Statistics for Deadliest Events and Disasters in All of History

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EonDeathsAnswer% Correct,200,000,000Galactic {War} 1
75%,000,000Galactic {War} 2 1/2
75%,890,000,000Galactic {War} 3
75%,700,000,000Galactic {War} II
75%,400,000Maipunko {Impact} Event
42%,350,000Cyborg {Invasion} of Grunatep
33%,000,000Jarpulitis {Pandemic}
33%,195,000Qhixith {Conquests}
33%,000,000Asteroid Belt Colony {Famine}
25%,000,000{Cyclone} on Cono
25%,000,000Dartelli {Genocide}
25%,000,000{Depressurization} of Unity Dome
25%,400,000,000{Plague} of Targis
25%,000,000The Gigantium {Planetquake}
25%,363,000,000{Black} {Hole} Collision
17%,000,000Cordinthia {Supervolcano}
17%,500,000Creeton {Tornado}
17%,000,000Dravuvian {Acid} {Wave}
17%,000,000Galactic {Avalanche}
17%,600,000,000Insterstellar {Blizzard}
17%,035,000,000{Nanotech} Swarm
17%,235,000,000{Storm} of the Eon
17%,400,000,000Super-{Supernova} Zeta
17%,500,000The Great {Fire} of Timberia
17%,000,000Trans-system {Slave} Trade
17%,004,000Varus Core {Meltdown}
17%,900,000,000Galactic {War} 4: In {Space}
8%,000,000Ghaiq'oin {Rebellion}
8%,000,000Kranton {Revolution}
8%,900,000The Great {Radiation} Storm
8%,600,000,000Thraattad {Civil} War
8%,500,000,000Valtron {AI} singularity

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