Statistics for South Asian Geographical Vacation

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You head due north. What country are you in?China
You land in the city of Delhi. What country are you in?India
You take a trip east to a mountainous country. It borders Mount Everest and is sandwiched between two countries. Which nation did you just arrive in?Nepal
You hike through the mountains for a few days until you get to the country's capital, which is?Kathmandu
You head back home. On your way, you pass over Colombo. What country would that be?Sri Lanka
You drive east to a small nation whose capital is Thimphu. What country are you in?Bhutan
You take a trip west to the Taj Mahal/ What major city are you closest to?Agra
You drive south across 2 international borders. What country are you in?Bangladesh
What is the capital of that country?Dhaka

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