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4482022-05-27Majority Spanish Speaking Countries with Map
3332022-05-25Majority English Speaking Countries with Map
2262022-05-26Majority French Speaking Countries with Map
1722022-05-27Majority Russian Speaking Countries with Map
1472022-05-26Majority Arabic Speaking Countries with Map
1432022-05-09Countries with the Most Cantonese Speakers
1412022-05-28Majority German Speaking Countries with Map
1392022-06-18Countries with the Most Persian Farsi Speakers
1252022-11-19Countries with the Most Mosques
1162022-11-19Countries with the Most Churches
1152022-12-05Countries with Castles
1122022-05-14Countries with the Most Punjabi Speakers
982022-05-28Majority Portuguese Speaking Countries with Map
932022-05-14Countries with the Most Tamil Speakers
892022-05-13Countries with the Most Portuguese Speakers
892022-05-13Countries with the Most Russian Speakers
872022-05-20Countries with the Most Dutch Speakers
872022-05-20Countries with the Most Korean Speakers
852022-05-12Countries with the Most Turkish Speakers
842022-05-13Countries with the Most Serbo-Croatian Speakers
822022-05-06Countries with the Most English Speakers
812022-11-24Countries with the Most Synagogues
812024-01-10Countries with the Most Shia Muslims with Map
802022-05-25City Shape Quiz 1
772022-05-12Countries with the Most German Speakers
762022-05-14Countries with the Most Italian Speakers
742022-05-06Countries with the Most Mandarin Speakers
742022-05-11Countries with the Most Swahili Speakers
712022-05-06Countries with the Most Hindustani Speakers
702022-05-08Countries with the Most French Speakers
682022-05-28EU Countries with the Most Multilingual Residents
682022-06-01Religions in the Middle East
672022-11-25Countries with the Most Buddhist Temples
672022-05-13Countries with the Most Malay Speakers
672022-06-01Countries That Are at Least 5% Christian
572022-05-12Countries with the Most Modern Standard Arabic Speakers
552022-05-08Countries with the Most Spanish Speakers
522022-05-27Countries Where Hinduism Is Traditionally Native
512022-05-25Countries that Were Governed/Occupied by the USA
502022-05-20Most Spoken African Language by African Country
502022-05-26Countries That Are High Income Economies
492022-05-09Countries with the Most Hokkien Speakers
492022-11-23Countries with the Most Hindu Temples
462022-06-18Countries with the Most Hakka Speakers
412022-06-18Religions in India
412022-05-11Countries and Regions with a State Religion
392022-05-21Official Languages Spoken by Few People 1
382022-05-09Countries with the Most Teochew Speakers
372022-06-01Multilingual Name Translation 1
322022-11-24Countries with Shinto Shrines
292022-11-28Artificial Border Crossings
292022-05-1116 States and Territories of Australia
262023-11-07Countries with Kangaroos
222023-11-03Most Spoken Tonal Languages
222022-05-21Guess the Iconic Chicago Neighborhood
182022-05-21Countries with Surprising Populations
102022-12-08Smallest States of Mexico by Area