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Kate and their friends bought a jug of milk to put oranges in. They fit 126 oranges in the jug. Then the jug broke and 24 oranges fell out. How many oranges remain in the jug?102
Ron has 44 marbles. He sells 30 and buys 5. How many does he have now?19
Antonio and James split a bag of 16 chocolate bars. If they split it evenly, how much did each of them get?8
A customer named Smithers wants a third of the remaining puppies. How many puppies does Smithers want?9
Yuri, Amira, and Carlos have 33 puppies. They each want 2. How many will be left over?27
Kira went to the store and bought 5 apples for $2.50. How much did she spend on each apple? (Answer in dollars.)$0.50

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