Natewantstobattle anime song cover quiz

Finally Updated to 2020 July. Good Luck
Hints are lyrics to the song
Name of anime are given as well
Name the song title
At the time this is made, not all songs are on youtube
Quiz by leetfox
Last updated: July 21, 2020
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Song Lyrics
Song Name
"Oh yeah, screaming out reaching far"
Fairy Tail
The Rock City Boy
"Black clouds above me now will rain on me"
Blue Exorcist
Core Pride
"I wanna be the very best"
Pokemon Theme
"Don't stop don't stop we're in luck now"
Dragonball Z Kai
Dragon Soul
"We are fighting dreamers"
"If we suppose that I am not who I say"
Attack on Titan
Great Escape
"Ask if you can hear the sound"
Gurren Lagann
Sorairo Days
"Wake up to this nightmare that will never end"
Deadman Wonderland
One Reason
"From the United K"
Soul Eater
Excalibur's Song
"and if they try to tell me my own fate, i'll turn it around won't hesitate"
Fairy Tail
Strike Back
"Every word that you said, echoes off in my head"
It's the Right Time
"Channel the anger swelling inside you"
Attack on Titan
Guren no Yumiya
"The path I avoided deep within is looking like my only option"
Blue Exorcist
In My World
"I've been waiting for someone to come, i'm alone in darkness waiting for more"
Goya no Machiawase
"So now eins zwei drei soon we will synchronize"
Future Diary
Kuusou Mesorogiwi
"I can't deny this is a calling, humanity is falling"
Death Note
The World
"Two become one, our souls have been connected"
Soul Eater
"Because i lost my voice while doing the same"
Fairy Tail
Snow Fairy
"And I will scream from the top of my lungs I'm living to fulfill my hopes"
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
"If I laugh as I go out to meet the end"
Free! Eternal Summer
Dried Up Youthful Fame
"It's time to let my shattered dreams Become this world's reality"
Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
World End
"I realize the screaming pain, hear it loud in my brain"
Naruto Shippuden
"I'm falling down into my shadow, holding in my every breath"
Soul Eater
Black Paper Moon
"I keep calling out to you, maybe one day i'll meet you where you've ended up"
Let Me Hear
"and in this twisted world i can now feel myself, I'm fading away falling under your spell"
Tokyo Ghoul
"You give me light when I have lost my way I fall asleep 'cause I always find you in my dreams"
Sword Art Online
Crossing Field
"With the strongest tides, we'll drown our sorrows"
Fairy Tail
Believe in Myself
"The fumes intoxicate the tastes that stimulates"
Noragami Aragato
Kyouran Hey Kids!!
"We don't know, We don't know enough about it"
Naruto Shippuden
"Can someone give me the answer to my question"
"Everybody put your hands up, now we're flying spread your wings out"
Death Parade
"Everybody wants to be a master"
Pokemon Johto
"It was like a nightmare, it's painful for me cause nobody wants to die too fast"
Attack On Titan
Reluctant Heroes
"Dont do it for the glory or the fame, i'll go on knowing no one knows my name"
One Punch Man
The Hero
"I waited for you, I waited for you"
"The pain and the pleasure all come together there is no reason why."
7 Deadly Sins
7 Deadly Sins
Song Lyrics
Song Name
"If everyone is not special, maybe you can be what you want to be"
Mob Psycho 100
"Hope I fall in love once again, this time it won't end"
Luck and Logic
"Cruel fate sets in motion and no one else knows why"
My Hero Academia
Peace Sign
"We'll offer up, we'll offer up"
Attack on Titan
Shinzou wo Sasageyo
"I cut right through the wreckage and look on to the sunset"
My Hero Academia
Sora ni Utaeba
"Everything surrounding me, leaving me, with nothing left to say"
My Hero Academia
"We're running off, head on into our future"
Black Clover
Haruka Mirai
"If you can forgive, maybe you can forget, let grudges fade, or they'll eat at you"
Blue Exorcist
Itteki no Eikyou
"Don't Stop us now, the moment of truth"
Yuri on Ice
History Maker
"Now is our time for action, Hey you are gonna be somebody"
7 Deadly Sins
"All eyes are on me, now I see what they see in me"
My Hero Academia
Make My Story
"Maybe I can find a way to escape the lies, have I only seen the world from blurry eyes"
My Hero Academia
Odd Future
"If i could open my eyes and ears, it's all a dream is what i hope i'd hear"
Tokyo Ghoul
"Are we really truthless, you know this world is fading so useless"
Go Cry Go
"Have I been living in a world made of paper mache"
Black Clover
"Coming down, can you feel the satisfaction"
Mob Psycho 100
"Look you in the eye, telling you to drop down and die"
Fire Ground
"Passing through it it's right there, you can do it don't you dare be scared"
The Promised Neverland
Touch off
"It feels as though i'm sleeping now, am i drunk or am i dreaming now"
Black Clover
Rakugaki Page
"Now we can find a way through the fire and the flames, now it's burning through my heart just like a melody"
Fire Force
"When everything is gone, you'll wish you only heard a sound"
Fire Force
"Say Goodbye, I don't have the strength to let it all end"
My Hero Academia
"Hand to hand and heart to heart, we're shining brighter than a star"
My Hero Academia
Star Maker
"It takes some time to realize, why I need to be strong, take my mind, take my soul, then we'll go"
Demon Slayer
"Let's dye this world, even if can't grasp this sword, all I need is finding strength we can catch this game"
Black Clover
Black Catcher
"What am I to be, what is my calling"
My Hero Academia
Hero Too
"Late into the night i hear it stormin'"
My Hero Academia
The Day
"Calling it all off it ends tonight, it's not like anything will change if I don't fight"
Rage of Bahamut
"Stand up get all in line for the show, useful, not gonna stop i'm gonna break for"
Haven't you heard, I'm Sakamoto
"The battlefield is bright the sun it shines today"
The ____ War
The Asterisk War
"We're throwing out our worries today, we're gonna dance the night away"
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town
"Make excuses avoid the conflict, fake a smile they wont see you cover up"
Dimension W
"When you're around I get knocked down, why must we go through all this everytime"
Assassination Classroom
"Shut up loser you thought it would be easy, you run like zombies"
Prince of Stride: Alternative
Striders High
"I need you to lend me your love, do me this it will open the gate"
Divine Gate
One Me Two Hearts
"If we both shine through we'll cross that line together"
Bungou Stray Dogs
Trash Candy
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