American Dad Roger's Personas

Can you name all of Rogers named personas from season 1 to 18? (Both mentioned and seen) If you can, then you have too much time on your hands, but it will still be pretty cool.
Quiz by HardcoreHobbit
Last updated: February 25, 2024
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Season 1
Old Lady
Mrs. Nesbaum
Christmas gift giver
Santa Claus
Cool hand luke character
Boss Godfrey
Season 2
Dean of economics at Harvard
Dr. Jordan Edilstein
Main character of the Vampire Chronicles
Lestat de Lioncourt
College Literature professor
Professor R. Baxter
Dead Singer/Actress with her own show
Mary Tyler Moore
Painted soup cans
Andy Warhol
Con man from Midnight Cowboy
Ratso Rizzo
Jewish man
Roger Epstein
Drummer for Steve’s band
Krispy Kreme McDonald
Local mid-day news anchor
Bill Cutler
Jewish Orthadontist
Actor from Footloose
Kevin Bacon
All-Star realtor
Maurice Barnes
Star Wars bounty hunter
Boba Fett
Han shot him first
Alien trophy hunter
Bounty hunter
Horse Renoir
Season 3
Actress who cant cry on queue
Betty Bea Getty McClanahan
Scarface drug kingpin
Tony Montana
Evel Knievel
Former racecar driver now in a wheelchair
Braf Zachlin
Stans poker buddy
Drug dealer from Pulp Fiction
Little rascal with hair that sticks up
Detective who can walk
The Legman
“Bond style” super villian
Retarded alcoholic jewish child
Oscar Gold
Persona Betty Smith knows him as
Cousin Phil
Pretend Psychiatrist
Dr. Roger Smith
Clip Clop
Alien Photographer
Parker Peters
Busty office worker
Laura Vanderbooben
Sexual harasser
Luke Fondelberg
King of spring break
Scott Bingeington
Season 4
Woman from gone with the wind
Scarlett O'Hara
At&t Employee
Sholanda Dykes
Death Wish actor
Charles Bronson
Bible salesman persona that goes rogue
Sidney Huffman
Plays electric keyboard
The Phantom of the Telethon
Spa guest
Mr. Mustachos
Porn Screenwriter
Freddy Underwood
Name other family in mall calls Roger
Swashbuckling orange cat
Wooden boy with long nose
Rogers name with first family
Charles Logan
Princess who marries the beast
German fish
Klaus Hiesler
HOA chairman
Roy Rogers McFreely
Attorney at law
Tommy Calhoun
Armenian Mafia Member
Dimitri Garabedian
French Interpol Detective
Captain Francois Dubonais
Marie Dubonais’ lover
Rauls half bull son from the future
Hippie who wears green headband
Hayley Smith
Lucius Mayweather
Roger’s normal disguise
Uncle Roger
Long lost jewish great uncle
Ernest Schlumple
Baseball coach from Bad News Bears
Morris Buttermaker
Pie Baker
Emmy-Lou Sugarbean
Frontman for Nirvana
Kurt Cobain
Buys alcohol for minors
Warren Beanstalk
Thinks she is prettier than Hayley
Season 5
Sopranos capo nicknamed “Walnuts”
Paulie Gaultieri
Ruler of Isla Island
General Juanito Pequeno
The Smith’s young daughter
Caitlyn Miracle Smith
Rogers CIA agent best friend
Stan Smith
Renegade bipolar space cop
Colton Lancington
Rapper and friend of Biggie Smalls
MC Raw G.
Princess put in a coma by Maleficent
Sleeping Beauty
Dr. Penguin
Incontinent wedding planner
Jeannie Gold
Russian enforcer for above
Strip club customer
Lead the jews out of Egypt
Jewish Lawyer
Hershel Hirshbaum
British liason to Arab tribes
Lawrence of Arabia
Male Model/Actor with long blonde hair
Mother on welfare
Fantasia Lopez
Stan’s uncle who is a sailor
Uncle Cosworth
Ira Seagull
1980 Olympics hockey player
Chex LeMeneux
Obsessed with the 1 ring
American in trouble
Clive Trotter
Firehouse Prankster
Vince Monaco
Native American Activist/Sex Offender
John Goodhorse
Depressed, wine loving english teacher
Miles Raymond
Stan’s brother
Applebee McFridays
Has a hat and whip
Indiana Jones
Friends with Obama’s daughters
Season 6
Blonde and wears a pink dress
Francine Smith
Angry British chef
Gordon Ramsay
Francine’s agent who kills himself
Sweeps McCullough
Stans drunk uncle
Uncle Kappy
Gotham thief that Batman loves
Cat Woman
Manufacturer of counterfeit handbags
Martin Sugar
Makes gluten free desserts
Bob Danelou
Juror at Stan’s trial
Dr. Lawrence Feldman
British Outlaw and Archer
Robin Hood
Sheboygan concrete rep
Pete Pendelman
Jacuzzi dealer
Reganomics Lamborghini
Superhero with Francine’s dress for a cape
The Tender Vigilante
Lead male character from Titanic
Jack Dawson
Acting coach
Irwin Beyer Jr.
Cleshawn Montegue
Lead female character in The Accused
Sarah Tobias
What Roger was called at Area 51
Subject B13
Safari Man
Hubert LaGrange
Ladies man who has non consensual sex
Ace Chapman
Sexually active high school senior
Bing Cooper
Red hair and glasses
Steve Smith
Transfer student from the poor part of Santa Barbara
Josh Bycel
Snot’s girlfriend
Jenny Fromdabloc
Maid from the Brady Bunch
Country singer
Cuss Mustard
Dances to island music
Calypso Banana Puffy-Sleeves
Season 7
No woman can resist him
Dan Ansom Handsome
Son of God
Masked super hero
Greater Chimdale County Man
Positive asian
Roland Chang
Rich golfer
Mr. Vanderhill
Girl who dated Steve
Elisha Wilkner
Russian exchange student
Demitri Krotchlikmioff
Army porta-potty cleaner
Sergeant Pepper
Lead male character in Scent of a Woman
Frank Slade
Creator of Ecstacy
Dr. Gerald Ya Ya
One of Roger’s Facebook profiles
Luis Valdez
Japanes Subway Molester
Shinju Omigawa
Lying thieving sociopath
Ricky Spanish
Judge’s wife
Gay man with baby
Season 8
Hayley’s stoner husband
Jeff Fischer
Lonely Widow
Abigail Lemonparty
Tanned actor from Crime and Punishment USA
George Hamilton
Stan’s step father
Tom Yabo
Trying to find the owner of a red pasty
The Prince of Marti Gras
Twill Ongenbone
Fraternity Prankster
Machmud Thikbooti
The Smith’s maid
Rich old man
Max Jets
Estranged son of rich old man
Jerry Jets
Big Hawaiin singer
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Season 9
Runs a daycare center
Skyler Montesori
Sister of above who runs a girls finishing school
Madelyn Carpal-Tunnel
Psychic Medium
Ruby Zeldastein
Works for the Nerd Brigade
Makes Fake I.D.s
Kevin Ramage
Little brother of above
Branden Ramage
Southern belle
Madame Buttercup
Pearl Bailey football coach
Coach Keegan
Scout’s real name from To Kill a Mockingbird
Jean Louise Finch
Challanged someone to a guitar duel
Has her own show called News Glance
Geniveve Vavance
Stan’s younger single daughter
Main character in Street Fighter
Season 10
Works at Roger’s bar
Greg and Terry’s adopted son
Michael Corbin
For sale behind Trader Joes…for free
Jojo Keen Wa
Karate Instructor
Sensei Ryan
Stayed at Rogers B&B
Also stayed at Roger’s B&B
Tipped Roger a Narwhal tusk
Stan’s peacocking friend
Lazlo Morphine
Roger’s tennant
Hack life Coach
LeVar Crush
Life coach to the stars
Arbuckle T. Boone
Assistant to above
Crippled wife of Ax Jenkins
Roslyn Jenkins
Season 11
Owns asphalt company
Dom Fikowski
Owns asphalt company with his brother
Frankie Carconi
Mother of above
Mama Carconi
Nevada State Senator
Burt Jarvis
Uses a Discover Card
Jeffery Neiderhoff
Mother of above
Mrs. Neiderhoff
Mr. Deliver
Young girl played by Mayim Bialik
Blossom Russo
Man in rags
A list persona who fake Skied in Switzerland
Samantha Kingsbury
PTA Rockstar
Mike Babcock
Loves a losing football team
Raider Dave
Born on a sleigh ride outside St. Petersburg
Cecilia Takaru
Identity crisis
No Name
Roger steals her life
Meredith Fields
Southern Baptist church goer
Brother Jenkins
Buck Wetnap
Young blood basketball player
Old head basketball player
Billy Jesusworth
Likes to keep kosher
Rabbi Itzhak
Newspaper informant
Deep Throat
Consulting detective
Ace Crouton
Season 12
Union gaffer nicknamed “Cheese”
Chuck Deptula
Tasha Flunchen
Yogi/Cult leader
Yoga instructor
Dalton Galloway
Minor-League baseball player
Rusty Buntafolio
Art heist guy
Tato Monticello
Life guard on speedboat
Rafferty Westmore
Life guard with big boobs
Patrice Mixhole
Really buff life guard
Patrick Brian Michael Green-Howard
Life guard on jet ski
Kay Pardo-Simcard
Roller Rink manager
Curio shop owner
Twanderlust Lumpkin
Basically a cop
Frank Trueblue
Wine maker
Mario Vincent San Gervase
Singer who was married to Sonny
Owns a dried flower shop
Bitchin race participant
Yeager Chillax
Thai karaoke singer
Natapong W.
Nicholas Dawson’s cat
Bazooka Sharks escort
Tawney Luxardo
Smells like chapstick
Christine Lucy L'amour
Old rich guy from Storage Wars
Barry Weiss
Bumper pool champion
South Dakota Slim
Missing father of above
Mr. Hemingway
Former California governor
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Dont call him a dummy
Dudley Dingleberry
Season 13
Jewish Santa
Schmanta Claus
Hacker/Magazine publisher from X Files with long blonde hair
Richard Langly
Has extreme social anxiety
Mr. Taverelli
Retired maritime lawyer/egg collector
Syngent St. John
Intense and demanding clown instructor
H.G. Rimmons
Creepy It style sewer clown
Second-generation peepshow spooge-mopper
Albert Gerky
Breaking Bad sidekick
Jesse Pinkman
Greek/Jewish mom
Mrs. Weinsteinopolis
Ran Adlai Stevenson's presidential bids in '52 and '56
W. Willard Wartz
Undecided voter in 2016
Ken Bone
Rides a 3 wheeled motorcycle
Parent who wants to burn all the books in the school library
Clum Bizzleskottom
Female body builder
Tammy Twopiece
Cordelia Buttersnatch
Subway panhandler
Branson McNair
Poorly reviewed Ebay seller
Jackie Kanken
Tall 5th grader
Eric Reynolds
Puerto Rican hand model
Quentin Poundridge
Serial killer
Nacho Bartiromo
Russian banana inspector
Olladouis Goofoff
Traveling nurse
DeAndre Comadendo
Card shop regular
Ronald Peechotka
Former J Crew Employee
Andy Glan
Seahorse breeder
Dr. Dante Octavarius
Incontinent Jai alai instructor
Chunk Dunkirk
Owns roller skates
Doug Nugget
Mafia boss
Johnny Lasagna
Football player
Bike tourguide
Schwinn Chafecrotch
Racing dog
Song writer/producer who shot Lana Clarkson
Phil Spector
Season 14
Makes jeans for regular women
Gina Lavetti
Fights bad guys but cant see
Blind Justice
Cleans up murders
Plays melancholy violin music on a subway platform
Hipster Dennis
Main Character in “Chicago”
Velma Kelly
Demolition Derby spotter
Dick Keebler
Valedictorian and star of her high school's production
of "Pirates of Penzance"
Lacey Krinklehoel
Hotsauce maker
Dr. Buttblast
Lady and the Tramp siamese cats
Si and Am
Ripoff of celebrity chef
Frenchus Mallmank
Hung out in downtown Langley and was friends with Guzzo
Yuckov McGruder
Season 15
Wants to open an erotic cabaret nightclub
Colombian translator
Enrique Ruiz
Colombian drug lord
El Narco
Pop star
The Weeknd
Documentary director
Hazel Bazels
Wants to get data
Dr. F. Lance Shoeman
World class medium
Chantilly Dubois
Awesome guy Stan’s CIA friends love
Pete Van Smash
In love with Dick
Becky Tenderharts
Loony Tunes hunter
Elmer Fudd
Business guru
Lou Bobba Doo
Suicidal mail sorter
Rufus P. Melonballer
David Spade character with a mullet
Joe Dirt
Terrible oragami-est
Hibachi Liberace
Paper hater
Staples McFoldsalot
Kiosk girl
Season 16
Snake Harvester
Chaz Babylon
Snake bite victim
Pasta Focaccia
IRS auditor
Maynard Butterbean
Knows how to rock and roll
Dirt Mirklegunk
Sex bus driver
Teddy Shrayberg
Boring female persona
Naomi Carcaterra
Started a brokerage firm with Vin Diesel lookalikes
Winston Equity III
Figured out how to clone people
Mike Microscope
Kidnapped pageant girl
Little Bonnie Ramirez
Ultimate showman lawyer
Ed Dickle
Nascar Vampire
Toga Gomez
Heir to the diarrhea fortune
Jenna Diarrhea Evans
Michael Jackson apologist
Gord Gullmax
Enormous mosquito
Lieutenant Wingz
Famous spanish painter/sculptor
Pablo Picasso
Butt cult member
Brittney M
Lumberjack coach
Huge Jeanman Jackman
Chiropractor to the stars
Dimitrius Fitzpatio
Houston Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Steele Birchington
Poop detective
Sherlock Groans
Celebrated hair stylist
Josay Bosay
Solar panel salesman
Dr. Sunny Sunderson
Taco inspector
Felize Nachodad
CEO of Octadual Formaldehyde
Harriet Bustax
Season 17
Shebecca Escrow
Property Manager
Bartender for hire
Jameson McSmirnoff
Fashion Designer
Sir Jennings Cockburn
Paul Gary
Drug Mixologist
A. Paul Gary
A. Poth E. Cary
Sex Blogger
Apothe-Carrie Bradshaw
Radio disc jockey
Wolfman Jack knockoff
Knife thrower
Rudolpho Mayerling
Captain of the Oroville
Captain Ed Mercer
Mall manager
Erastus Junipero Horton
Audiophile who sells Barry new speakers
Wally Wrobel
Who Ben Affleck played in Argo
Tony Mendez
Sells ayahuasca
Shaman Randy
Green furry and hates orgies
The Grounch
Makes whip sounds for country records
Walt Whipman
Season 18
Makes chipped beef
Grandma Macadoo
Sells the good book
Freddie Underwood
Wants to be an ingenue at MGM
Roslyn Jenkins
Civil war vet who fought on both sides
Uncle Cosworth
Crop Duster
Child psycopath
Creative writing professor at Groff
Professor Dickens Longbottom
Groff football coach
Coach Burton Grundy
David Bowie’s rock star persona
Ziggy Stardust
Resells items on Ebay
Rolex Gordini
Husband of Stretcheroos creator Deborah
Spa owner/Masseur
Rub Rub Tuggington
Smashes watermelons with mallet
Main Character in the musical Cats
Wind theorist
Gust Breezer
Co creator of Audit Cops
Stan Matthews
Drives the Kohl’s cash cab
Jamirquai J. Spunklestain
Character from Kenny Rogers song
The Gambler
Web Ad Stock Photo Talent Manager
Giardia Capitosto
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