Edexcel Politics - Political Ideologies (Socialism and Conservatism)

Questions on the two core ideologies of Socialism and Conservatism
Quiz by lucinderella
Last updated: May 24, 2022
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1. What does Noblesse Oblige mean?
The wealthy should look after each other
The rich have a duty to the poor
The upper classes are natural rulers
2. Which phrase is credited to Disraeli?
The palace is not safe if the village is unhappy
The country will always remain divided
The poor are destined to be ruled
3. Who were the revolutionary socialists?
Webb, Marx, Giddens
Luxembourg, Marx, and Engels
Giddens, Crosland, Luxembourg
4. Who said 'a hand up, not a hand out'?
Anthony Giddens
Anthony Crosland
Beatrice Webb
5. What are the three main strands of conservatism?
Traditional, Third Way, New Right
Evolutionary, Traditional, One Nation
Traditional, One Nation, New Right
6. Who was an evolutionary socialist?
Anthony Crosland
Anthony Giddens
Beatrice Webb
7. Who argued that private schools should be abolished?
Anthony Crosland
Anthony Giddens
Rosa Luxembourg
8. Which socialists believe that the state cannot be used as a tool for change?
Revolutionary Socialists
Third Way Socialists
Evolutionary Socialists
9. Who believed that the state must be overthrown by a series of strikes?
Rose Luxembourg
Marx and Engels
Beatrice Webb
10. Who introduced Clause 4 about common ownership into the Labour Party Manifesto?
Anthony Giddens
Beatrice Webb
Anthony Crosland
11. What type of socialist was Anthony Crosland?
Evolutionary Socialist
Social Democrat
Third Way Socialist
12. What economic approach would a Social Democrat take towards the economy?
Neo-Liberal Economics
Keynesian Economics
Laissez-Faire Economics
13. What economic approach would One Nation conservatives take towards economics?
Keynesian Economics
Neo-Liberal Economics
Common Ownership Economic approach
14. In what area could it be argued that New Right conservatism and Third Way socialism are similar?
Welfare State
Foreign Policy
15. Why might One Nation conservatives and Third Way socialists seem similar in this area?
They both see the importance in strong social order
They both support and outward facing UK with a role on the global stage
They both focus on market-based neo-liberal economics
16. Who said that human nature/lives are 'nasty, brutish, and short'?
Thomas Hobbes
Edmund Burke
Michael Oakeshott
17. Which political ideology could technically not be considered an 'ideology'?
18. Which ideology supports the idea of an organic society?
19. What is the idea of an organic society?
The idea that society and social classes can shift and move
The idea that all classes have a role to play that makes society function
The idea that society can be changed due to large external forces
20. Why do conservatives value tradition?
They believe its continued existence demonstrates that it is effective
They believe that they add prestige to a country
They believe it demonstrates the power of a country
21. Why are traditional conservatives sceptical of laissez-faire economics?
It removes the state from control
It requires optimism in market-forces
It impedes on peoples' rights to own property
22. What do all conservatives believe about economics?
That capitalism is the best economic system
That common ownership is the best economic approach
That the state should intervene
23. Who were the main supporters of laissez-faire economics?
Hobbes, Nozick, Oakeshott
Burke, Nozick, Rand
Burke, Oakeshott, Rand
24. In which area do New Right thinkers have a more positive view on human nature?
The societal sphere
The economic sphere
The state sphere
25. Who argues that society is made up of smaller communities?
Traditional conservatives
New Right conservatives
One Nation conservatives
26. Who argued that humans are 'self interested individuals'?
Michael Oakeshott
Robert Nozick
Edmund Burke
27. Who argued that society is made up of 'little platoons'?
Thomas Hobbes
Anthony Crosland
Edmund Burke
28. Who argued that the state should never encroach on the freedoms of individuals?
Ayn Rand
Michael Oakeshott
Robert Nozick
29. Who argued that the state should be pragmatic rather than dogmatic?
Michael Oakeshott
Thomas Hobbes
Edmund Burke
30. Who is NOT a key thinker?
Thomas Hobbes
Anthony Giddens
Benjamin Disraeli
31. What is NOT a reason why some conservatives value property so much?
They believe property is passed down from one to another and provides some degree of stability
Owning property is an incentive to demonstrate a duty of care for towards others so they don't try to change everything
They think property makes people less dependant on the welfare state
32. Who is credited with the expression of 'an ideal society is a partnership between those who are living, those who are dead, and those who are yet to be born'?
Thomas Hobbes
Edmund Burke
Ayn Rand
33. Which area do One Nation conservatives and other conservatives tend not to agree on?
The role of the state
The role of the economy
The role of human nature
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