AQA A Level History - Situation under Truman

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Last updated: May 30, 2022
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1. What Bill was passed under Roosevelt in 1944?
Workers' Rights Bill
GI Bill
Unions Bill
2. When did Truman become President?
November 1944
August 1944
May 1945
April 1945
3. What issue did Truman have upon becoming President?
People thought he was too short
He didn't win an election so had no popular mandate
He was Catholic
He was not born American
4. How many active army troops were there?
12 million
8 million
14 million
10 million
5. How many did Truman demobilise in 1945?
7 million
4 million
9 million
11 million
6. Why did Truman not demobilise all the troops?
He thought the war wasn't truly over
He wanted to reduce the pressure of returning workers on the economy
He wanted to punish the least successful troops
7. What rate did inflation hit in 1945 - 1946?
8. How many steelworkers went on strike in January 1946?
9. How did Truman want to combat the economic crisis?
To introduce more workers into the market
To give out loans en masse
To use Roosevelt's Office of Price Administration
10. Why was he not successful in doing this?
The Republicans and Conservative Democrats wanted to return to free-market
The Republicans wanted to remove all traces of Roosevelt
The Democrats refused to support Truman
11. What year was Truman re-elected to office?
12. How did Truman gather popular support?
He hung banners around the main cities in every state
He ran an ad campaign on the TV
He did a 'whistle-stop' tour before the election
13. How long did this tour last?
33 days
34 days
40 days
25 days
14. What phrase did people start to use in support of him?
"Show 'em who's boss"
"Give 'em hell, Harry"
"We can do this, Harry"
15. Which years saw an economic boom?
1947 - 1948
1948 - 1949
1949 - 1950
1950 - 1951
16. How many car sales were there in 1946?
1.8 million
2 million
2.1 million
3 million
17. How much money did the US government invest through the GI Bill by 1954?
$10 billion
$14 billion
$18 billion
$20 billion
18. How many Congress bills did Truman veto?
19. In the 1946 mid-term elections, who took control of Congress?
Independent Members
20. Which was NOT a factor for Truman winning the 1948 election?
Voters were benefitting from the booming economy
Black Americans approved of his stance on civil rights
He used to be a farmer and so knew how to appeal to the agricultural voters
He promised a massive tax cut
21. Who was Truman's opposition in the 1948 election?
Henry Wyatt
Thomas Gibson
Edward Poyings
Thomas Dewey
22. How many more votes did Truman receive than the Republican candidate?
1 million
4 million
3 million
2 million
23. What was the 'Fair Deal'?
A method to tackle economic and social issues in America
A method to assure America's dominance globally
A method to ensure that Roosevelt's legacy would continue
24. Why was the Fair Deal not really acted upon between 1945 and 1948?
Truman had bigger issues internationally
Truman didn't particularly care about the domestic situation
Congress had a conservative majority who wouldn't pass anything
25. Which idea wasn't included in the Fair Deal?
Anti-lynching laws
The abolition of poll taxes
An increase in the minimum wage to 75 cents an hour
The establishment of a civil rights committee
26. Why was the Fair Deal never truly implemented in it's entirety?
It lacked the economic necessity of Roosevelt's New Deal
It was considered a frivolous matter
It was not as important as international matters
27. How many Americans were employed by 1953?
60 million
61 million
62 million
63 million
28. What was the increase in this number under Truman?
9 million
11 million
13 million
15 million
29. How many veterans took advantage of the GI Bill?
10 million
12.7 million
9.1 million
7.8 million
30. What had happened to social security benefits?
They increased by 10%
They doubled
They tripled
31. Despite this economic boom, what was Truman's approval rating in 1952?
32. What was thought to be the reason for this low approval?
The prolonged war in Korea
Personal distaste for Truman
Upset at Truman's minimum wage increase
33. When was the Housing Act passed?
34. According to this act, how many housing units were to be built and subsidised by the government
35. When was the National School Lunch Act?
36. What was the main domestic issue with communism under Truman?
Nuclear weapons
The rise of McCarthyism
37. Which was NOT a factor in an increasing fear of communism?
The creation of the Iron Curtain
The successful Soviet nuclear testing
The rise of 'organised labour' after WW2
The personal distaste for Stalin and Khrushchev
38. When was Joseph McCarthy 'catapulted' to fame?
January 1949
January 1950
September 1950
December 1951
39. What did McCarthy claim to have?
A list of nuclear weapons possessed by the Soviets
A list of 210 Communist Party members who were working for the US State Department
A list of 205 Communist Party members who were working for the US State Department
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