Overwatch Characters by Loose Description

Can you guess the Overwatch hero based on my quippy description of them? For most serious fans, these will be pretty easy to guess, but the less familiar may have some trouble.
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Last updated: April 25, 2020
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First submittedOctober 14, 2016
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A nurse who loves angels and professes the immortality of heroes.
A cowboy with a robotic arm and an obsession with the time.
A gamer girl with an attitude and an "explosive" personality.
A robot who loves birds and turning its enemies into salt.
This girl's a real blast, and she believes evil will be punished...from above.
He couldn't decide whether to cosplay as a robot or a ninja, so he just picked both.
This cowgirl sure is dynamite! But don't mess with her bodyguard, or he'll do something!
The brother of the above, he always hits his mark and has plenty of "spirit."
This pet will "roll" into your life and won't "mine" his manners!
Wrecking Ball
All I can say is, never let him change your tires.
Don't you ever wish Gandhi was a little more into metal?
This cheeky Brit will always let you know when the, uh, men on horses arrive.
A Swede with a strong work ethic and a serious case of "Turrets Syndrome."
All the critics say his albums are very energizing and therapeutic.
This computer genius knows all sorts of life "hacks."
She's the one they call Dr. Feelbad, she's the one that makes ya feel not right.
This crazy young cat lady will "flail" about, so "shield" yourself from her!
Be sure not to act out, mother always has her eye on you, but if you're in trouble, she'll "shoot" some love your way.
Guys I think I have a bot, it's copying my every move!
Don't let this old man "hammer" his values into you.
Why is this woman feeling blue? Is it because you stepped on that spider?
I can say without the "shadow" of a doubt, this guy is not very nice.
This Haitian soldier may radiate good health, but nobody lives forever!
This big guy sure knows how to hook you in.
She's basically a mechanical crossing guard, but armed with a high-powered gun to shoot your face with.
This grandpa doesn't share his old war stories, because he's still making new ones!
Soldier: 76
Don't let this guy offer you some "punch."
In her mind, order is the "portal" to success.
Take it from him, don't major in astrophysics. It'll drive you crazy!
Guys, I know she's stronger than you, but don't let that create a "barrier" between the two of you.
Enough monkey business, Caesar. Do you have a robotic suit and a team of superheroes on your side? Didn't think so.
This scientist is cold as ice, but really she's a nice girl.
Level 8
Oct 19, 2016
Just a Tip: it would be better if you had to match the highlighted hint, since it would be more of a challenge. As it is now, I can just remember and type in every name of the characters witout having to read the description (and sill get 100%). But great quiz anyways
Level 66
Nov 18, 2016
Agreed. Also, you can add Sombra now!
Level 36
Nov 18, 2016
Thanks, Sombra has been added.
Level 36
Nov 18, 2016
Thanks for the suggestion, I was beginning to think that may be a problem. If you know all the Overwatch heroes anyway, you could just rattle them all off without even looking at the quiz. I'll be sure to modify that!
Level 66
May 10, 2017
Glad to see you made the change! And you almost stumped me with that Winston hint - I had to think about who I hadn't guessed yet because I don't quite get that one. Is Caesar a Planet of the Apes reference?
Level 36
Jun 12, 2017
Lol yeah, guess I could've made that a little more clear! But yes, I am referring to Caesar from Planet of the Apes, not the Roman emperor.
Level 49
Mar 22, 2017
Very nice descriptions! Time to add Orisa?
Level 36
Mar 26, 2017
Thanks! Orisa has been added!
Level 28
Jan 8, 2019
I want to be winston
Level 28
Jan 8, 2019
I'm already winston
Level 59
May 14, 2020
I love this :-)