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982022-11-09Vote: Ukraine or Russia?
572022-09-15Countries That Make Up At Least 10% of Their Continent's Area
422022-05-14Five Most (And Least) Democratic Countries by Continent
362022-05-12Countries that Beat Moldova
352022-09-12Countries that the US Doesn't Have An Embassy In
322022-09-16Countries That Are Smaller Than All Of Their Neighbors
312022-12-0820 Largest Countries - One Minute Sprint
292022-05-10Most Terrorized Countries by Continent
282022-12-04Countries With Most Ukrainian Refugees
272023-01-09Countries that Beat Guyana
272022-05-14Countries that Beat Chad
262022-11-02Countries That Make Up At Least 5% of Their Continent's Area
252022-09-19Most and Least Peaceful Countries by Continent
252022-12-08Former Soviet Countries - One Minute Sprint
252022-09-21Countries That Beat Somalia
222023-01-11Five Largest Subdivisions by Continent
212022-09-16Five Countries Per Continent With Most Forest Area
202022-10-26Countries With A Decreasing Population
202022-11-15Is Anyone Else having issues with JetPunk
202022-09-19Countries by Continent with Highest Life Expectancy in 1950
202022-09-16Countries That Are At Least 2x The Size of Their Border Countries
202022-09-13Countries That France Doesn't Have An Embassy In
192022-11-01English to Spanish Translations #1
182022-09-13Countries That Do Not Have an Embassy in China
172022-11-01Spanish to English Translations #1
162023-01-10Five Most Literate Countries by Continent
162022-09-13Countries That Do Not Have an Embassy in the US
152022-05-11Countries that Beat Armenia
152022-11-01Spanish to English Translations #2
142023-01-12Largest Subdivision by Country
142022-11-01Spanish to English Translations #3
142022-05-13Countries that Beat Estonia
132023-01-11Five Least Literate Countries by Continent
122023-02-08Five Richest Countries by Continent (2023)
122023-02-08Five Poorest Countries by Continent (2023)
112022-10-14Countries With No UNESCO Heritage Sites
112022-05-13Countries that Beat Brunei