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10,3302023-12-01NCAA Division I Mascots
3,7432023-12-01NCAA College Baseball Teams Quiz
2,2892023-12-01NCAA College Hockey Teams Quiz
1,1032017-05-20100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time (Rolling Stone)
9492023-11-06NHL Arenas Quiz
8282020-10-11US Metro Areas with an MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL and NHL team
7992017-08-27United States in Order of Admission Map Quiz
6002017-05-20Top 5 Best MLB teams of the 90's
5252020-11-25Las Vegas Strip Hotels
4892023-11-02North American Sports Champions
4882017-05-20Top 5 Best NHL teams of the 2000's
4632017-07-05Most Guessed NFL Teams on JetPunk
4582017-05-22Top 5 Best NFL teams of the 90's
4122018-12-24US Navy Ships at Pearl Harbor
3992022-11-06NBA Hall of Famers Without a Championship
3862019-06-01NCAA College Softball Teams Quiz
3832023-11-08Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Quiz
3782017-05-20Top 5 Best NFL teams of the 80's
3362017-05-20Top 5 Best NFL teams of the 2000's
3182017-07-05Least Guessed NFL Teams on JetPunk
3142018-02-23North American Sports Champions 1980's
2822017-05-20Top 5 Best NFL teams of the 70's
2632023-11-02Last World Series Championship
2612019-12-31Top 5 Best MLB teams of the 2010's
2522017-05-20Top 5 Best NHL teams of the 90's
2512017-07-05Least Guessed NHL Teams on JetPunk
2482017-05-20Top 5 Best NBA teams of the 80's
2472020-10-11North American Sports Champions 1990's
2422023-06-12Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame - Players
2402017-08-15100 Biggest US Cities in 2000
2332017-05-14Biggest Metro Areas in the USA, 101-200
2322017-07-2725 Biggest US Cities, Great Depression
2212017-05-20Top 5 Best MLB teams of the 80's
2202019-06-12Marvel Cinematic Universe Films in Chronological Order
2172017-06-06AFI's 100 Years...100 Cheers
2112018-02-24North American Sports Champions 1970's
2012017-07-20Top 10 US States Highest Percentage of White Population
1992017-05-20Top 5 Best NHL teams of the 80's
1902017-05-23Largest North American Railroads
1822020-01-01Top 5 Best NHL teams of the 2010's
1742017-05-20Top 5 Best NBA teams of the 90's
1672017-05-23Top 5 Best NHL teams of the 70's
1642020-11-08MLB Affiliates of Triple-A Baseball Teams
1632017-07-29US Cities by Biggest Population Decline
1592020-01-05Top 5 Best NFL teams of the 2010's
1532017-12-29Countries/Territories with Wendy's Restaurants
1532017-07-05Most Guessed NHL Teams on JetPunk
1502018-03-03US States with No Large Metro Areas
1452023-02-13Last Super Bowl Championship
1442018-02-23North American Sports Champions 1960's
1442017-07-03Guns N' Roses Discography Quiz
1422023-06-12Last NBA Championship
1392017-05-30Top 10 Nintendo DS Games
1372017-06-24Biggest US States By Decade Quiz
1362017-07-05Least Guessed MLB Teams on JetPunk
1312020-01-01Top 5 Best NBA teams of the 2010's
1292017-05-20Top 5 Best MLB teams of the 2000's
1162023-02-12NHL Teams by Value
1132017-05-29Top 10 Nintendo 64 Games
1112017-07-05Most Guessed MLB Teams on JetPunk
1072018-02-23North American Sports Champions 1950's
992017-05-21Most Watched TV Series Per Year, 2000's
952017-05-21AFI's 10 Top 10: Gangster
942017-05-20Top 5 Best NBA teams of the 2000's
902017-04-28Previous NHL Franchise Names/Locations
892018-02-23North American Sports Champions 1940's
892017-07-14Top 25 Worst US Cities to Drive In
882017-05-20Top 5 Best NBA teams of the 70's
882017-07-06Metallica Singles Quiz
882017-08-24Countries with Lowest Immigrant Population
822017-05-20Top 5 Best MLB teams of the 70's
782023-06-13Last Stanley Cup Championship
782022-11-02Nickelback Discography Quiz
782018-11-26Previous MLB Franchise Names/Locations
772017-05-22Top 10 Combat Rifles
772017-05-21Most Watched TV Series Per Year, 1980's
732017-05-21AFI's 10 Top 10: Sci-Fi
732017-05-21AFI's 10 Top 10: Western
722017-05-29Top 10 Nintendo Wii Games
722017-06-0550 best American movies, one from each state
702020-11-18Top 10 States with Highest Percentage living in Biggest City
662017-05-20Top 5 Best NBA teams of the 60's
642017-05-21AFI's 10 Top 10: Animation
642017-05-21AFI's 10 Top 10: Romantic Comedies
642023-02-12NFL Teams by Value
632017-05-21Most Watched TV Series Per Year, 1970's
622017-05-03Tom Clancy Books
622017-05-28Countries in World War II (Civilian) Quiz
612020-10-14Previous NFL Franchise Names/Locations
612017-08-28Most Densely Populated US Cities over 100,000 people
602017-07-05Most Guessed NBA Teams on JetPunk
602019-02-26Queen Singles Quiz
592020-10-19Consecutive NBA Finals Wins
582018-12-02Countries in World War I (Civilian) Quiz
582023-11-02First Time Champions Since 2000
582018-02-05NFL Teams with only Pre-Merger Championships
582017-05-29Top 10 Xbox Games
572017-05-311997 NBA Playoffs
562017-07-10US States with an In-N-Out Burger
552017-05-21Most Watched TV Series Per Year, 1990's
542017-06-06Landlocked/Non-Border US States Quiz
532017-05-20Top 5 Best MLB teams of the 60's
532017-09-03Countries with the Highest American Population
522020-10-29Previous MLB Stadiums
512017-05-20Top 5 Best MLB teams of the 50's
512017-07-11Active-duty US Air Force Bases
502018-12-16Top 10 US States with Highest Income Inequality
502017-08-19Major US Cities in the Sun Belt
492023-02-12NBA Teams by Value
472017-05-29Top 10 PlayStation 2 Games
472017-05-29Top 10 GameCube Games
462017-08-29Least Densely Populated US Cities over 100,000 people
462017-07-25Fastest Shrinking US Cities
452017-08-13Carnival Cruise Line Fleet
432020-10-29Previous NFL Stadiums
432017-05-29Top 10 Xbox 360 Games
422020-11-11Best Record for each NFL Team
422022-11-08Basketball Triple Crown Winners
392017-08-13Royal Caribbean Fleet
392017-05-21AFI's 10 Top 10: Fantasy
382022-11-02Papa Roach Discography Quiz
382017-05-20Top 5 Best NBA teams of the 50's
372018-05-092002 Winter Olympics Countries Quiz
372017-08-20Sun Belt States
372020-10-19Consecutive Super Bowl Wins
372017-07-05Least Guessed NBA Teams on JetPunk
372023-02-05Countries With The Most Stadiums
372022-11-02Disturbed Discography Quiz
362017-05-21Most Watched TV Series Per Year, 1960's
362017-06-27Most #1 Billboard 200 Albums
362020-11-18Top 10 States with Lowest Percentage living in Biggest City
342017-07-20Top 10 Youngest (Population) US States
332023-05-30Best Record for each NHL Team
332017-05-21AFI's 10 Top 10: Sports
332017-05-21AFI's 10 Top 10: Courtroom Drama
332018-12-16Top 10 US States with Lowest Income Inequality
322020-11-09NFL Teams Over .875 Win %
322017-03-07NCAA Division II Quiz
322015-09-22Defunct NBA Teams
322017-02-14MLB Stadium Names (Retro)
322023-02-12MLB Teams by Value
312017-05-29Top 10 PlayStation 3 Games
312017-05-21AFI's 10 Top 10: Epic
312017-05-29Top 10 PlayStation Games
312017-05-30Top 10 GameBoy Advance Games
312020-11-09NHL Teams Over .700 Win %
312017-07-20Top 10 Oldest (Population) US States
312020-11-08Triple-A Baseball Teams
312018-08-18Countries with Lowest Real Population Density
292018-01-16Participating Nations at the 1996 Summer Olympics
282017-06-29United States Cruise Ports
282023-11-02Oldest Franchises Without A Championship
282018-08-18Countries with Highest Real Population Density
272018-12-09MLS Cup Winners
272017-04-27Previous NBA Franchise Names/Locations
272017-06-27Most Top-Ten Billboard 200 Albums
262017-07-14Top 25 Best US Cities to Drive In
262017-05-21AFI's 10 Top 10: Mystery
262018-12-24NBA Championships as Both Coach and Player
252020-11-09NBA Teams Over .750 Win %
252017-05-29Top 10 Dreamcast Games
242017-06-27AC/DC Discography Quiz
242018-01-16Pre-Merger AFL Champions Quiz
222017-07-07Biggest Cities in the United States, 51-100 Quiz
212017-06-27Most Cumulative Weeks at #1 Billboard 200
212023-02-05Consecutive Stanley Cup Wins
212017-03-01NHL Arena Names (Retro)
212019-01-10Largest Active Military Per Capita
212020-10-29Original Name of Current MLB Stadiums
202017-06-29Most Albums on the Billboard 200 Simultaneously
192018-05-03Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame TV Shows
192020-10-29Previous NBA Arenas
192017-05-21Most Watched TV Series Per Year, 1950's
182020-11-09MLB Teams Over .667 Win %
172015-09-22Defunct NHL Teams
172015-08-23Original American League Teams
172020-11-10Pre-Merger NFL Champions Quiz
172017-07-06AC/DC Singles Quiz
172020-10-29Original Name of Current NHL Arenas
162020-11-01Original Name of Current NFL Stadiums
152018-12-24America's 25 New Elite 'Ivies'
142019-03-24Major League Soccer Stadiums
142020-11-11Best Record for each NBA Team
142017-07-05Journey Discography Quiz
132020-10-25Fast Food Founding
132020-10-29Previous NHL Arenas
92017-08-191994 FIFA World Cup Stadiums Quiz
92020-10-19Consecutive World Series Wins
92017-09-03Total Solar Eclipse 2045
82020-11-11Best Record for each MLB Team
62017-05-30Top 10 PlayStation Portable Games
62017-08-30US States by Capitals and Borders in 30 seconds
62015-08-23Original National League Teams
62017-05-22Organized incorporated territories of the United States
52017-06-27Most Consecutive #1 Studio Albums
52017-06-27Most Consecutive #1 Studio Albums (Debut)
52022-11-03ABA Champions Quiz
52020-10-29Original Name of Current NBA Arenas
42017-06-27Most Albums in the Top 10 Simultaneously
42017-02-14NBA Arena Names (Retro)