Statistics for NBA - who did/didn't they coach (Multiple choice)

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Let's start easy, which of these teams did Phil Jackson NOT coach?Houston Rockets
Head coach in the NBA since 1999. He coached 3 teams (he still coaches one of them): Orlando Magic, Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers. What is his name?Doc Rivers
Pat Riley is a 3-time winner of Coach of the Year Award and 5-time NBA champion as a coach. Which team did he NOT coach?Detroit Pistons
3-time NBA MVP and 3-time NBA champion as a player, Larry Bird did coach one team in his career, even leading it to NBA finals. Which team was it?Indiana Pacers
A 2-time Coach of the Year, American of Italian descent, Mike D'Antoni was a head coach of 5 NBA teams. With which teams did he achieve the most(it was winning the award and going to Conference Finals with both)?Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets
Now a question about 2002 Coach of the Year. Where did Rick Carlisle NOT work as a head coach?Portland Trail Blazers
Byron Scott is a 3-time NBA champion as a player. He was head coach of all 4 teams given below, but which team did he lead to NBA Finals?New Jersey Nets
Let's dig a little bit deeper in history. A first coach to win multiple times Coach of the year Award with the same team was Gene Shue. With which team did he win?Baltimore/Washington Bullets
In over 30 years of working as a head coach mostly in the NBA, George Karl coached 6 NBA teams. With which did he work the longest?Denver Nuggets
Red Holzman is mostly known as a coach of New York Knicks which he lead to NBA championship in 1970 and 1973, but he was a head coach of another NBA team earlier. Which team was it?Milwaukee/St.Louis Hawks
And now we dig even deeper. First Coach of the Year in NBA history(1963), Harry Gallatin coached two NBA teams in his career. Which teams?St.Louis Hawks and New York Knicks
Mike Brown, while coaching Cleveland Cavaliers, won Coach of the Year in 2009 and led them to NBA finals in 2007. Which team was he also head coach of?Los Angeles Lakers
A head coach in the NBA for over 30 years, coach with the most regular season wins in NBA history(1335), Don Nelson achieved it while coaching 4 different teams. Which team of these did he NOT coach?Boston Celtics
A 1979 and 1989 Coach of the Year, Cotton Fitzsimmons was a head coach of 5 different NBA teams. Which team did he coach three times?Phoenix Suns

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