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IThe Silver Age Flash's one true love.Iris West-Allen
BThe Silver Age Flash and the most prolific hero in the role.Barry Allen
RRecurring foe of The Flash who rivals him in super speed and wears a similar costume.Reverse-Flash
CThe leader of the Rogues and writer Geoff Johns' favorite Flash villain.Captain Cold
ZVillainous alter ego of Hunter Zolomon, his super speed comes from time manipulation rather than the Speed Force.Zoom
EProfessor from the far future that becomes obsessed with the Flash and travels back to his time to become one of his most feared supervillains.Eobard Thawne
WThe original Kid Flash who became the Scarlet Speedster after the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Nephew of the Silver Age Flash's wife.Wally West
JThe Golden Age Flash and co-founder of the Justice Society.Jay Garrick
YA youthful superteam founded by Robin, Superboy, and Impulse to replace the Teen Titans, the team would inspire an animated series of the same name.Young Justice
PA sound-obsessed antihero that occasionally helps the Rogues and occasionally helps the Flash.Pied Piper
TGadget-utilizing Rogue that has had role filled by two different people. Portrayed by Mark Hamill on multiple shows.Trickster
QHeroic surname of Johnny Chambers and his daughter Jesse, the super speeding pair are key members of the All Star Squadron and Justice Society, respectively.Quick
KHome of the Golden Age and third Flashes. Sister city of Central City.Keystone City
LWife of the third Flash and mother of his children. Originally a Keystone City reporter, she also branches into science to help her children.Linda Park-West
AFlash supervillain from the far future that eventually acquires magical powers to match his villainous theme. Favorite of Flash writer Mark Waid.Abra Kadabra
DAlter ego of Captain Boomerang, this Australian supervillain would also have a son that would follow in his footsteps.Digger Harkness
SThe noble king of Gorilla City and rival of Gorilla GroddSolovar
GThis writer is the co-creator of the Flash in 1940.Gardner Fox
MThe heroic ally of the Flash that becomes the resident guru of the Speed Force.Max Mercury
XGranddaughter of the Silver Age Flash in the 31st century and a member of the Legion of Superheroes.XS
FSupervillain of the Golden Age Flash, this foe appears in the landmark story "The Flash of Two Worlds".Fiddler
OSon of the original Captain Boomerang, this supervillain would also develop a longstanding grudge against Robin.Owen Mercer
NAlong with Winky and Blinky, this lovable (?) numbskull was originally comic relief for the Golden Age Flash before becoming volunteers at the Flash Museum.Noddy
HThis artist is the co-creator of the Flash in 1940.Harry Lampert
UA DC Comics crossover event that saw several Rogues sell their souls to the devil to gain a significant power boost.Underworld Unleashed
VLove interest of Bart Allen during his limited time as the Flash, she worked for STAR Labs.Valerie Perez

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