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1,4392018-01-2080's Rock Songs
9982019-04-0590's Rock Songs
8942019-07-13Personagens de Desenhos Animados
5382018-02-18Green Day - Most Popular Songs
4822019-05-11Super-heróis e seus atores
4672023-04-18Cantores Brasileiros por Foto
3982017-12-30Cantores Brasileiros
3862018-02-06Guns N' Roses - Most Popular Songs
3382015-10-14Hits Brasileiros
2622020-03-24Atrizes Brasileiras por Foto
2572018-02-24Top 100 - My Favorite Singers (Male)
1902017-12-25Duplas Sertanejas
1702023-05-29Primeiro Nome dos Atores Brasileiros
1602023-07-14Bom Dia & Cia. - Desenhos Animados que Marcaram o Programa
1502019-03-14Mortal Kombat: Armageddon - Characters
1322018-03-18Top 80 - My Favorite Singers (Female)
1112018-02-20Songs and Singers
1112019-06-24Vocalistas de Bandas/Grupos Brasileiros
1082020-04-05Boy Bands and Girl Bands Songs
1052019-03-25First Names of Band Lead Singers
1052020-02-25Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (Characters)
972017-12-25The King of Fighters 2002 - Unlimited Match (Characters)
942018-04-18Rock Albums #1
892018-01-202008 Songs
852015-09-30Band Lead Singers
792017-12-312017 Songs
712020-03-05Marvel vs. Capcom 3 + Ultimate (Characters)
562020-01-24Ministros do STF (Supremo Tribunal Federal - Brasil)
562018-04-22The Best Guitarists!
562018-01-23Band Members #1
542015-10-17Band Lead Singers (Round 2)
532018-08-27Rock Albums #2
462019-12-07Apresentadores e Jornalistas da TV Globo (2019)
452020-03-212010 Songs
442020-02-16Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (Characters)
442020-03-14Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite (Characters)
442018-07-07Singers in Solo Career
442018-02-13Superhero Actors/Actresses
392018-11-021998 Songs
382018-04-072003 Songs
372020-02-13X-Men vs. Street Fighter (Characters)
362019-03-152009 Songs
342018-01-032017 - Rock Songs
322019-12-07Apresentadores e Jornalistas do SBT (2019)
282017-12-25Who's the Actor Behind the Superhero/Villain? #1
282018-05-12Who's the Actor Behind the Superhero/Villain? #2
282020-02-08Marvel Super Heroes (1995 video game) (Characters)
262020-02-21Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (Characters)
252019-04-282004 Songs
242019-07-162018 Movies
212020-02-03X-Men: Children of the Atom (Characters)
212020-05-022005 Songs
182018-06-012010's Albums
82019-12-07Apresentadores e Jornalistas da RecordTV (2019)
82019-12-07Apresentadores e Jornalistas da Band (2019)