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8662015-10-22AFL All Australian Team 2015
4262015-10-23Brain Teasers
2242016-09-25AFL All Australian Team 2016
2102022-04-10AFL All Australian Team 2021
1432015-11-02NBA Trades And Free Agents 2015 (Very Difficult)
1312023-09-05Australian Squad FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Football / Soccer
1032022-04-11Each AFL Teams Elite Payers for 2022 (according to champion data)
902023-10-30NBA Coaches By Wins
852015-12-10General Knowledge
762023-08-27Moana's You're Welcome - Dwayne Johnson (All Lyrics)
672023-10-15Top 50 Highest-Grossing Movies of All Time
602023-09-05AFL Statistical Leaders 2023 Season
402023-09-252023 AFL Brownlow Medal Top 30
392023-10-10A Lovely Night - Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling (La La Land, all lyrics)
332023-08-06The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny - Lemon Demon (All Lyrics)
282023-09-03Someone in the Crowd - La La Land (All Lyrics)
252023-08-13The King Of Bling - Horrible Histories (All Lyrics)
242023-10-01AFL Premiership Lineups
232023-08-28Ms. Langtree's Lament - Over the Garden Wall (All Lyrics)
222023-08-13Do the Pachacuti - Horrible Histories (All Lyrics)
212023-08-23Cat's in the Cradle - Harry Chapin (All Lyrics)
202023-08-01Highest AFL Supercoach Scores of all Time
172023-10-16AFL All-Time Statistical Leaders
172023-10-01Most Goals in Each AFL Season Since 2000
162022-11-09AFL All Australian Team 2022
132023-08-23Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve (All Lyrics
122023-08-21Tongue Tied - Grouplove (All Lyrics)
112023-06-29Moana's Shiny - Jermaine Clement (All Lyrics)
112023-09-27Every Geelong Cats All-Australian Player
102023-10-01AFL Most Disposals in a Game by Year Since 2000
102023-08-06AFL Statistical Leaders 2022 Season
92023-10-01AFL Coaches Quiz
92023-10-01AFL Most Disposals Every Year Since 1990
92023-08-21SEN'S Greatest All-Australian Team of the AFL Era
82023-10-01AFL Most Disposals
82023-08-22AFL Players by Team History
82023-09-05Every Australian Male soccer player to score during the World Cup
72023-08-16The Evil Emperors’ Song - Horrible Histories (All Lyrics)
62023-08-03Highest AFL Fantasy Scores of all Time
62023-08-08Longest AFL Suspensions Since 2000
52023-10-01AFL Coaches by Wins
42023-10-102018 AFL Draft Top 20 Picks
22023-09-30Every AFL Grand Final Sprint Winner Since 2002
22023-10-102019 AFL Draft Top 20 Picks
22023-10-102017 AFL Draft Top 20 Picks
12023-10-102001 AFL Draft Top 20 Picks