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1922022-08-07Guess Country Based on Stereotypes
1622022-08-23Current World Leaders
532022-08-22Name the Countries with 'AND' in its name
522022-08-22Current American Overseas Territories
462022-08-22Former Capital Cities
452022-08-21Guess Country Name based on Emojis
362022-08-21World's Deadliest Diseases
352022-08-22Current Australian Overseas Territories
312022-08-21Name all Communist Countries
312022-08-23Monarchies of the World
312022-08-21Countries with the Largest Cat Population
272022-08-22Current Danish Overseas Territories
262022-08-21Countries with the Smallest Immigrant Population
252022-08-21Countries that have Fought Wars Against Birds
252022-08-21Name all 'The Stans'
242022-08-23Guess the City Skyline
242022-08-22Current Dutch Overseas Territories
212022-08-217 Continents 20 Seconds
202022-08-22Current British Overseas Territories
192022-09-05World Leaders Assassinated Since 2000
192022-08-21Countries that made up the Soviet Union
182022-08-21Modern Day Countries that were part of the Italian Empire
172022-08-22Current Overseas Territories of New Zealand
172022-08-21Name The Countries of the East African Federation
162022-08-21World War II Leaders
152022-08-22Current French Overseas Territories
152022-08-21Modern Day Countries that were part of the Spanish Empire
142022-08-21Modern Day Countries that were part of the British Empire
132022-08-21Modern Day Countries that were part of the Belgian Empire
122022-08-21Modern Day Countries that were part of the Portuguese Empire
112022-08-21Modern Day Countries that were part of the French Empire
112022-08-21Countries that Recognize Taiwan
112022-08-22Current Chinese Territories
92022-08-21The World's largest Empires
82022-08-21Modern Day Countries that were part of the German Empire
52022-08-22Identify All South African Provinces in 15 Seconds