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2,1102017-02-17Traditional Counties of the UK
5352016-09-21Countries in Europe that were monarchies in 1916
5302015-09-23States of the German Empire (1871-1918)
3032019-01-16Countries in Europe after the Congress of Vienna in 1815
2292016-09-15Dukes of Britain and Ireland
2192022-12-05English Local Government Areas
2142018-11-13Countries in Europe that were monarchies in 1866
1722016-08-20Norwegian Monarchs
1622015-09-20Scottish Monarchs (843-1714)
1432019-04-26Stem Duchies of the Holy Roman Empire
1402016-09-15Longest rivers in Asia
972016-03-19Longest rivers in the UK
972016-09-22Countries in Europe that were monarchies in 1891
972018-04-30British Colonies, Dominions and Protectorates 1930
862016-09-14Longest rivers in Africa
832016-09-15Longest rivers in Europe
762018-11-14Names of former British Colonies and Protectorates
752018-10-02Longest reining European monarchs
742016-09-22Top 20 most competitive nations
652016-08-18Countries in 1970
632016-08-19Countries in 1880
602015-09-20London Boroughs
552018-04-30British Colonies
532017-08-07Kingdoms of the Heptarchy
532016-08-19Countries in 1890
512016-09-14Highest mountains in europe
492016-08-18Countries in 1920
472017-08-08Presidents of (West) Germany since 1949
432016-09-22Famous European Peace Treaties
432017-08-07Presidents of the French Fifth Republic
422016-08-19Countries in 1910
422016-09-20Countries with the highest unemployment
402015-11-17Norwegian Counties
322016-09-13Islands of the Outer Hebrides
312016-09-20Countries with the highest corporation tax rates
302016-09-12European countries in native language
242018-05-01German Colonies
232016-08-18Countries in 1930
222017-08-15Worlds largest banks
212018-05-01French Colonies
192015-09-20The Jacobite Succession
182016-09-16Countries with the highest interest rates
52016-09-15Countries in 1990