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Quiz by AYRYZ
Last updated: August 23, 2015
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What is Lane Kim's Korean name?
What did Rory and Lane share in kindergarten before becoming friends?
What is the name of Jess Mariano's first book?
The Subsect
What are the names of Lane Kim's twins?
Steve and Kwan
Lane's mother is a Christian. What is her grandmother's religion?
The name of Lane Kim's band is an anagram of the name of the show creator's best friend. What is her name?
Helen Pai
What is the full name of Chilton's headmaster?
Hanlin Charleston
Jason Stiles, one of Lorelai's boyfriends, had a very smart and obedient dog called Cyrus. By who was Cyrus trained?
The monks of New Skete
How does Lorelai describe her first labor?
Like doing the splits on a crate of dynamite
What is Kirk's surname?
Sherilyn Fenn plays two roles in the series. The first is as Anna Nardini, the mother of Luke's daughter April. What is the other character she played?
Mr Richard Gilmore was engaged to another lady before he married his wife Emily. What was her name?
Pennilyn Lott
Emily Gilmore's eccentric fashion consultant is an old lady called Miss Celine. She tends to rename people according to their famous lookalike. How does she call Lorelai and Rory?
Natalie Wood and Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina
What is the name of the last song that is heard in the final episode? By who?
Inside Out by The Mighty Lemon Drops
How many yellow daisies does Max Medina give Lorelai before proposing to her?
Who calls Rory 'Typhoid Mary' during her time at Chilton?
Tristan Dugray obtains two tickets and invites Rory to a concert. Whose concert was it?
PJ Harvey
When she is at the Hanzberger residence for the first time, Rory notices a picture made by a famous artist. Who is it?
How many 'kropogs' are there from Berkeley to Rory's building at Yale?
90 kropogs or so
Rory and Paris share an apartment during their last year at Yale. The poster of whom do they have hanging on the wall?
Noam Chomsky
Where do Hep Alien play their last concert during their Seventh Day Adventist Church Tour?
Whinfield Church
In Episode 19 of Season 2, Kirk breakdances in his own movie. Which song was he dancing to?
White Lines by Melle Mel
What is Rory Gilmore's middle name?
In Episode 2 of Season 6, Rory Gilmore speaks in (fake) broken Spanish to her grandmother's maid. What is the name of the maid?
What is the name of Logan Hanzberger's sister?
Luke's sister is married to T.J. but that's not his real name. What is his real name?
In how many episodes does Luke not appear in any of the scenes?
Gilmore Girls contains many acoustic guitar cue melodies that are instantly recognizable such as 'To Dream'. Who created and performed this wonderful music?
Sam Phillips
What are the names of Rory's roommates as a freshman at Yale?
Tanna, Janet and Paris
In the morning of her 21st birthday, Rory relives a speech her mother Lorelai gave her on her 16th birthday. Who repeats Lorelai's lines?
Madeline Albright
After Yale, where does Paris Gellar decide to go continue her Master degree?
Medical school
Stars Hollow's main troubadour is a character played by Grant-Lee Phillips, an accomplished singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Which one of his best songs played in the show shares its name with a famous painting?
Mona Lisa
Which famous choreographer directed various episodes of the Gilmore Girls?
Kenny Ortega
Level 50
Jun 18, 2017
There were about 6 questions that I would have gotten right if the quiz was written to accept multiple answers. To try and guess exactly how the quizwriter spells something (some of which don't match the official spelling from the show's creator) is lame. I got one answer "wrong" because I omitted "the" from the front.... someone needs to fix this quiz.
Level 60
Dec 30, 2017
It's "Velasquez", and "Huntzberger."