Famous Battles on the Map

See if you can name the notable battle, attack, or siege that took place at each dot on the map.
Battles are listed in chronological order, and dates will appear when guessed.
Don't forget to zoom in!
Quiz by interopia
Last updated: February 15, 2024
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First submittedOctober 5, 2018
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490 BC
480 BC
14 Oct 1066
25 Oct 1415
8 Aug 1588
17 Jun 1775
Bunker Hill
7 Oct 1777
Sep-Oct 1781
21 Oct 1805
16-19 Oct 1813
18 Jun 1815
Feb-Mar 1836
21 Jul 1861
Bull Run
1-3 Jul 1863
6-10 Sep 1914
The Marne
Feb 1915- Jan 1916
Feb-Dec 1916
1 Jul- 18 Nov 1916
The Somme
7 Dec 1941
Pearl Harbor
4-7 Jun 1942
Aug 1942- Feb 1943
23 Oct- 11 Nov 1942
El Alamein
12-15 Nov 1942
6 Jun 1944
Dec 1944- Jan 1945
The Bulge
Feb-Mar 1945
Iwo Jima
Apr-Jun 1945
Level 85
Feb 15, 2024
Thanks to the anonymous person who spotlighted this and also everyone else for the comments. This quiz was made five years ago and I can understand why many find it flawed. I'll take this as an opportunity to gather feedback and change it for the better. I hope to update it in the near future, so keep giving me any input you may have!
Level 83
Aug 7, 2019
Too many, too close together. Would be more fun/actually possible to answer if this was done by region, with a more zoomed-in map.
Level 83
Aug 7, 2019
*I know you can zoom, but it's not intuitive necessarily and detracts from the quiz.
Level 88
Aug 7, 2019
Fun quiz, thanks! I'd love to see another installment with different battles.
Level 75
Aug 8, 2019
It would be nice if there were hints or descriptions of the battles. It is hard to know which battles you are looking for, especially in areas that had lots of battles
Level 59
May 4, 2020
Nice effort but would've been better with a bigger geographic spread.
Level 85
May 4, 2020
Ok. Recommend well-known battles you would suggest adding.
Level 62
Jul 4, 2020
I think the Battle of the River Plate would be a good addition
Level 49
Oct 11, 2020
In the Near East you can choose from Alexander's battles and the Crusades. In East Europe the are lots, but I don't know if that counts as spreading. Same for Roman battles, but there should be at least one. If you want to add one in Latin America I'd say Ayacucho.
Level 55
Sep 3, 2022
Unbelievable that there is not at least one battle of the ancient Rome, literally no sense.

And you could accept "Battle of the Channel" for Gravelines, in a lot of countries is kown that way.

Level 79
Feb 12, 2023
Couldn't see Midway behind the Menu which was in the way.
Level 57
May 9, 2023
thought it was just me
Level 85
Feb 15, 2024
Fixed now!
Level 75
Feb 15, 2024
quiz is partially hidden behind sidebar menu.

Also quite a poor selection of battles. 2/3 of all answers are from just 4 different wars and like 1/3 are all in NE France or Belgium.

Level 70
Feb 15, 2024
I suggest you to add Eastern European battles - Borodino, the siege of Leningrad, Moscow, Kursk, Kiev, Poltava, Warsaw, BERLIN(bro, that's so obvious, how did you miss it?). The USSR played a huge role in victory, yet you've decided to add some overrated battles in the Pacific Ocean. That's really not fair for 27 millions Soviet citizens that died in this terrific war.

I also suggest you to add some battles in Asia to balance this US and Western European-defaultism quiz.(Literally 22 battles out of 27 are like that). For instance Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Constantinople, Baghdad, Damascus... many more and at least one battle in South Asia and Latin America.

You could try adding some modern battles but I'll understand if you're not willing to do it.

Level 82
Feb 15, 2024
Please accept Manassas for Bull Run
Level 85
Feb 15, 2024
OK, done!
Level 59
Feb 15, 2024
The quiz itself has no issues. The only thing that comes to mind it is more western centric like being mostly about the US and western Europe and there could've been more spread out in the world.