ULTIMATE Harry Potter Quiz for Hardcore Fans

Quiz by Shellspeare
Last updated: September 1, 2015
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First submittedSeptember 1, 2015
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How do you get in the Hogwart's kitchen?
Tickling the pear
Name Barty Crouch's house elf.
Name Neville's toad.
What challenge does Snape create to protect the Philosopher's Stone?
Logic potion test
Name Durmstrang's headmaster.
Igor Karkaroff
What is Neville's first owl delivery at Hogwart's?
What happens to Hermione when Malfoy curses her by mistake?
Beaver teeth
Name Ron's date to the Yule Ball.
Padma Patil
Which shop does Harry visit in Knockturn Alley?
Borgin and Burkes
Name Dumbledore's sister.
What is Rita Skeeter's Animagus?
How does Merope Gaunt die?
Giving birth
Name Hufflepuff's founder.
Helga Hufflepuff
What is Hagrid's favorite cake?
Rock cake
Name Hermione's parents' profession.
Neme the mirror in the first book.
What flavour of bean does Dumbledore taste in the hospital wing at the end of the first book?
Ear wax
What does Vernon Dursley do as a job?
Who greets the passengers on the Knight Bus?
Stan Shunpike
What is Viktor's solution from the Black Lake challenge in Book 4?
Transfigured into a shark
What does Professor Trelawney see in Harry's cup in Book 4?
What is the password for the prefects' bathroom?
What is Luna's Patronus?
What did Hermione give Harry for his 13th birthday?
broomstick servicing kit
Name the potion Harry makes to win Liquid Luck.
Living Death
What dangerous curse does Harry use on Malfoy in Book 6?
Sectum Sempra
Name Slughorn's FAVORITE candy?
Crystallized pineapple
What special animal can be found in Malfoy's yard?
What does N in NEWT stand for?
Name the author of A History of Magic.
Bathilda Bagshot
Name one of the 3 elements of Apparition.
Determination, destination, deliberation
Level 75
Sep 1, 2015
Great quiz. I believe it is spelled Grim, and maybe accept "The Grim"?
Level 7
Sep 1, 2015
You're right! It has been changed! Thanks! :)
Level 33
Sep 1, 2015
Great questions. Can you add 'draught of living death' and 'peacock'
Level 7
Oct 22, 2015
you put a space between sectum and sempra it should be sectumsempra
Level 7
Oct 22, 2015
lunas patronus is a HARE
Level 52
Jul 1, 2016
The Grim is in Book 3, you could accept Draught of Living Death for Living Death, as that's it's real name, and could you also be more flexible on the pear one? I said tickle the pear. Plus it's Sectumsempra, no spaces. But otherwise, really awesome quiz!
Level 25
Jan 27, 2023
QUESTION 1 you should allow tickle the pear , also the potion is not called living death it’s the drought of living death
Level 25
Jan 27, 2023
Also for the curse it shouldn’t be beaver teeth but makes her teeth grow or something along those lines
Level 18
Sep 25, 2023
Tickle the pear or tickle the painted pear and teeth grow should be accepted answers