-4.5734,196
British Geography Quiz #10-4.4242,110
Africa Geography Quiz #10-4.9238,308
Africa Geography Quiz #20-4.5428,322
Countries Closest to Egypt0-4.8473,439
Countries Closest to Indonesia0-4.9877,198
Oceania Geography Quiz0-4.5219,209
Every Asian Country Shape0-4.9567,449
Brunei Country Quiz0-4.8616,964
Top 10 Asian Countries by Coastline0-4.9181,435
Asian Countries by Borders in 30 Seconds0-4.46341,092
10 Biggest Asian Countries by Area0-4.97115,110
Top 10 Most Populous Asian Countries0-4.96130,558
Countries of Asia with an Empty Map0-4.99190,343
Countries of the Middle East0-4.96152,968
Top 10 Biggest Economies in Asia0-4.8791,348
Provinces of the Philippines0-4.5426,680
Top 10 Coldest Asian Countries0-4.9694,178
10 Southernmost Countries in Asia0-4.9869,340
Countries Closest to Vietnam0-4.9771,763
10 Easternmost Countries in Asia0-4.9888,041
10 Westernmost Countries in Asia0-4.7352,854
World Capitals Closest to Bangkok0-4.9435,245
Countries with the Most Arabic Speakers0-4.9363,502
"Stan" Countries - Map Quiz0-4.9794,502
Pakistan Country Quiz0-4.4648,400
Asian Diaspora - Top 10 Countries0-4.8433,518
10 Asian Countries with the Most Tourists0-4.7962,014
Bay of Bengal Countries With an Empty Map0-4.7165,760
Biggest Mongol Empire Countries0-4.9162,602
Asian Island Nations0-4.7283,393
Iraq Country Quiz0-4.3833,703
Countries of Asia in 19000-4.4248,956
Countries that Beat the United States0-4.85106,708
Countries of Asia with Two or More Words0-4.9482,623
Countries that Visit India the Most0-4.5436,500
Countries with Shortest Maximum Distances to the Ocean0-4.0616,922
Most-Visited Countries by Japanese0-4.9446,501
Most Guessed Asian Countries on JetPunk0-4.7381,805
Geography of the Spanish Empire0-4.3532,482
Ten Highest HDI Countries in Asia0-4.3949,862
The Vietnam War0-4.3929,716
Biggest Trading Partners - Turkey0-4.6733,058
Biggest Trading Partners - China0-4.9662,436
Top 10 Asian Countries by Population Increase0-4.9177,619
Top 10 Richest Countries in Asia0-4.9063,579
Lebanon Country Quiz0-4.4927,237
Countries Bordering Myanmar0-4.8664,407
Countries in Southeast Asia With an Empty Map0-4.9883,385
Mekong River Countries Empty Map Quiz0-4.8643,206
Countries with the Most Ascents of Mount Everest0-4.9547,600
Top 10 Most Forested Countries in Asia0-4.5654,946
American Countries with the Shortest Names0-4.9783,792
The Only Asian Country ...0-4.66104,517
Asian Countries with the Shortest Names0-4.98110,362
Asian Countries with the Fewest Borders0-4.7382,028
Flags of Countries that Border China0-4.9171,486
Closest Countries to North Korea0-4.9395,747
Which City in Asia?0-4.4136,764
Countries Surrounding Istanbul0-4.9018,773
Hindu Countries0-4.7127,379
Provinces of Turkey0-4.94154,730
Asian Countries with the Most Christians0-4.9171,360
Arab Spring Countries0-4.4837,742
Which City in the Middle East?0-4.4447,076
China by Picture0-4.5346,827
Countries that Visit Japan the Most0-4.9062,347
Uzbekistan Country Quiz0-4.5621,379
Small Countries with Large Economies0-4.7455,630
Random European Flag to Country0-4.82128,289
Random African Flag to Country0-4.9352,190
Random Asian Flag to Country0-4.7681,306
Random Geography General Knowledge Quiz0-4.4297,524
Random European Capital to Country0-4.97132,533
Random European Country to Capital0-4.91106,596
Random Asian Capital to Country0-4.9765,283
Random Asian Country to Capital0-4.9266,307
Countries that Beat China0-4.6675,477
Countries that Beat India0-4.1851,252
Countries that Beat Russia0-4.4646,387
Countries that Beat Australia0-4.8163,351
Countries that Beat Japan0-4.2842,165
Random General Knowledge - U.S. States0-4.4135,668
The Only Remaining Asian Country . . .0-4.5435,096
Random Asian City to Country0-4.3931,633
Taiwan Country Quiz0-4.8632,166
Countries in the Byzantine Empire0-4.9160,136
Which Asian Country?0-4.6451,278
Yemen Country Quiz0-4.5523,736
Name a Valid European Country #10-4.98164,753
British Geography Quiz #30-4.5125,062
Tajikistan Country Quiz0-4.4216,867
China Multiple Choice0-4.4232,764
Kyrgyzstan Country Quiz0-4.4520,586
Kuwait Country Quiz0-4.7618,020
Maldives Country Quiz0-4.5815,233
Asian Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions0-4.4822,426
East Timor Country Quiz0-4.4318,116
Countries Closest to Taiwan0-4.8668,878
Geography of Egypt0-4.5717,945
Random Sequential European Countries on a Map0-5.00181,344
Afghanistan Country Quiz0-4.2933,061
Random European Countries on a Map0-4.98220,730
Random Asian Countries on a Map0-4.95129,904
Random African Countries on a Map0-4.99206,930
Random American Countries on a Map0-4.9674,780
Bangladesh Country Quiz0-4.7733,651
Random Asian Capitals on a Map0-4.7339,484
Bahrain Country Quiz0-4.5916,877
Syria Country Quiz0-4.7324,223
Armenia Country Quiz0-4.6722,348
Cambodia Country Quiz0-4.5423,285
Laos Country Quiz0-4.4420,606
Sri Lanka Country Quiz0-4.5021,072
Bhutan Country Quiz0-4.8218,809
Malaysia Country Quiz0-4.6330,817
Turkmenistan Country Quiz0-4.7119,845
Random African Country to Capital0-4.9243,918
Random Sequential African Countries on a Map0-5.00102,252
Random Sequential Asian Countries on a Map0-4.9994,881
Oman Country Quiz0-4.8320,520
Name a Valid Asian Country0-4.9782,991
French Geography Quiz #10-4.8226,458
Qatar Country Quiz0-4.8225,244
Nepal Country Quiz0-4.9429,385