Name The Nebula!

Name as many of the following 20 nebulae as you can, using only a short description of the object!
Some descriptions apply to multiple objects. Famous nebulae are more likely to be included.
Much confusion and frustration occurred during the making of this quiz, so some of this is not conventionally planned.
Quiz by Tykingcrystal
Last updated: May 21, 2022
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Description of object
A small but bright planetary nebula in Draco that resembles an iridescent retina
Cat's Eye Nebula
Its distinct dark head-shape makes it stand out from the rest of the constellation of Orion
Horsehead Nebula
Also known as the Valentine Nebula, which accurately describes the shape of this emission nebula
Heart Nebula
Another planetary nebula, located in Cetus. Some think that the skeletal structure is fitting for Halloween
Skull Nebula
A fiery emission nebula located just west of Alnitak, exploding with hot golden branches
Flame Nebula
Undisputedly the most fascinating of nebulae in Orion. It is one of the few nebulae located within Orion's Sword
Orion Nebula
Home to one of the most famous Hubble images, this nebula in Serpens can be found near the core of the Milky Way.
Eagle Nebula
A brighter and larger version of Entry 6, although this one is not in the Messier catalogue, and is primarily visible from the southern hemisphere
Carina Nebula
Located in a prolific region of the Milky Way in Cygnus, this HII nebula closely resembles an entire continent
North America Nebula
This planetary nebula can be found neighboring Polaris, just circling the North Celestial Pole
Lemon Slice Nebula
Its location in Lyra, along with the bright star, Vega, makes this planetary nebula easy to find and potentially photograph
Ring Nebula
Along with Answer 7, this bright emission nebula in Sagittarius is famous for its dark lane, or lagoon, hence its name
Lagoon Nebula
A vibrant ball of filaments, clouds, and star cluster NGC 2244 in the constellation of Monoceros
Rosette Nebula
This nebula in Cassiopeia is known for its shape, and got its name from a famous video game character
Pac-Man Nebula
Many have heard of the star cluster in Taurus this reflection nebula associates with. Hint: typing the star cluster works, too!
Merope Nebula
One of the few planetary nebulae named after a planet, let alone a planet with rings
Saturn Nebula
One of the dimmer nebulae on here, and a Nauru-shaped supernova remnant found in Gemini
Jellyfish Nebula
An exceptionally small and elliptical planetary nebula, it's possible to find this south Orion in Lepus
Spirograph Nebula
On the other end, a huge and bright star cluster and nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Tarantula Nebula
Similarly to the above, this dark nebula is located in the south; specifically the iconic Southern Cross
Coalsack Nebula
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