Köppen Climate Zones - Click Map Quiz

Can you match each Köppen Climatological Zone with its location on the world map?
Based on this map
Climate borders are not exact
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Quiz by Jeremy
Last updated: May 10, 2020
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First submittedMarch 26, 2020
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Select Climate Zone
Af (Tropical Rainforest)
Am (Tropical Monsoon)
Aw (Savanna)
BSh (Hot Semi-Arid)
BSk (Cold Semi-Arid)
BWh (Hot Desert)
BWk (Cold Desert)
Cfa (Humid Subtropical)
Cfb (Temperate Oceanic)
Cfc (Subpolar Oceanic)
Csa (Hot Summer Mediterranean)
Csb (Warm Summer Mediterranean)
Csc (Cold Summer Mediterranean)
Cwa (Monsoon Subtropical)
Cwb (Subtropical Highland)
Cwc (Cold Subtropical Highland)
Dfa (Hot Summer Humid Continental)
Dfb (Warm Summer Humid Continental)
Dfc (Subarctic)
Dfd (Extremely Cold Subarctic)
Dsa (Mediterranean Hot Summer Continental)
Dsb (Mediterranean Warm Summer Continental)
Dsc (Mediterranean Subarctic)
Dsd (Mediterranean Extremely Cold Subarctic)
Dwa (Monsoon Hot Summer Continental)
Dwb (Monsoon Warm Summer Continental)
Dwc (Monsoon Subarctic)
Dwd (Monsoon Extremely Cold Subarctic)
EF (Ice Cap)
ET (Tundra/Alpine)
This Climate Zone is:
Level 60
Mar 27, 2020
I certainly hate you now (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ) but you have also become one of my favorite Quizmakers !
Level 56
Mar 28, 2020
It is sad SWAT
Level 61
Apr 26, 2020
This is one of the best quizzes I've seen, very educational! Thanks
Level 28
May 10, 2020
You wrote Dsb twice by mistake. I spent all the time trying to find Dfb, which is by far my favourite type of climate;)
Level 28
May 10, 2020
Moreover, The Cfb climate, which is the most common is Western Europe and New Zealand, is wrongly labeled as Dfa
Level 82
Aug 20, 2020
Some of the climates were mislabelled. For example, Cfb was labelled as Dfa.
Level 65
Nov 24, 2020
Level 75
Feb 15, 2021
I will nominate when this is corrected!
Level 44
Sep 22, 2020
It's too fast. I think, you should add more time
Level 73
Sep 22, 2020
I think 10 seconds per answer is plenty of time, especially considering very few people know all the answers anyway.
Level 71
Dec 10, 2020
Incredibly tough quiz, but a lot of fun! Hope to see it on the front page someday :)
Level 63
Dec 14, 2020
Did I spend an hour and a half learning the Koppen climate zones knowing full well I have two finals tomorrow? Yes, yes I did. Got a 100% though! Great quiz!!
Level 18
Jan 28, 2021
Although it's amazing that someone has made a map on such topic (really appreciate that), some zones aren't correct, most notably the Cfb zone. Could you please check that one?
Level 68
Feb 11, 2021
Oh wow! I only got five. Great and challenging quiz!
Level 58
Mar 25, 2021
Western and central Europe is mislabelled as Dfa when it is Cfb. Also, I personally agree more with the 0°C isotherm, and I can see that this map uses the -3°C isotherm.
Level 65
Apr 1, 2021
Good quiz but with some mistakes ! You mixed up Cfb with Dfa
Level 60
Jun 9, 2021
Great quiz! Congrats on being included in the Greatest JetPunker Tournament too (if you don't mind me advertising my blog here). We'll have to see if you win!
Level 59
Jan 19, 2022
This is wrong, I know where I live (the Netherlands) is a C-climate. Fun idea, bad execution.
Level 58
Mar 20, 2023
Imagine not knowing where Mediterranean Extremely Cold Subarctic is