The Best Romance Anime

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Quiz by Jessica17
Last updated: August 19, 2015
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Girl who labeled as a horrible person is helped by a kind classmate
Kimi ni Todoke
Boy finds out about a girls secret job
Maid Sama
Two teens fall in love and decide to be their true selves together
His and Her Circumstances
Boy finds a humanoid robot girl
Young girl has huge complex over rival and is always challenging him
Special A
Popular guy helps girl to open up her shell and trust others again
Say I Love You
Dragon & Tiger
Two people with height issues
Lovely Complex
Boy and girl meet again after not seeing each other since childhood
Ai Yori Aoshi
Girl is befriended by a strange and amazing boy
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
The Chinese Zodiak
Fruits Basket
A supernatural master and servant relationship
Inu x Boku
Boy by day. Thief by night.
D N Angel
Girl gets trapped in a book and becomes a priestess
Fushigi Yuugi
Girl must pay back a huge debt in a very strange way
Ouran High School Host Club
A girl who is subjected by her classmates as being an "easy girl"
Peach Girl
A girls who just started a new life must fight to save her new family and world
The stories of two girls with the same name
Boy goes to an all girls school for a co'ed test period
The Color of Lovers
The girl is a fairy doctor
Earl & Fairy
College boy is granted a wish and that wish changes his life forever
Ah! My Goddess
Woman and man try to be together despite their families hatred
Romeo x Juliet
Demons, Angels, Humans, and one boy.
Poor and spunky high school girl becomes the enemy/love a powerful heir
Boys Over Flowers
Bodyguard and princess escape death and then set out to find 4 people to help reclaim the princesses lost kingdom.
Yona of the Dawn
Rebel boy loves girl, girl loves strange boy, strange boy has no clue
School Rumble
A girl goes to a special school to learn about her power of nulifying
Gakuen Alice
Girl is humiliated by the boy she likes during a confession, then to her dismay her family moves in with his family
Itazura na Kiss
Their parents swap partners and then move into one house together
Marmalade Boy
Boy with amnesia and girl who wishes for them to marry as promised in their childhood
Golden Time
Girl falls in love with a boy as they search/fight for a broken jewel
Girl swallows special pearl used in a sorcery exam
Save Me! Lollipop
A ditzy, cry baby becomes a fighter that fights against evil
Sailor Moon
3 girls are transformed into fighting angels
Wedding Peach
The story of a music perfectionist and a eccentric pianist
Nodame Cantabile
Girl goes to school with gods to teach them about humanity
Kamigami no Asobi
Girl dreams of being a composer and changes the hearts of 6 boys
Uta no Prince Sama
The story of 6 friends and how their lives evolve as they go to an art college
Honey and Clover
A girl who dreams of being a writer a boy who dreams of being a violin maker
Whisper of the Heart
Girl searches for three men to marry to find out a huge secret about her life
Hanasakeru Seishounen
4 boys have to turn occult and light fearing girl into a lady
The Wallflower
Story of a unvampire
Young girl suddenly gets a 13 brothers
Brothers Conflict
Two vampires fall in love with an extroardinairy girl
Vampire Knight
Sick girl is given help by a shinigami
Full Moon wo Sagashite
Girl suddenly becomes a land god
Kamisama Hajimemashita
Woman goes to the palace to help a stupid king
Saiunkoku Monogatari
A girl with no previous musical experience is entered in a contest
La Corda d'Oro
Girl has a vengeful goddess inside her
Ceres Celestial Legend
3 girls a transported to another world and must become save a princess
Magic Knight Rayearth
A girl gets cursed by a jealous witch
Howls Moving Castle
Boy gets stuck at a school for monsters
Rosario + Vampire
Girl gets visions of the future and stops them from coming true
Vision of Escaflowne
A thief who steals things that have already been stolen
Saint Tail
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