Statistics for Normandy beaches names

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Overall hintUnits landing onCommanders leading the attackAnswer% Correct
The only one Canadian, it had help from Free France and Norway(fleet)3rd Infantry DivisionRod KellerJuno
One of two British beaches, Polish airmen and fleet was helping there49th and 50th Infantry DivisionsDouglas Alexander GrahamGold
The most known beach, second American, you land on it in Medal of Honor Frontline and Allied Assault, Saving Private Ryan starts with landing on this beach, most bloody one.1st and 29th Infantry DivisionsOmar Bradley, Norman Cota, Clarence HuebnerOmaha
Second British, the last one on east.3rd Infantry DivisionJohn Crocker, Thomas RennieSword
One of two American beaches, first from west.4th Infantry DivisionGen. Walter Prosser, Raymond O. Barton, Theodor Roosevelt Jr.Utah

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