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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user zachazach.
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Times taken 3,269
Quizmaker Rank # 4,440
4272022-12-31Alphabet Lore Quiz
3462022-12-17Type "1" 100 times
1782022-12-28Name Every Rainbow Friends Monster
1712023-02-12Type "1" 500 Times
1702022-12-17Type "1" 200 Times
1452023-01-15Total Drama Island Elimination Order
1152023-03-03BFB Elimination Order
1012022-11-13Name Every SSBU Character
972022-12-14Type "1" 300 Times
922023-02-07Total Drama Action Elimination Order
892022-11-25Name Every BFDI Character
762022-12-11Movies by Synonyms
742023-12-08BFDI by Letter
572023-01-05Name That Fruit!
562022-12-12Guess The Country by Population
532022-12-07Emoji Quiz: Geography
532022-12-08Name The Country
482023-05-09Total Drama ROTI Elimination Order
402022-10-24Name the Mario Character
402022-12-15Name The Most Popular Social Media
382023-05-09Total Drama All Stars Elimination Order
362022-12-30Countries Without Vowels (Hard Mode)
352023-05-09Total Drama Pakithew Island Elimination Order
342022-12-25Typing Test
342023-01-31Country Names With Country Names In Them
332022-11-13Among Us Colors
332022-11-25Country By Letter
322023-02-12BFDIA Elimination Order
312022-12-08Oldest Countries
312023-02-03General Knowledge Quiz
292022-11-23China or United States?
282022-11-23Type "69420" 50 Times
282022-10-27type: the return
272023-01-16Name That Vegetable!
252022-12-14Type "I LIKE MONEY" 10 times
252022-12-23School Grades
242022-12-08Backwards Alphabet
232023-01-01Name All 8 Reindeer
222023-03-21Dog...Or Frog?
212023-01-15Name BFDI Characters In Elimination Order
202022-10-16Guess The YouTuber for Minecraft
202022-11-16Biggest Cities In California by Population
202022-12-07Shuffled State Names
192022-10-24Minecraft Mob Quiz (1.19/1.20)
162023-01-05Population Quiz #1
142022-11-08The Most Subscribed YouTubers
122022-10-31MACBOOK ONLY
122023-03-20TD World Tour Elimination Order
122023-03-21Countries Bordering Australia
102022-11-27Name Every Level Of Byte and Bit
102022-12-24Most Popular Games
92023-01-14Population Quiz #2
92022-12-10AVM Shorts Quiz
92023-01-01Games By Synonyms
92022-12-23Animals by Scientific Names
72022-10-17Dream SMP Members
32023-01-23Geometry Dash Levels
32022-12-16Most Popular Animators
22022-11-27Name Every Hunter For Dream's Series
22022-12-12Name all my quizzes
02023-03-21Name My Quizzes (updated)