Which event came first? #1

Select the event that happened first for each period of history listed.
Quiz by Gram73
Last updated: March 31, 2019
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1. Events of the 2010s.
The UK votes to leave the European Union.
Hurricane Harvey makes landfall in the US.
The Ebola epidemic breaks out in West Africa.
The iPad is introduced.
2. Events of the 2000s.
Bitcoin is launched.
The Boxing Day tsunami.
Michael Jackson dies.
Barack Obama is elected President of the US.
3. Events of the 20th century.
Penicillin is discovered by Alexander Fleming.
The Spanish Flu pandemic.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is assassinated.
The Great Depression begins.
4. Events of the 19th century.
The Year of Revolutions/Spring of Nations.
The Battle of Waterloo.
The birth of the future Queen Victoria of Great Britain.
The death of King George III of Great Britain.
5. Events of the 18th century.
US Declaration of Independence.
Storming of the Bastille.
End of the Seven Years' War.
Death of Tsarina Catherine the Great of Russia.
6. Events of the 17th century.
Louis XIV becomes King of France.
King Charles I of England is beheaded.
Great Fire of London.
Jamestown Massacre.
7. Events of the 16th century.
The Spanish Armada attempts to invade England.
Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England.
Michelangelo completes the Sistine Chapel ceiling.
Francisco Pizzarro leads the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire.
8. Events of the 15th century.
Battle of Agincourt.
Christopher Columbus lands in the Americas.
Henry VII is crowned King of England.
The Fall of Constantinople.
9. Events of the 14th century.
The Black Death arrives in Europe.
The Great Schism of the West begins, leading to three simultaneous Popes.
The Hundred Years' War begins between England and France.
William Wallace is executed.
10. Events of the first millennium.
Fall of the Roman empire.
Birth of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.
Julius Caesar is assassinated.
Last Olympic games are held.
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Mar 31, 2019
Nice quiz
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Apr 1, 2019
Thanks guys, instalment 2 is up :)